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Max Impact Fleck

Max Impact Fleck
Max Impact Fleck
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  • Model: Max Impact Fleck
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Max Impact Fleck

Please note, mats can only be purchased in numbers of over 5 units at a time, freight costs are not included here, please call us or email us before placing an order to receive full quote to delivery of your choice.

100cm x 100cm


This is the same as the "normal" Max Impact - just with a decorative fleck.
We stock them with a red and a white fleck but can get them made with other colours.

This is a very flexible mat for all round use and our biggest seller. Originally developed for CrossFit.

The Max Impact is a top quality mat and superior to similar product on the Irish market.

Extremely flexible so they don't need to be glued and with a thick solid top layer that makes them hard wearing and easy to clean.

Can take very heavy impact and anti-skid even when wet.

Not suitable for outdoor use!

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