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Raze Olympic Flat Bench Press

Raze Olympic Flat Bench Press
Raze Olympic Flat Bench Press
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  • Model: Raze Olympic Flat Bench Press
  • Weight: 80.00kg
  • Dimensions: 110.00cm x 125.00cm x 144.00cm
Ex Tax: €1,019.00

Raze Olympic Flat Bench Press

2 Additional weight storage pegs
• Floor level close-in over the barbell spotting assistance
• Angled uprights and bar rests minimize bar rebound making racking easier
• Bar rests located on outside of frame to prevent damage from cast iron discs
• Main frame 100 x 50mm oval steel construction
• 250mm wide bench allows free shoulder movement, tapered at rear for spotter
• 2 position bar rests to accommodate various users
• Lowered bench height properly positions the legs with knees above the hips to reduce the risk of lower back hyperextension and strain while increasing stability and balance


L: 1100mm x W: 1250mm x H:1440mm

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