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Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Functional Trainer Dual Adjustable Pulley
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-113
Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Functional Trainer Dual Adjustable Pulley One of the most impressive Dual Pulley's that we have sold and installed ourselves for so many reasons. One of our Personal Training Customers in Ranelagh in Dublin said, 'for the amount of money you are spending, the weight stack and the overall look of the machine sells more memberships for me as its a Professional Looking Machine'. When we installed another of these systems for a Home Gym in Wexford early this year, not only was the 18 year old impressed but his dad started to use the system because of the 200kg in total weight stack straight away for his sport which is strength endurance focused. He was saying he could develop stronger hamstrings, glutes and quads all in 2 different exercise supplied by this machine. The attachment handles that come with this Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Dual Trainer are heavy and feel as if you had spent double the money on the machine. Some of our other customers have said that this Primal Dual Pulley has smooth bearings, the cables feel free regarding their movement and there is a very easy way to adjust either sides of the main cable if one cable seems longer than the other after the assembly. This system can develop stronger and larger chest, shoulder, back, arms, legs and abdominal muscles within an hour workout. If you want to be more specific you can spend one hour on so many varying angles and exercises too, all you need is an adjustable bench that can be supplied with this system and some detailed know how and you are all set. Any Commercial system like this version should be quiet high and this Primal Dual Pulley certainly is high however its ideal for small Personal Training Facilities as well as your Full Commercial Gym. Two 100kg Weight Stacks in 5kg Increments Full Range of Commercial, Hardened-Chrome Accessories with Training Chart Premium, Full Length, Rubber Grip Chin-Up Bar with Support Step Metal Shrouds, Metal Pop Pins, Commercial Grade Cables and Bush Bearing Pulley Wheels HEIGHT: 235cm WIDTH:145cm LENGTH:85cm PRODUCT WEIGHT:390kg MAX USER WEIGHT:150kg User/2x 100kg Stacks MATERIAL:Steel BRAND:Primal Strength WARRANTY:Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- One Years Parts..
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