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Treadmills Over the past 18 years of selling Treadmills into Commercial Gyms and Home Fitness Rooms, we have selected wisely for you to choose from on our website, no matter what your budget regarding your needs we have the Fitness Equipment Machines for you. We have a few pointer for you to look out for when selecting a new treadmill: No 1) Width of Running Deck. Anything under 18 inch or 45cm don't purchase as it will feel like the belt is too narrow and it will be too uncomfortable to run on. No 2) Make sure the console is large so you can see the read out info easly. No 3) Ensure the treadmill warranty on the motor and parts is more than 3 Years available. No 4) If the treadmill does not allow for a speed of at least 16kph, the machine is likely not in a position to give you a running comfortable speed or the power required to encourage you to enjoy or use the machine regularly.
Treadmill Lubrication Bottle 50ml
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Model: PFS-TL-001
Treadmill Lubrication Bottle 50ml Prolong the life expectancy of your treadmill by using this silicon application kit on your running deck. Treadmills are generally pretty low maintenance, however all treadmill running decks need to be lubricated over time. To apply the treadmill lubrication please follow the simple instructions in the treadmill owners manual or call us for assistance. **Please note all our treadmills will come with a complimentary bottle of 50ml silicon lubrication but we recommend you purchase additional lubrication for future usage...
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HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000M
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-211
HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000M Super fast and never boring! Our fastest treadmills – HAMMER Race Runner! The Race Runner 2000M lets you reach top speeds of 20 km/h to take your running training to a whole new level! There is a total of 26 training programs to choose from to make sure fitness never gets boring. And if you want to train even more intensively, you can set the treadmill to a steep incline to burn up to five times more calories. You can keep adding new training impulses to continuously improve your running performance and stay fit all year round. More fun and variety in your training, thanks to the multifunctional on-board computer The multifunctional on-board computer comes with a total of 26 programs and will keep you motivated to keep going, while at the same time helping you to focus on improving your performance. Your training instantly becomes more varied and the 18 fitness programs with various speeds and intensities make it all that more realistic. Enjoy a fantastic running experience that feels just like running outdoors. The computer is super easy to use, which means you can get started right away. The speed can be adjusted via the integrated screen or the quick buttons on the hand grips. There are three incline settings, which are set manually, so that you can make your training even more intensive and effective. Three cardio programs for cardiovascular training The three cardio programs ensure a targeted cardiovascular workout that will allow you to set a maximum heart rate. Once you reach that limit, a signal will sound to ensure you remain within a safe and healthy range at all times. Super-soft running surface for joint-friendly training The super-soft running surface is joint-friendly and prevents injury. You can train for longer without pain and without any loss of comfort. Space-saving folding mechanism Your HAMMER Race Runner 2000M can be stored away quickly and easily. Its low intrinsic weight, compact dimensions, practical integrated transportation rollers and handy folding mechanism mean you can stow your treadmill out of sight in seconds. Why not have your workout in the sitting room, while watching your favourite series on TV – and later store it away in the spare room, when the family comes home! Bottom line Our HAMMER Race Runner 2000M stands for speed and pure enjoyment! The 26 training programs offer plenty of variety, the motivating on-board training computer takes care of your health, and the super soft, joint-friendly running surface will have you wanting to do more every single day, all year round!..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer
Clever design: comes 100% pre-assembledEnormously space-saving with an ingenious folding function15 training programs & 3 heart programsWalk like on forest floor - super soft treadTraining computer & tablet holder integrated in the consoleThe CleverFold TM7 treadmill motor has an output of 1.5 hp and a speed range of 1 to 18 km/h. The speed can be increased during the running workout and is adjusted accordingly with the +/- buttons on the console. In addition, you can directly select 6 km/h and 9 km/h with two quick selection buttons. The treadmill surface is optimally designed at 130 x 43 cm to guarantee you excellent freedom of movement. With the stable yet foldable construction, people with a body weight of up to 130 kg can enjoy a strong running feeling...
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HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000I
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-201
HAMMER Treadmill Race Runner 2000I High-speed, intensive running training within your own four walls The HAMMER Race Runner 2000I is a professional treadmill that will help you achieve new top speeds and higher altitudes. All within your own four walls – no matter what the weather is like outside and what time you want to train. During your training on the HAMMER Race Runner 2000I, you can simulate steep inclines for a more realistic running experience and to intensify your workout. The incline setting (up to 12%) can be easily set via the on-board computer. On-board training computer for excellent running motivation The full-scope, on-board, multi-functional computer, featuring a total of 26 programs, is at the core of the treadmill. Training instantly becomes more varied and the 18 fitness programs, with various speeds and inclines, make it all that more realistic. Experience running just like outdoors without having to wait for the right weather! The LCD display is very easy to operate and gets you started on your personal running training right away. Speed changes and inclines are controlled via the integrated screen or via the quick buttons on the hand grips. Health training with three cardio programs Use the three cardio programs for targeted cardiovascular training in which you can set an upper heart rate limit. Once you reach that limit, a signal will sound to ensure you keep training within a safe and healthy range at all times. Super-soft running surface for joint-friendly training The low-vibration, super-soft running area ensures a realistic running experience with joint-friendly movements. Now you can comfortably run a lot longer. Enjoy your run! Compact – with folding mechanism The compact dimensions, low intrinsic weight and the practical integrated transportation rollers all speak for the incredible flexibility of the HAMMER Race Runner 2000I. The treadmill is set up easily in seconds and can be moved to virtually any room in your home. The premium-quality cylinder ensures that the running surface is lowered slowly and fully automatically. Bottom line Reaching new top speeds with your HAMMER Race Runner 2000I! Your Race Runner and its 26 programs offer new and exciting impulses to keep your running training interesting – whatever the weather is like outside...
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Model: Urbogym V720S Treadmill
Urbogym V720S TreadmillThis Premium quality treadmill is manufactured in the same factory as the Thunder Treadmills , also a high quality reliable and robust machine, CE rated for the European market and made to the highest of standards, with an impressive max user weight of 150KG2 year parts warranty  10 year frame warrantyPrice includes delivery anywhere in Ireland.  specifications: • automatic incline angle adjustment 0-15 levels • maximum user weight :150 kg • continuas Motor: 3.0 HP • MAX peak motor : 6.0 HP • speed: 1 – 20 km / h – 0.1 km / h increments + six buttons for direct speed selection • wide anti -slip running belt – size 135 x 48 cm • product weight 84 kg • LCD display: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse • inputs: USB, AUX • pulse measurement: touch sensors • change of speed and angle of inclination in the handles or from the main panel • security system: magnetic key • 12 training programs • telescopic system for unfolding / folding the treadmill (gas cylinder) • 8 point shock absorption system • transport wheels • space for a water bottle, phone , iPad etc. • certificates: CE, RoHS..
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: BH Fitness Mycron T180
BH Fitness T180 Mycron TreadmillPrice included has treadmill delivered to your address in all of Ireland.One of the widest running surfaces in a minimum space. This treadmill combines a compact design with one of the widest running surfaces on the marketwhich ensures a safe and comfortable training. Technical SpecUse frequency: REGULARMaximum user weight: 115 KGLength (cm): 174Width (cm): 78Height (cm): 140Weight (cm): 86Transport wheels: YesPower (peak/continue): 2,75/1,5 CVSpeed: 1-18 KM/HIncline: 12%Running Surface: 135X51 CMFoldable: YesSize folded: 105 X 78 X 170 CM..
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Bh Fitness Pioneer R7 TFT Home Treadmill
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: PFS-BH-135
Bh Fitness Pioneer R7 TFT Home Treadmill This Treadmill is similar to another Bh Treadmill that has the same specs however this version has a more engaging console for your entertainment benefit. Frequency of use Intensive Maximum user weight 140 Kg Power (peak / continuous) 3.5CV / 2CV Maximum speed 20 Km / h Max. electric tilt (%) 12% ECO Mode Yes Speed ​​snapshot keys Yes Instant tilt keys Yes Running surface (L x W) (cm) 140x51 Damping system 6 Elastomers Pulse measurement by contact Yes Fan Yes Soft Drop System (SDS) - Transport wheels Yes Length (cm) 172 Width (cm) 87 Height (cm) 145 Weight 98 Kg Vertical folding Yes..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum BT
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-110
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum BT Your personal running trainer 18 km/h max. speed, 7 fitness programmes with automatic incline adjustment up to 12%, 142 x 50 cm professional tread surface, and three pulse-controlled programmes for health-oriented running workouts. Running exercises are one of the most efficient and versatile forms of cardio training. It activates 75% of the body's muscles and is a very effective calorie-burning option - therefore it is optimal for weight and fat reduction. Additionally you will strengthen plenty of muscle groups, particularly the entire leg and buttocks musculature, and will help shape your perfect body. Running speeds up to 18 km/h, running area measures 142 x 50 cm 11 automatic training programmes 3 pulse programmes Automatically adjustable incline grade from 1 – 12% Continuous output: 1.75 HP Hand grips with touch controls for speed and incline Hand pulse measurement and integrated receptor for chest strap (chest strap optional) Premium console with simple and easy to use operation High-quality 5” LCD display shows distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, and peak and valley profile USB port to charge cell phone / iPod, etc. Holder for water bottle and tablet / iPod Super soft tread with professional shock absorption for your joints 2 transport rollers Colour: anthracite Dimensions: 179 x 80 x 138 cm (L x W x B) Dimensions when folded: 108 x 80 x 150 cm (L x H x W) Product weight: approx. 80kg Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz Maximum body weight: 135 kg..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Q.VADIS 3.0 Treadmill
Unpack, unfold and let off steam! 100% pre-assembledInnovative folding technology with a foot pedal for vertical and horizontal parking12 training programs + 2 heart & 2 user programsIncline function up to 12% & variety with fitness appsTablet holder, USB charging port and Bluetooth functionA generous running surface (2.5 mm thick) of 140 x 48 cm offers you a comfortable and free running feeling while you complete your training session. The clever design allows you to train with a body weight of up to 130 kg. The Q.VADIS 3.0 treadmill is 48 cm wide. You have the perfect freedom of movement for safe and effective training. The treadmill surface with a diamond pattern guarantees you the necessary grip when running.your HAMMER Q.VADIS 3.0 spoils you with a wide variety of programs that enrich your running training either individually, health-oriented, or with a lot of additional running variety. You can choose between 12 preinstalled workout programs. You can divide each program into 10 sections and set the incline and speed accordingly.The 2 user programs are divided into 10 sections. The speed, incline and running time can be set individually by you.With the 2 heart programs (can only be used with an optional chest strap) you can train safely according to your set heart rate. The speed and runtime are also preset by you. Your Q.VADIS 3.0 is the perfect running machine to really work out after a hard day's work!..
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HAMMER Race Runner 2200I Treadmill
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-010
HAMMER Race Runner 2200I Treadmill Our price includes delivery to anywhere in Ireland. The HAMMER Race Runner 2200I is our fastest treadmill and will motivate you to new heights in endurance and performance! The high maximum speed, powerful motor and automatic incline adjustment will intensify your running sessions, and with it, your cardio training. Whenever you want and no matter what the weather is like outside. Features / Additional Equipment BMI program to calculate your personal body mass index SUPER-SOFT running surface for joint-friendly training Smartphone and tablet PC holder for multimedia entertainment options Heart rate measurement via hand pulse sensors and polar-compatible chest belt receiver Space-saving folding mechanism: 90% pre-assembled. Unfold and train! Max. motor output: 6.5 hp Continuous motor output 2.5 hp 22 training programs – spanning from complete novice to advanced intensive training Tablet PC holder and AUX jack Treadmill cockpit with easy, intuitive controls..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Q. VADIS 5.0 Treadmill
Already 90% pre-assembledSpace-saving treadmill with revolutionary vertical folding function30 training programs + individual heart programModern design & multimedia variety with fitness apps, Bluetooth and tablet holderSuper soft running surface with 6-point cushioning systemThe running surface of 145 x 51 cm is impressive and offers you the necessary freedom as you cover kilometer after kilometer. The stable construction enables people with a body weight of up to 150 kg to have a comfortable and authentic running training. With the professional width of 51 cm you will find the perfect conditions for safe and effective training. The treadmill surface gives you the necessary grip during your sprints.With the treadmill motor of the Q.VADIS 5.0, you have a full 2.5 HP at your disposal and a speed range of 0.3 to 20 km/h. You can adjust the incline by up to 12% and adjust it quickly and easily with the +/- buttons on the console. Adapt your treadmill to your performance and become an endurance runner.
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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Endurance
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-021
FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Endurance Treadmill Endurance Running trainer for ambitious runners 2.5 hp motor (continuous power) and 22 km / h maximum speed, automatic incline adjustment up to 15%, 155 x 52 cm profile surface, many training programs, 3 pulse programs, body fat program, muscle activity program and user-friendly quick-start buttons for 6 Speeds and 6 pitch angles. Running training or marathon preparation - with the Endurance IV by FINNLO by Hammer you can really get started. Speeds of up to 22 km / h for particularly intense training sequences. This effectively burns calories, shapes your body, and builds muscles on your legs and buttocks. The FINNLO by Hammer Endurance IV is also ideal for preparing for the next race because of its professional equipment. Maximum user weight is 150kg or 24 stone body weight. Upon Ordering delivery to your address is 7 working days...
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