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Bikes/Air Bikes
Bikes and Air Bikes, Fitness Equipment in Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes and Air Bikes can be purchased for Home Gyms and Commercial Gyms in this section with a large variety of brands to choose from. You will find the product for you here with us on our Pro Fitness Supplies website. We research our choice of Upright Exercise Bikes and ensure that the warranty is suitable and gives you great cover. Our backup service is impressive and if you intend to loose weight, tone up or greatly improve your fitness level, we have the correct choice of Home Exercise Bike for you.
Bh Fitness I.Airmag H9122I
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: PFS-BH-050
Bh Fitness I.Airmag H9122I This machine puts together the power of an indoor bike for intensive use and the air resistance system. Enjoy an accurate feeling at home. Use frequency Intensive Maximum user weight 150Kg Flywheel (kg) Equivalente a 18 Braking system Air + Magnetic Transmission Poly-V belt Flywheel cover Yes Handlebar Triathlon Saddle type Prostatic saddle Handlebars adjustement Horizontal and Vertical Seat adjustment Horizontal and vertical Pedals Mixed Transport wheels Yes Length 128 Width 51 Height (cm) 126 Weight 56Kg..
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Concept 2 BikeErg
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Brand: Concept2 Model: PFS-CC-002
Concept 2 BikeErg CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK -Please Call For More Info.. The Concept 2 BikeErg is the latest addition to our family of sport-based ergometers. The BikeErg has the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as our Concept 2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs, bringing to cycling the strengths and features we've previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing. The Concept 2 Bike Erg is one of the most commonly purchased Cardio pieces that we sell in line with Fitness Equipment in Ireland. The flywheel uses air resistance to create a smooth, quiet ride that responds to your efforts. The damper is your "gearing", allowing you to adjust the feel of your ride. Unlike most stationary bikes, the Concept 2 BikeErg has a clutch, so just like a real bike, when you stop pedaling, the flywheel keeps on spinning. The sophisticated Performance Monitor gives you instantaneous workout feedback, with a wide variety of displays and workouts to choose from. The Performance Monitor is calibrated so you'll be able to directly compare your times and distances with other people, as well as track your progress. The Concept 2 BikeErg comes from a company with over 40 years experience of making innovative, high quality products. Whatever sort of indoor cycling workout you're after, whether you're looking to get fit or gain an edge for your next race, the Concept 2 BikeErg is the perfect machine for you. Performance Monitor Every Concept 2 BikeErg includes our most advanced Performance Monitor, the PM5. The powerful PM5 provides repeatable, comparable data for every ride. The PM5 offers automatic “Just Ride” mode, or allows you to set up a variety of workouts. The monitor gives you a wide range of data, including pace, watts, cadence (rpm) and Calories and automatically stores this information. The PM5 uses power from 2 D-cell batteries whenever it is not being powered by the flywheel. Get Connected The PM5 monitor on the Concept 2 BikeErg has both Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity, allowing it to connect to many heart rate belts, fitness devices and apps. The free Concept 2 ErgData app helps you track your workouts and can sync with the Concept2 Online Logbook. Third party apps, such as Zwift, can provide additional features to help keep you motivated. The Concept 2 BikeErg uses the same flywheel design as our indoor rowers and SkiErg to create a responsive, continuous ride. The flywheel puts you in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The damper allows you to quickly adjust the airflow to the flywheel during the workout. This has a similar effect to changing gears on a bicycle. Opening the damper and letting more air into the flywheel is like shifting into a heavier gear. Closing the damper lightens the "gearing". Customize Your Ride Prefer your own set-up? The Concept 2 BikeErg fits most standard bike parts, so you can easily use your own saddle, handlebars and pedals for the ultimate personalized experie..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Ergometer Exum III
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FH-080
FINNLO by HAMMER Ergometer Exum III The EXUM from FINNLO has everything you need in an ergometer! The comfortable gel saddle guarantees comfort even for long endurance training and can be adjusted to fit your body as can the handle bars. This provides optimal ergonomics and ensures hours of enjoyable training at home. The high-quality workmanship and precision ball bearings deliver smooth running and a pleasant ride. The heart and soul of the EXUM ergometer is its training computer with a straightforward blue backlit display that provides all the information you need: Training parameters such as distance, time, speed, cadence, calorie burn are available at a glance. Heart rate can be conveniently measured using the included earclip or the integrated chest strap receiver. Heart rate can also be viewed as a percentage, which is practical, since many training specs for cardio equipment are expressed as percentages. With 12 different hill and flat trails and 4 heart rate programs, training on the EXUM is never boring. Intensity can be adjusted up to 400 Watts. Resistance control complies with DIN EN 957, making it extremely precise. There's nothing standing in the way of healthy cardio training with endless challenges and motivation. SKU 3157 Brand FINNLO by HAMMER Color silver/black Weight 39 kg Performance 25 - 400 Watt Watt controlled yes Flywheel mass 8 kg Drive system Belt driven Braking system Induction Resistance adjustment Computer controlleduter controlled Load spectrum 40 Steps Load control RPM independent Fitness programmes 12 Training programmes 18 Computer LCD-Display Permanent display 8 User 4+1 Pulse Earpulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts yes Heart rate controlled programmes 4 Upper pulse limit adjustable Upper pulse limit adjustable Max. body weight 150 kg Build up size (L x W x H) 102 x 55 x 125 cm Integrated transportation rollers yes Power supply 230V, 50Hz Class Class HA (DIN EN 957 – 1/9 compliant) Delivery time 3-5 working days Usage Warranty Warranty on the main frame Private use 36 months 10 years..
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Finnlo by Hammer Ergometer Exum Xtr
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FM-082
Finnlo by Hammer Ergometer Exum Xtr If it's good, things are still going better! Under this motto, the manufacturer Hammer enriches the test winner Hammer Finnlo Erogmeter Exum III with new technologies and features. Now you will also receive the new optimized Hammer Finnlo Ergometer Exum XTR in our online shop. Compared to its predecessor, the Exum XTR convinces with a comprehensively structured training console and training programs for every training goal. So beginners no longer need to worry about their workout plans. The Hammer Finnlo Ergometer Exum XTR has a speed-dial button for every training goal. Manufacturer hammer Ean 4005251315800 mpn 3158 delivery option carrier Status availability Delivery time: 4-5 working days computer Show LCD display with backlight training data Distance Time Speed ​​Calorie consumption Revolutions per minute Pulse display Watt indicator user memory 4 + guest controls Keys on the training computer multimedia Tablet and smartphone holder programs programs 15 Program's profile Number of exercise profiles: 8 Pulse-controlled exercise programs: 3 pulse chest strap Optional accessories Technical specifications braking system Induction brake with 41 braking stages Inertia 8th Power Bandwidth 20-400 watts in 5 watt increments load regulation speed independent, speed dependent drive belts grooved belt handlebars default pedals Self-righting belt pedals saddle Standard saddle footprint L: 102 cm | W: 55 cm | H: 125 cm Max. user weight 150 kg power supply 230 V mains connection DIN EN class HA (ergometer home sports) application Home Sports filing Smartphone holder..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FO-004
FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR The VARON XTR from FINNLO has everything that an excellent ergometer needs: a precise, versatile training computer, a modern design and, most importantly, comfort. Comfort is provided by the high-quality induction braking system and the precision ball bearing, which ensures an especially even, jerk-free and smooth rotation. Workout intensity can be precisely set between 25 and 400 Watts, compliant with the DIN EN 957 standard. Several variants also offer heart rate-controlled workout programs. Personal training parameters, such as individual maximum and minimum heart rates, can also be adjusted. In this case, heart rate is displayed as a percentage of maximum, which is ideal for those training with specific guidelines. The ergometer allows you to switch up your routine by offering 12 resistance profiles and 4 heart rate-controlled programs (55%, 75%, 95% and customizable). Heart rate is conveniently measured via the ear clip (included) or the integrated heart rate receiver for the chest strap (optional). All workout parameters are clearly presented on the high-quality blue backlight display. At the end of the workout, all training parameters plus averages are displayed. The recovery heart rate is also measured and a fitness grade computed. Personal progress is immediately visible to provide additional motivation. The VARON XTR also offers perfect workout ergonomics. The intelligently thought-out construction makes mounting the ergometer easier and facilitates an upright workout position that is easy on your back. The comfortable gel saddle and handlebars are adjustable. Product no. 3191 FINNLO Varon XTR Ergometer Finnlo Varon XTR Health-oriented cardiovascular training with Watt-control per DIN EN 957 – 1/5 standard and comfortable, deep mount. The FINNLO Varon XTR is a premium-class ergometer that allows you to bring your endurance and cardiovascular in top shape. The varied computer programmes on the Varon XTR motivate you to do regular fitness workouts and prevent boredom. Dynamic step movement accelerates your cardiovascular system, enabling you to burn fat and calories. In this way, you'll promote your health and also do target training for a slim, defined body. Effective ergometer training with the Varon XTR can lead to the following results: Improved endurance Reduce body weight and fat Strengthen legs and butt muscles Tone your body Tighter skin Get fit and slim with a FINNLO ergometer The ergometer has been one of the most popular and utilised home trainers for decades. Endurance training is variable and pleasant with an ergometer. You can always improve your performance regardless of time or bad weather and even the seasons. Because the saddle carries most of your body weight, ergometer training is especially easy on your joints. That's why it is used so frequently in fitness studios and medical facilities to reduce weight ..
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Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Upright Bike UB 8000
In Stock
Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FH-002
Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Upright Bike UB 8000 Finnlo by Hammer have a very attractive looking Semi Commercial range of Cardio Gym Equipment that covers a broad section of the market that delivers solutions for today's users. FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Ergometer UB 8000 3571 FINNLO MAXIMUM ERGOMETER The ERGOMETER by FINNLO MAXIMUM is a professional ergometer up to 200 watts. Robust and durable, he withstands frequent training sessions. Precision ball bearings guarantee a harmonious concentricity and a high-quality induction brake system qualified for the HA class. The intensity of the load can be adjusted precisely to 25-200 watts according to DIN EN 957 standard and pulse-controlled training is also possible. The pulse measurement is conveniently carried out via the hand pulse sensors or via the integrated Polar-compatible pulse receiver for chest straps (optional). All training facts are clearly presented on the large LED display with 24x10 dot matrix. The 10 training programs can be selected directly by key and provide variety. Before the start of the training a fitness test can be carried out on the ergometer. Personal progress is immediately recognized and motivated. The smartphone and tablet holder on the training computer provides perfect multimedia entertainment during workouts. An integrated generator provides training computer, fan and electromagnetic brake with the required energy. This way, you can train anywhere and save the resources of the earth, regardless of a power source. The comfortable seat can be adjusted 12 times in height and also horizontally and thus adapts to any body size. The handlebar offers many stopping options and provides training comfort. If you have a fixed fitness goal in mind and would like to achieve this as fast as possible, you can have an individual training plan created on This is perfectly matched to the respective athlete, his fitness goal and his cardio equipment and created according to the latest knowledge of exercise science...
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Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT
New In Stock
Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-030
Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT HAMMER Cardio XT6 BT Ergometer Warranty 3 Years Parts, 2 Years Labour. Are you looking for a comfortable, stable, low-entry ergometer for effortless riding? Would you like a clear and self-explanatory computer operation to start immediately? Then the HAMMER Cardio XT6 is the ideal ergometer for you. With the HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can improve your condition, reduce your weight and really get your cardiovascular system going! You have the choice between manual or automatic resistance adjustment, as well as automatic fitness programs. An 8kg flywheel and an electronic magnetic brake system ensure a sensationally smooth runout. The resistance is adjustable from 10 to 350 watts, so even ambitious athletes can improve their performance. Handlebar and saddle can be adjusted variably, so that your ergometer can be ideally adjusted to any body size and you can train particularly gently on your back. And after training, you can easily move your XT6 around the room thanks to the integrated premium transport wheels. Quality assurance: 100k quality Tested for extra long life You can be sure that you will enjoy your Cardio XT6 for a very long time, because the technology of your ergometer passed a successful endurance test of over 100,000 revolutions. The technical parts such as electronics and ball bearings are of high industrial quality and designed for intensive and long use. Minimal resistance from 10 watts! The full range from 10 to 350 watts With the ergometer HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can train with a minimum resistance of 10 watts! This is especially ideal for older people, for easy mobilization after sports injuries or to start training slowly. Fitness test included! Perfect for motivating and increasing training After your training, you measure your pulse. The faster your pulse drops, the fitter you are. This is shown on the computer of your Cardio XT6 with a fitness grade of 1 to 6. A good grade inspires you even more, motivates and makes you even better at your next training session. Clear display Via LCD monitor or your smartphone / tablet With the multimedia console of the Cardio XT6, you can view your training data on a clear LCD display (display of: mountain and valley profiles, speed, time, distance covered, number of calories burned, pulse, body fat, BMI and fitness test) or via Control your smartphone / tablet. Simple computer operation - everything at a glance The display of the Cardio XT6 ergometer shows all important training data at a glance and razor-sharp. The computer menu is self-explanatory and extremely easy to use for all age groups thanks to the "push button". Finally, there is no need to read complicated instructions and you can start your training immediately. Do you need variety in training? The multimedia entertainment with Bluetooth technology will convince you With your Cardio XT6 you have all possibilities of a varied multimedia entertainment. Bluetooth te..
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HAMMER Ergometer Ergo-Motion BT
New In Stock
Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-023
HAMMER Ergometer Ergo-Motion BT HAMMER Ergometer Ergo-Motion BT Ergo-Motion BT features / additional equipment Wear-free, electronic magnetic braking system with approx. 8 kg flywheel mass for high dynamics Training computer can be controlled by smartphone or tablet with the iConsole+ app Dynamic, modern, unmistakable design with rounded accents Rotational speed independent watt program with display of wattage 4 health orientated heart programs 12 uphill and downhill programs suitable for anyone, from beginners to athletes Body fat program with info about body fat in % (BMR) and BMI Clear, XL LCD display with illuminated blue background colour Tablet/smart phone holder and USB charger port for multimedia entertainment during your workout Hand pulse sensors on the handlebars for pulse monitoring Integrated pulse receiver for the Polar T34 chest strap and the FINNLO chest strap (optional) HAMMER Ergo-Motion BT is ideal for: Health orientated cardiovascular training Body weight and fat reduction Improved stamina and physical fitness Strengthening of the leg and buttocks muscles Body toning and tissue tightening Class HA ergometer training in accordance with DIN EN 957-1/5HAMMER Ergo-Motion BT takes care of all-round health training. Watt-controlled power input shows training success and performance improvement. This enables you to stay in control and maintain your motivation. Performance is measured in 5-watt increments from 10-350 watts (speed independent at 60 RPM) and speed dependent up to 400 watts (at 100 RPM). Enter the watt value required and the HAMMER Ergo-Motion BT will control the resistance to maintain the preset wattage. Construction and features have a user-friendly design With the HAMMER super-soft saddle / seat, the Ergo-Motion BT shows once again that the emphasis is on user-friendliness. This piece of training equipment is comfortable, so you can begin your workout as quickly and easily as possible. The saddle / seat is ideal for long workouts. It is also comfortable for users with a higher body weight. The height and angle of the saddle / seat are also adjustable. Furthermore, the horizontal adjustment options of the saddle / seat, and the continuously variable angle of the handlebars makes an ergonomically optimal seating position possible for both petite and taller users. Comfort is further enhanced by integrated transportation rollers and height adjustment for uneven floors. An electronic magnetic braking system with very precise load control and maintenance-free grooved belt technology are indicative of the highest possible comfort and the best technology that make the HAMMER Ergo-Motion BT a very special piece of training equipment...
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HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HR-006
HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR Ergonomic exercising which is easy on the joints and is the perfect Fitness Equipment Machine for many reasons. Health-oriented cardiovascular training including watt control compliant with DIN EN 957-1/5 standard. The Comfort XTR by HAMMER is a premium recumbent ergometer offering particular superior characteristics. The clearly arranged and easy to operate multifunctional training computer offers plenty of exercise options as well as heart rate controlled endurance training. The resistance can be set variably between 35 and 260 watt compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard. All functions can be controlled via the large and clearly arranged LCD-Display: distance, time, speed, cadence, calories, watt, and heart rate. The HAMMER Ergometer Comfort XTR – Cardio workout that is easy on the joints The comfortable seat of the recumbent bike Comfort XTR by HAMMER means you can exercise effectively in your home as well. The recumbent bike holds your total body weight allowing the workout to be easy on the spine and the joints. The dynamic movement of your legs ensures high energy consumption that will effectively reduce fat and weight. At the same time you strengthen the muscle tissue of the legs and buttock area. Intensive endurance training with the Comfort XTR and the following can be achieved: Improvement of fitness and endurance Strengthening the cardiovascular system Build and define muscles Effective reduction of fat and weight Strengthening leg and buttock muscles Drive train and supplementary equipment The drive train of the 8kg flywheel is powered by a maintenance-free belt drive. The resistance is generated by permanent magnet, which is equipped with a premium ball-bearing that secures smooth and quite running. The Comfort XTR seat can be adjusted in 10 different positions for an ergonomic and comfortable workout Overview of key product details: Recumbent Ergometer compliant with class HA and compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard Resistance in watt, 35-260 watt, independent of rotational speed Resistance range: 16 levels Belt drive system and premium ball bearings for smooth run Permanent magnet controlling resistance for especially smooth movement Training computer is clearly arranged and easy to use LCD-Display Polar-compatible heart rate receiver for chest strap (optional) Upper pulse limit adjustable Heart rate monitoring via grip sensors Approx. 8kg flywheel mass Back rest with lumbar support Adjustable seat with 10 positions Gear ratio 1:8 Built-in transport rollers for easy moving Colour: black/white Build up size (LxWxH): 138 x 62 x 120 cm Maximum rider weight capacity: approx. 130 kg Additional Information Label HAMMER Colour black/white Weight 62 Kg Build up size (L x W x H) 138 x 62 x 120 cm Features / Additional Equipment Adjustable seat with 10 positions 35-260 watt 16 levels Back rest with lumbar support Belt drive system transpo..
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Lifefitness 95Ci Upright Bike Remanufactured
In Stock
Brand: Life Fitness Model: 1518
The Lifecycle Exercise bikes are the flagship products of Life Fitness. Loaded with breakthrough technology, durable components, and ergonomic design features.The Lifecycle Exercise bikes are the flagship products of Life Fitness. Loaded with breakthrough technology, durable components, and ergonomic design features. As the most recognized cardio product in fitness facilities around the world, the Lifecycle exercise bike is a must have for every facility. Dimensions (L x W x H) 48" x 24" x 54" Unit Weight 49 kg Maximum User Weight 181 kg Power Requirements Self-Powered..
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Lifefitness 95Re Recumbent Cycle Remanufactured
Custom Labels In Stock
Brand: Life Fitness Model: 1519
Lifefitness 95Re Recumbent Cycle Remanufactured The Lifecycle Exercise bikes are the flagship products of Life Fitness. Loaded with breakthrough technology, durable components, and ergonomic design features. As the most recognized cardio product in fitness facilities around the world, the Lifecycle exercise bike is a must have for every facility. Dimensions (L x W x H) 54" x 26" x 51" Unit Weight 61 kg Maximum User Weigh 181 kg Power Requirements Plug in required Special Features COMFORT CURVE SEAT WITH EASY ADJUSTMENTS The convex shape and swept back seat design on out upright bikes provide maximum comfort. Ratchet seat adjustment makes it easy for users to adjust the seat height, even while in a seated position HEART RATE MONITORING Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring. MOTIVATING WORKOUT VARIETY Zone Training+ workouts automatically adjust the resistance level to keep users in their target heart rate zone, also includes goal-based workouts, Fitness Test protocols, and the machine-prompting aerobice trainer program to keep users motivated...
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Precor C846i Recumbent Experience Series Remanufactured
In Stock
Brand: Precor Model: 1515
Precor C846i Recumbent Experience Series Remanufactured You are looking at the Precor 846i-R Experience Series Recumbent Exercise Bike. This precor recumbents' magnetic, no-contact 3-phase generator system provides a wide range of resistance. 25 different resistance settings let users maximize workouts. Resistance levels range from 18 watts (level 1 at 20 RPM) to 500 watts (level 25 at 100 RPM) and 750 watts (level 25 at 150 RPM). This precor experience series has a 3-piece crank tightens positively, reducing the need for periodic adjustments. The 9/16" crank arm accepts any standard road or mountain bike pedal. The double step up drive system yields smooth, comfortable, quiet operation. The 846i Recumbent Bike has a 3-phase generator/eddy current resistance system which requires no backup battery in order to power the bike. Its Belt drive provides for smoother, quieter operation and reduced maintenance Features Resistance Levels: 25 Programs: Cross Country, Custom, Fitness Test, Heart Rate, Hill Climb, Interval (3), Manual, Random, Watts Control, Weight Loss Electronic Readouts: Average Heart Rate, Average Speed, Calories, Calories per Hour, Calories per Minute, Distance, Elapsed Time, Goal, Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate, METs, Profile, Remaining Time, Resistance, RPM, Segment Time, SmartRate, Speed, Target Heart Rate, Units, Watts, Workout Summary Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact and Wireless Ergonomic Design: The seats are designed for comfort across a wide range of body types. 3-piece crank Pedals: The 3-piece crank tightens positively, reducing the need for periodic adjustments. The 9/16" crank arm accepts any standard road or mountain bike pedal. Recumbent Cycle Style Features: Full back support and a properly angled contoured seat provide maximum comfort. Recumbent cycling places additional emphasis on hamstrings and gluteus muscles. Display featuring Tap Control: Tactile paddles control resistance, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts. Power Requirements: Self-Powered TECH SPECS - Max User Weight: 400 lbs / (181.43 Kilograms) Weight: 160 lbs / (72.57 Kilograms) Dimensions: 57" L x 24" W x 48" H / (144.78cm L x 60.96cm W x 121.92cm H)..
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