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Multi Gyms

Multi Gyms
At Pro Fitness Supplies we are the leading suppliers of Gym Equipment in Ireland that have the experience that will come in very handy when you are about to buy the ideal Multi Gym for your Gym or Home users.
Primal Strength Commercial Chin-Up Dip Frame
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: Primal Chin + Dip Frame
Primal Strength Commercial Chin-Up Dip Frame ABOUT THE PRODUCT The Primal Strength Commercial Chin-Up Dip frame offers users a wide variety of training exercises. The main exercises include: • Wide-Grip Chin Ups • Close-Grip Chin Ups • Press Ups • Vertical Bent-Knee Raise • Vertical Straight-Leg Raise • Torso Twists • Dips The heavy duty commercial grade frame has been designed to be used in all commercial fitness environments including PT studios,gyms and performance centres. The premium handles are fully rubber-enclosed with brushed steel edn-caps. The back and arm pads are made from commercial-grade foam and covered with rip-resistant material. The back pad is angled to offer maximum back suport. The Commercial Chin-Up Dip Frame should not be compared to cheaper thinner-steel power towers and is made from 11 gauge/3mm powder-coated steel and the frame is backed with a lifetime commercial warranty...
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Primal Strength Personal Training System
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-551
Primal Strength Personal Training System Dimensions 325 × 150 × 230 cm DESCRIPTION The Primal Strength Personal Training System is the complete solution for any personal training spaces. Featuring our best-selling V3 Half Rack, 1m Central Storage and Integrated 90kg Pulley system. The system allows you to save space, rack and pull up to 450kg or program a small PT session using the Rack, Pulley and Central Storage. The V3 Half Rack is constructed of 15cm box sections with 27 laser-etched numbers on each upright. It also comes with our 3 options swivel pull/chin up handles and a knurled straight pull up bar. The Pulley system has been designed to 235cm in height to fit any space smaller spaces. With an optional adjustable seat and cable arm. The Central Storage allows you to safely store kettlebells, dumbbells and slam balls giving you more valuable floor space. Backed with a lifetime frame and 1 year part and labour...
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Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite 4 Stack Multi Station
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-122
Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite 4 Stack Multi Station Commercial, Four-Stack Multi-Station Includes: Supported Low Row, Lat Pull Down, Cable Pulley, High Pulley Push Down Includes Four 100kg Stacks and Accessories for Each Station Commercial Grade Cables, Bush Bearing Pulleys and Metal Pop Pins with Metal Shroud Guards Can be Configured with Another Four Stack to Include a Full Cable Crossover Double-Stitched, Rip-Resistant, Commercial Grade Seats and Pads HEIGHT: 239cm WIDTH:345cm LENGTH:250cm PRODUCT WEIGHT:550kg MAX USER WEIGHT:150kg MATERIAL:Steel/Cast Iron Plates BRAND:Primal Strength WARRANTY:Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- One Years Parts The mainstay feature in any gym is the Four-Stack Multi-Station. The Primal Strength Stealth version has been engineered with the user ergonomics of each station as the key feature: • The low row has a full length seat pad and foot supports to ensure a comfortable and supported position during the exercise • The lat pull down station has a multi-height seat adjustment and comes with a commercial-grade bar. The bar includes: rotating swivel attachment and full length premium rubber grip with aluminium end-caps. • The cable pulley has a full rotation pulley on a laser-cut multi-hole arm support, the metal pop pin and hardened chrome arm allow for silent movement of the pulley from arm base to full height. This station can also be lined up with another four-stack to offer an eight-stack with cable crossover. • The four-stack is complete with a back-supported high-pulley, push-down station, including double-handle triceps rope. The Primal Strength Stealth Four-Stack Multi-Station is a full, commercial grade level apparatus, designed for commercial gyms, PT studios, hotels, schools and sports facilities. The matte powder-coated frame and weight stacks come with a lifetime warranty with the pads, cables and pulleys warrantied for one year...
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Primal Strength Performance Wall
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-212
Primal Strength Performance Wall The Primal Strength Performance Wall is an industry-leading, unique Performance Wall with multi-functional usage options including: dual commercial power racks, deadlift platforms, and centre storage solution. The Performance Wall has been designed for group PT Pods, boxes and Performance gyms. The Right Side Includes: Stealth V2 Half Rack with multi-Grip, swivel chin-up handles, climbing dome attachments, landmine row, premium J-hooks, 600kg-rated safety spotters (perfect for rack pulls), 2 straight chin-up bars (with multiple height settings), 30mm integrated, bamboo wood and double-layered grain rubber deadlift platform with a laser-cut steel frame. Centre Storage Includes: Dumbbell / Kettlebell Rack Wall Ball Rack Sand Bag Rack Upright Olympic Bar Holders. Left Side Includes: Stealth Power Rack with monkey bar frame (perfect for suspension training), landmine row, premium J-hooks, 600kg-rated safety spotters, 2 straight chin-up Bars (with multiple height settings), 30mm integrated bamboo wood and double-layered grain rubber deadlift platform with laser-cut steel frame. The Primal Strength Performance Wall is powder-coated in matte black and is backed with a lifetime frame warranty and a 1-year commercial parts warranty...
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Brand: Tytax Model: Tytax-T1-X-Gym
 Uses: Home Gyms, Personal Trainers Studios, Uniformed Services Units, Small Fitness Clubs!Only 140ft² need to use the machine comfortably!3 independent training stations!+200 VARIOUS exercises for every muscle part IN STANDARD!Sliding bench with regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, smith machine, leg press, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!Indestructible construction and unique military design!100% Made in European Union!..
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