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Power Racks

Power Racks
Power Racks are the best and one of the first products that we would suggest you buy with an adjustable bench for any gym set up. Power Racks allow for so much progress and are the safe way to start your program and strength and fitness regime now. We also stock a range of commercial power racks for gyms, hotels, etc.
Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite Sissy Squat
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PF-012
The Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite Sissy Squat is the ultimate piece of equipment to finish ‘leg day’ and ensure you have isolated the quads and glutes. The Stealth Sissy Squat has been designed to remove the difficulty of performing a sissy squat and ensure correct technique is used when performing the exercise by keeping the lower leg vertical while performing a full squat. The oversized pads ensure users get comfortable support whilst training. The small footprint of the Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite Sissy Squat makes it a great addition to any commercial gym, sports facility or PT studio. It has a commercial grade platform and is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. Use full Info.......... Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade Sissy Squat Adjustable Leg Support with Quick Release Pop Pin Oversized Commercial Foam Pads with Rip-Resistant Covers Metal Non-Slip Footplate and Metal End Caps Lifetime Frame Warranty Specifications.......... HEIGHT: 49cm WIDTH:63cm LENGTH:101cm MAX USER WEIGHT:150kg MATERIAL: Steel BRAND: Primal Strength WARRANTY: Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- One Years Parts..
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Primal Strength Commercial Stumpy Rack with Westside Spacing Black
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-162
Primal Strength Commercial Stumpy Rack with Westside Spacing Black ABOUT THE PRODUCT The Primal Strength Commercial Stumpy Rack is designed for facilities with lower ceilings that still want a high-spec commercial power rack and delivers for any Gym Equipment requirement here in Ireland. European made and just 212cm high the "Stumpy" rack is perfect for squatting, rack pulls, chins and powerband work. The rack comes with a chin-up frame, 3 powerband pegs at the top and bottom of the rack, premium flat J-hooks and heavy duty saftey spotters. We recommend the rack is bolted to the floor. Made from 80mm box steel, that is 3mm thick, the rack really is one of the heaviest-duty racks on the market. To complete the rack we have used Westside spacing to ensure athletes can set the J-Hooks and safeties at the perfect height. The Primal Strength Commercial Stumpy rack comes with a lifetime frame warranty...
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Primal Strength Alpha Primary Fitness Ultra 10.0 Folding Power Rack & Smith
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-123
Primal Strength Alpha Primary Fitness Ultra 10.0 Folding Power Rack & Smith All-in-One Versatile Folding Power Rack and Smith Machine Includes: Cable Lat Pull-Down, Low Cable Row, Multi-Handle Dip Frame Includes: Multi-Grip Chin-Up Frame, Core Trainer Foot Support, Landmine/Row Attachment Includes: Sandwich J-Hooks, Safety Spotter Bars, Olympic Bar & Disc Storage Pins Lifetime Domestic Frame Warranty with 300kg Maximum Capacity Primal Strength have designed a completely unique, home and light-commercial folding Power Rack and Smith Machine. The Alpha Primary Fitness Ultra 10.0 Rack offers unlimited training options yet folds to one metre in depth when not in use. The rack goes from folded to a full Power Rack in under 30 seconds thanks to the simple pivot design and is extremely heavy duty with a thoroughly tested, maximum load capacity of 300kg. When designing the Ultra 10.0 unit we engineered a full Power Rack and Smith Machine that would not only fit in smaller personal training studios but also fit in a garage or room at home without taking up the full space of the garage or room when not in use. The Ultra 10.0 Rack offers ten unique stations: 1. Power Rack with laser-cut, multi holes to support both the included; J-Hooks and Spotter Bars 2. Smith Machine with laser-cut, multi-hole support frame 3. Cabled Lat Pull down with Olympic Disc Holders and Padded Leg Support Frame 4. Low Cable Row Pulley with Olympic Disc Holders 5. Foam-Padded Core Trainer Foot Supports 6. Multi-Grip Chin Handles with a Wide-Range of Grip Options: vertical and horizontal wide-grip chin-up handles, vertical and horizontal close-grip chin-up handles and mid-range angled-grip chin-up handles 7. Multi-Grip Dip Rubber and Aluminium handle attachments 8. Landmine/T-Bar Row Olympic Bar Attachment 9. Storage for Alpha Primary Fitness FID Bench 10. Storage for Olympic Bar & Six Olympic Disc Storage Pins With the Ultra 10.0 rack you can comfortably perform over 50 different exercises including heavy duty compound lifts and all Smith-supported exercises. The domestic lifetime frame warranty ensures you will never need another Power Rack or Smith Machine. The Ultra 10.0 Rack is designed to be used with any of the Primal Strength Olympic bars and Olympic discs. The Alpha Primary Adjustable FID Bench has been designed to fit seamlessly in the rack when in use and can also be stored safely, upright with the rack when it is folded...
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Primal Strength Personal Training System
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: PFS-PS-551
Primal Strength Personal Training System Dimensions 325 × 150 × 230 cm DESCRIPTION The Primal Strength Personal Training System is the complete solution for any personal training spaces. Featuring our best-selling V3 Half Rack, 1m Central Storage and Integrated 90kg Pulley system. The system allows you to save space, rack and pull up to 450kg or program a small PT session using the Rack, Pulley and Central Storage. The V3 Half Rack is constructed of 15cm box sections with 27 laser-etched numbers on each upright. It also comes with our 3 options swivel pull/chin up handles and a knurled straight pull up bar. The Pulley system has been designed to 235cm in height to fit any space smaller spaces. With an optional adjustable seat and cable arm. The Central Storage allows you to safely store kettlebells, dumbbells and slam balls giving you more valuable floor space. Backed with a lifetime frame and 1 year part and labour...
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