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Treadmills Over the past 18 years of selling Treadmills into Commercial Gyms and Home Fitness Rooms, we have selected wisely for you to choose from on our website, no matter what your budget regarding your needs we have the Fitness Equipment Machines for you. We have a few pointer for you to look out for when selecting a new treadmill: No 1) Width of Running Deck. Anything under 18 inch or 45cm don't purchase as it will feel like the belt is too narrow and it will be too uncomfortable to run on. No 2) Make sure the console is large so you can see the read out info easly. No 3) Ensure the treadmill warranty on the motor and parts is more than 3 Years available. No 4) If the treadmill does not allow for a speed of at least 16kph, the machine is likely not in a position to give you a running comfortable speed or the power required to encourage you to enjoy or use the machine regularly.
BH Fitness Magna Pro Commercial Treadmill
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: PFS-BH-153
BH Fitness Magna Pro Commercial Treadmill Built for intensive use, the Magna Pro Light Commercial Treadmill is ideal for small commercial environments and intense home training. This Light Commercial Treadmill has an ultra-smooth commercial 3.5 HP AC (Alternating Current) motor provides a quiet yet powerful speed up to 20km/h. Coupled with the extra-wide belt and robust frame, with this Light Commercial Treadmill you are guaranteed an excellent platform for maximised training. With a 15% variable incline on this treadmill, you can mix up intensity of your exercise at any speed. With handy Quick Keys on the console, you can change the incline and speed at the touch of a button. The user-friendly Dot Matrix console on this treadmill feeds back all 7 key workout statistics including speed, time, distance and calories. You can also monitor your heart rate via the build in hand sensors or use the wireless heart rate monitor. To keep you motivated, there are 7 pre-set workouts. To maximise comfort and support, the Magna Pro Light Commercial Treadmill uses an 8 elastomer shock absorbing system to reduce impact on your joints and reduce injury. The treadmill is also fitted with a cooling fan, providing a nice cooling sensation while you exercise. With built in speakers and MP3 connectivity, you can stay entertained as you train. Here are the specs on the BH Fitness Magna Pro Commercial Treadmill... Motor Size & Type 3.5hp Continuous AC Incline Range 0 to 15% Speed Range 1 to 20kph or 0.5 to 12mph Folds Away No Running Belt Size 155cm x 55cm (L x W) Running Belt Thickness & Type Commercial Programmes 7 Fan Yes Max User Weight 175kg or 27 Stone Console Display DOT Matrix with 6 Windows Heart Rate Measurement Hand Grip, Heart Rate Strap Display Feedback Time, Distance, Speed, Incline, Pace, Calories, Heart Rate Instant Keys Speed & Incline Recommended Use Home Other Features Dual Kit Included For Use With iPad or iPhone Home Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labour Commercial Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour Product Weight 148kgs Dimensions Open 210cm x 93cm x 147cm (L x W x H) Dimensions Folded N/A Free Delivery Within 5 - 7 Days..
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Bh Fitness Pioneer R7 TFT Home Treadmill
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: PFS-BH-135
Bh Fitness Pioneer R7 TFT Home Treadmill This Treadmill is similar to another Bh Treadmill that has the same specs however this version has a more engaging console for your entertainment benefit. Frequency of use Intensive Maximum user weight 140 Kg Power (peak / continuous) 3.5CV / 2CV Maximum speed 20 Km / h Max. electric tilt (%) 12% ECO Mode Yes Speed ​​snapshot keys Yes Instant tilt keys Yes Running surface (L x W) (cm) 140x51 Damping system 6 Elastomers Pulse measurement by contact Yes Fan Yes Soft Drop System (SDS) - Transport wheels Yes Length (cm) 172 Width (cm) 87 Height (cm) 145 Weight 98 Kg Vertical folding Yes..
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Excite 700 Run Treadmill with TV Remanufactured
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Brand: Techno Gym Model: PFS-SF-305
The Excite Run 700 is something to be excited about. Adding a new level of style and sophistication that other treadmills don’t quiet catch, this will to any fitness area or facility that is willing to offer a unique running experience that feels as natural as running outdoors. Technogym, not only being a reputable brand but also produces highly robust sleek commercial machines, with an impressive 6.00HP continuous DC motor, speeds can range as high as 14mph with an maximum incline of 15%! Dimensions (L x W x H) 86" x 38" x 61" Unit Weight 195 kg Maximum User Weight 220 kg Incline 0% - 15%..
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FINNLO by Hammer Alpine Treadmill
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FO-001
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Alpine The ideal treadmill for ambitious runners. 2 HP motor and 20 km/h maximum speed, automatic incline adjustment up to 12%, 142 x 50 cm professional running area, numerous training programmes, three pulse-controlled programmes, Body-Fat program as well as user-friendly quick-start button for 6 different speed and incline levels. Whether for general running training or preparing for a marathon – get started now with the FINNLO by Hammer ALPINE IV treadmill. With a maximum speed of 20 km/h for those intense workouts, you will burn calories effectively, tone your body and build up your leg and butt muscles. Thanks to its professional features, the FINNLO by Hammer ALPINE IV is perfectly suited for the focused preparation needed for competition. FINNLO by Hammer ALPINE IV – Technology and features Training computer with 7” display and 11 fitness programmes. The FINNLO by Hammer ALPINE IV treadmill is equipped with a feature packed training computer. It has 11 programmes available to perfectly prepare you for your next running competition. Besides the speed (1 to 20 km/h), the incline can also be adjusted to many different grades (up to 12%). In addition to the LCD display, the hand grips on the Alpine have convenient buttons to quickly adjust the speed and incline. The powerful 2-HP motor provides an even motion of the running belt. Pulse measurement can be taken via the integrated chip for an optional chest strap or via the integrated hand pulse sensors. The computer display on the FINNLO Alpine shows the following workout info: distance, time, speed, calories burned, and pulse. Three pulse programmes provide controlled health-oriented training. When you exceed the maximum heart rate you have programmed, the FINNLO Alpine treadmill automatically adjusts the speed and incline. The brand new Body-Fat program allows you to continuously monitor the progress of your workout and measures your body fat. Exclusive running experience with the FINNLO Alpine can deliver the following results: Improve overall condition and endurance Lose weight and fatty tissue Strengthen your leg and butt muscles Effectively tone and tighten your body Multi-function computer with 7” display The heart of the FINNLO by Hammer Alpine treadmill is the premium training computer with the 7” display. You can select a pre-programmed route from the 11 different training programmes. Pulse-controlled training with a maximum heart rate is made possible on the treadmill via the hand pulse sensors and optional chest strap. The display shows the following workout related data: distance, time, speed, calories burned, and pulse. A professional super-soft running surface provides perfect shock absorption for a joint friendly workout that feels like running in the woods Measuring 179 x 80 x 138 cm (LxWxH), you can use the folding mechanism to make the treadmill a compact 108 x 80 x 150 cm. Despite its 2-HP motor and extensive features, the..
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Finnlo by Hammer Performance Treadmill
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FH-050
Finnlo by Hammer Performance Treadmill Brand FINNLO by HAMMER Color black Weight 122 kg Performance 3,5 PS (Dauerleistung) / 9 PS (max. Leistung) Speed 0,8-22 km/h in 0,1 km/h steps Incline 0-15% (in 1% steps, motorised) Fitness programmes 25 Training programs 10 Computer 10.1" TFT, 1280*800 Pixel Permanent display 1+6 Pulse Hand sensors Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts yes Heart rate controlled programmes 3 Upper pulse limit adjustable yes Multimedia App, Bluetooth, tablet support, USB Max. body weight 160 kg Foldable yes Folding dimension (L x W x H) 112 x 94 x 180cm Running area (in cm) 152 x 52 cm Build up size (L x W x H) 200 x 90 x 135 cm Integrated transportation rollers yes..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Endurance
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-021
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Endurance Treadmill Endurance Running trainer for ambitious runners 2.5 hp motor (continuous power) and 22 km / h maximum speed, automatic incline adjustment up to 15%, 155 x 52 cm profile surface, many training programs, 3 pulse programs, body fat program, muscle activity program and user-friendly quick-start buttons for 6 Speeds and 6 pitch angles. Running training or marathon preparation - with the Endurance IV by FINNLO by Hammer you can really get started. Speeds of up to 22 km / h for particularly intense training sequences. This effectively burns calories, shapes your body, and builds muscles on your legs and buttocks. The FINNLO by Hammer Endurance IV is also ideal for preparing for the next race because of its professional equipment. Maximum user weight is 150kg or 24 stone body weight. Upon Ordering delivery to your address is 7 working days...
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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum BT
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-110
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum BT Your personal running trainer 18 km/h max. speed, 7 fitness programmes with automatic incline adjustment up to 12%, 142 x 50 cm professional tread surface, and three pulse-controlled programmes for health-oriented running workouts. Running exercises are one of the most efficient and versatile forms of cardio training. It activates 75% of the body's muscles and is a very effective calorie-burning option - therefore it is optimal for weight and fat reduction. Additionally you will strengthen plenty of muscle groups, particularly the entire leg and buttocks musculature, and will help shape your perfect body. Running speeds up to 18 km/h, running area measures 142 x 50 cm 11 automatic training programmes 3 pulse programmes Automatically adjustable incline grade from 1 – 12% Continuous output: 1.75 HP Hand grips with touch controls for speed and incline Hand pulse measurement and integrated receptor for chest strap (chest strap optional) Premium console with simple and easy to use operation High-quality 5” LCD display shows distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, and peak and valley profile USB port to charge cell phone / iPod, etc. Holder for water bottle and tablet / iPod Super soft tread with professional shock absorption for your joints 2 transport rollers Colour: anthracite Dimensions: 179 x 80 x 138 cm (L x W x B) Dimensions when folded: 108 x 80 x 150 cm (L x H x W) Product weight: approx. 80kg Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz Maximum body weight: 135 kg..
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Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Treadmill TR 8000
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-FH-010
FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Treadmill TR 8000 The treadmill from FINNLO MAXMIMUM stands for the highest home training standard. A strong, perennial 4 hp motor (continuous power) drives the treadmill up to 22 km / h, the incline can be adjusted to 15%. For Fitness Equipment in Ireland this treadmill has practical quick-keys on the training computer also make climbing and speed directly selectable. The tread offers 153 x 56 cm plenty of space even for large runners. It consists of a dual mix of materials that reduces impact energy and provides comfort. Perfect for ambitious cardio athletes who want to train intensively at home regardless of the weather. A large training computer with practical smartphone / tablet storage and 5 displays clearly show time, incline, distance, speed, calories and heart rate. Own wishes for cardio training can be entered as well as predefined programs. The 12 training programs can be selected directly by key. Whether mountain running, interval training or pulse-oriented program - on the FINNLO MAXIMUM treadmill is not boring! The pulse can be easily measured via the hand pulse sensors or the polar-compatible receiver for the optionally available chest strap. If you have a fixed fitness goal in mind and would like to achieve this as fast as possible, you can have an individual training plan created on This is perfectly matched to the respective athlete, his fitness goal and his cardio equipment and created according to the latest knowledge of exercise science. item number 3573 brand FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER colour black red mass 158 kg power 4.0 hp (continuous power) / 10.0 hp (maximum power) speed 0.8-22 km / h in 0.1 km / h steps pitch 0-15% (in 1% steps, motor adjustable) resistance adjustment computer controlled Number of fitness programs 9 Number of training programs 12 Type of display Large LED display with 24x10 dot matrix Number of users 1 pulse type hand pulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes Pulse-controlled training programs 2 Pulse upper limit / lower limit adjustable Yes Max. Permissible body weight 150 kg foldable No Installation dimension (L x W x H) 197 x 92 x 152 cm Integrated transport wheels Yes..
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Hammer Life Runner Treadmill LR22i TFT
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-040
Hammer Life Runner Treadmill LR22i TFT Warranty 10 Years Frame, # Years Parts 2 Years Labour. HAMMER treadmill Life Runner LR22i TFT Weather-independent running training in your own home The LR22i TFT multimedia treadmill supports you and your fitness goals Start now with your passion for running! With the modern HAMMER treadmill LR22i TFT you can achieve your endurance and running goals effectively and in a multimedia way. You will experience a unique running experience from home regardless of the weather. Thanks to the multimedia all-round package and the pre-installed apps of the LR22i TFT, boredom does not arise in any second of the running training. The large touch display always keeps you up to date on your performance. The compact design helps you to stow away your treadmill in a space-saving manner. Variety of programs for your running training Exercise variedly with the LR22i TFT The full range of programs on our LR22i TFT! A total of 12 preset programs are available to you during your running training: Cardio Check, Hills, Fitness Test, Cross Country, Lose Weight, Interval Training, Speed ​​Drill, Hill and Back, Power Walk, Pyramid, Glute Workout and Calorie Burn. Simply select and off you go! Are you looking for a challenge and want to measure yourself in a competition? Then you can run against the computer with your treadmill. You compete against your treadmill computer and try to be faster than the system. Your endurance training can be so varied and competitive from home! XXL TFT touch display Everything in view with 10 inches With the 10 inch TFT touch display and included Android software, you get the complete multimedia and entertainment package during training. The computer console of the LR22i TFT inspires with a tablet holder, aux connection and a USB charging connection, so that you always have the power for your individual entertainment during your running training. Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix and many more Preinstalled apps ensure perfect entertainment With Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you get a wide range of motivating pre-installed apps to stay informed during your training or just for entertainment. Watch YouTube videos during training, play your favorite playlist on Spotify or share your fitness success with your friends. With the HAMMER treadmill LR22i TFT, all of this is possible via the easy-to-use touch display. Experience live routes with Bluetooth technology and fitness app Kinomap and BitGym compatible Run exciting and intensive routes in a "live experience" and enjoy a fascinating training atmosphere! Training data can of course be saved and you can compare and document your successes. Home fitness has never been so exciting, varied and motivating. The Kinomap app gives you a particularly realistic live route experience: the resistance is automatically increased on inclines and automatically reduced on descents. Optional: K..
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HAMMER Race Runner 2200I Treadmill
In Stock
Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-010
HAMMER Race Runner 2200I Treadmill Our price includes delivery to anywhere in Ireland. The HAMMER Race Runner 2200I is our fastest treadmill and will motivate you to new heights in endurance and performance! The high maximum speed, powerful motor and automatic incline adjustment will intensify your running sessions, and with it, your cardio training. Whenever you want and no matter what the weather is like outside. Features / Additional Equipment BMI program to calculate your personal body mass index SUPER-SOFT running surface for joint-friendly training Smartphone and tablet PC holder for multimedia entertainment options Heart rate measurement via hand pulse sensors and polar-compatible chest belt receiver Space-saving folding mechanism: 90% pre-assembled. Unfold and train! Max. motor output: 6.5 hp Continuous motor output 2.5 hp 22 training programs – spanning from complete novice to advanced intensive training Tablet PC holder and AUX jack Treadmill cockpit with easy, intuitive controls..
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Hammer Treadmill Life Runner LR16i
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-FW-007
The HAMMER LIFE RUNNER LR16i treadmill beckons for a run in the comfort of your home. The high-performance 1.15 HP motor allows for running speeds of up to 16 km/h, and the incline can be adjusted up to 12% (15 different levels). You can easily adjust the incline and speed via the quick buttons on the training computer and hand grips. The heart of the treadmill is the training computer, which features a premium blue backlight display and is designed to be easy and intuitive to operate. 19 programs are available to make your exercise routine varied and challenging. To ensure that the runner keeps to their individually-optimised exercise range, heart rate can be measured easily during the run via the hand pulse sensors on the hand grips or the optional chest strap. A Polar-compatible chest strap receptor is integrated into the computer. Based on body data, the LR16i treadmill can also measure body fat. Incremental training success is made visible to keep exercise motivation levels high. Measuring 16 x 132 cm, the professional running area on the LIFE RUNNER LR16i is large enough for comfortable running even at maximum speed. At the same time, the super soft running surface takes stress off of the joints. The treadmill includes integrated transport rollers. This means that the LIFE RUNNER LR16i can be folded up and rolled out of the way to save space. 2 drink holders round out the amenities. Those who aren't sure how to create the ideal exercise program can create an individual exercise plan at This training plan was developed by sports scientists and helps you reach your personal fitness goals. Label HAMMER Weight 78 Kg Build up size (L x W x H) 171 x 73 x 127 cm Foldable Yes Folding dimension (L x W x H) 104 x 73 x 149 cm Performance 1,15 HP Running area (in cm) 132 x 43 cm Speed 1-16 km/h in 0,1 km/h steps Incline 0-12% in 1% steps, 3-15 % in 1% steps, automatically adjustable Computer LCD-Display Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / Incline / Pulse User 4 Training programs 18 Pulse Hand pulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes Heart rate controlled programs 4 Integrated transportation rollers Yes Power supply 230V, 50Hz Max. body weight 120 kg Delivery time 8-10 workdays Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please enter your telephone number with your order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery appointment with you)..
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HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000I
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-201
HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000I High-speed, intensive running training within your own four walls The HAMMER Race Runner 2000I is a professional treadmill that will help you achieve new top speeds and higher altitudes. All within your own four walls – no matter what the weather is like outside and what time you want to train. During your training on the HAMMER Race Runner 2000I, you can simulate steep inclines for a more realistic running experience and to intensify your workout. The incline setting (up to 12%) can be easily set via the on-board computer. On-board training computer for excellent running motivation The full-scope, on-board, multi-functional computer, featuring a total of 26 programs, is at the core of the treadmill. Training instantly becomes more varied and the 18 fitness programs, with various speeds and inclines, make it all that more realistic. Experience running just like outdoors without having to wait for the right weather! The LCD display is very easy to operate and gets you started on your personal running training right away. Speed changes and inclines are controlled via the integrated screen or via the quick buttons on the hand grips. Health training with three cardio programs Use the three cardio programs for targeted cardiovascular training in which you can set an upper heart rate limit. Once you reach that limit, a signal will sound to ensure you keep training within a safe and healthy range at all times. Super-soft running surface for joint-friendly training The low-vibration, super-soft running area ensures a realistic running experience with joint-friendly movements. Now you can comfortably run a lot longer. Enjoy your run! Compact – with folding mechanism The compact dimensions, low intrinsic weight and the practical integrated transportation rollers all speak for the incredible flexibility of the HAMMER Race Runner 2000I. The treadmill is set up easily in seconds and can be moved to virtually any room in your home. The premium-quality cylinder ensures that the running surface is lowered slowly and fully automatically. Bottom line Reaching new top speeds with your HAMMER Race Runner 2000I! Your Race Runner and its 26 programs offer new and exciting impulses to keep your running training interesting – whatever the weather is like outside...
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