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Plate Loaded Machines

Plate Loaded Machines
Plate loaded machines for strength training that increases your resistance vis olympic plates as the loading system.
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Raze Iso Lever Squat Machine
Dual use machine for both hack squat and front Squat allowing a more natural squat to be performed.Features• Design reduces back and knee strain due to curved arc of motion• Extended anti slip footplate with safety lip to prevent knee movement forward of the foot• Adjustable start height with 3 positions• Additional weight storage pegs• Low weight loading pointSpecificationsL: 1800mm x W: 1300mm x H:1800mmWeight: 180kgLead time is 60 days approx, call us to have confirmed...
Ex Tax:€2,669.00
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Raze Iso Lever Leg Press
The rotary platform mechanism allows a natural arc movement to be followed by combined hip and knee rotations through the four-point pivot linkage, which allows correct ankle position to be maintained throughout the full range of movement, reducing shear stress to the knee joint. For recommended weight discs for this product see our weight calculator on the main menu.Features• Easy access• Low weight loading point on carriage• Silent movement• Large anti-slip platform• Additional 4 weight storage pegs• Floor fixing pointsSpecificationsL: 2500mm x W: 1600mm x H:1400mmWeight: 180kgPre ordering lead time is approx 60 days, please call us for confirmed info as demand varies monthly.‹›..
Ex Tax:€3,707.00
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Raze Olympic Incline Leg Press
Extra wide footplate covered with heavy duty anti-slip pattern• Easy to reach control of start position release• Carriage disengages from stops only when weight is lifted• 4 additional weight storage pegs• Carriage stops are spring loaded reducing noise and shock to the framework and floor 560kg (1230lb) capacity• Safety stops at the base of the guide shafts prevent entrapmentSpecificationsL: 2500mm x W: 1300mm x H:1400mmLead time is 70 days approx....
Ex Tax:€3,750.00
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Raze Recumbent Leg Press
Train the legs safely & efficiently with the RAZE Lay Down Leg Press Machine. The machine carriage foam shoulder & back pads ensure the user is stabilised & supported during the movement. In addition, the large footplate allows for multiple different foot positions, this coupled with the multiple starting & safety stop positions ensures a variety of user & exercise adjustments are catered for.3 start position height options6 safety stop positions2 x weight plate storage holdersLarge footplateMachine weight 300kg3050mm x 960mm x 1600mm (LxWxH)Designed and manufactured in BritainThe RAZE Recumbent Leg Press is manufactured to order and has a 6-week lead-time..
Ex Tax:€4,100.00
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Bilateral Leg Press
 The Dual Leg Press has 3 x Seat Back adjustments from 30-40° 1.3m travel range• Independently loading solid welded carriages to eliminate flex can be locked off to create a single Footplate• 8 x Precision Linear Bearings seamlessly travel over solid Hardened/Ground shafts• Adjustable height start/stop positions Spring loaded to reduce impact to both frame and floor• Rubber failure stops prevent entrapment• Top/Bottom Band anchor pegs allow Power bands to be added• Combined Footplate area is 900mm allowing user to achieve a foot stance similar to Free weight Squats• Each Weight carriage has a capacity over 300kgSpecificationsL: 2640mm x W: 1515mm x H:1590mm..
Ex Tax:€4,875.00
Brand: Indigo Fitness Model: Raze Scrum Machine
Fantastic piece of kit for safely training correct scrum positioning and technique.Not only for rugby players – it’s great for improving strength, fitness, explosive-ness and muscle mass in the glutes and quadsFeatures• Comfortable and natural body position throughout the whole range of movement• Adjustable foot positioningPlate holders are attached on the rear of the machine to add additional weight.SpecificationsL: 1400mm x W: 1000mm x H:1400mmPre-Ordering is 60 days approx, call to have confirmed with us...
Ex Tax:€8,496.00
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