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Machine Attachments

Machine Attachments
For the full range of cable attachments for dual pulley systems, cable cross overs, single pulley, lat pull low row and more, you are in the correct section of our website.
Pro Tricep and Curl Bar Attachment
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Model: PFS-PH-056
This bar revolves and will give less pressure on the wrists in all cable movements for biscep and triceps...
Ex Tax:€17.88
20" Revolving Straight Bar
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Model: PFS-PH-053
After many generations of improvement, we now introduce our innovative cable attachments with rubber contoured handgrips. This contemporary feature is based on human anatomy and physiology. Maximize the control of the bar and obtain the highest results during your workout. The 20" Deluxe Cable Bar w/ Rubber Ergo Grips is designed for seated rows, upright rows and tricep pressdown all in one with contoured handgrips. Weight: 5.5 lbs Dimensions: 20"L..
Ex Tax:€18.00
Tricep Rope Standard
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Model: PFS-PH-050
Product Features Heavy duty Long lasting Tough rope Rubber handles Easy to use The benefit of a tricep rope when performing lifts is that the flexibility of the rope allows for a freer range of motion than most other cable machine attachments. While an athlete performs a lift, the central placement of the metal bracket causes the rope to bend in half. As the athlete pulls the rope toward his or her body, the arms will tend to separate so that the rope begins to straighten slightly. This shift in the angle results in a more constant resistance and allows the athlete to work the muscles at multiple angles during a single lift. An athlete can best realize this benefit when performing exercises that require the athlete to pull weight toward his or her body, which is why the tricep rope is most common when performing triceps exercises. Some of the exercises that employ this attachment are the rope tricep press, rope push downs, cable rope overhead extensions, sit down rows and cable rope extensions. It also is possible to use the tricep rope for other types of exercises, such as arms curls, but this is less common...
Ex Tax:€18.69
24" Pro Style Lat Bar
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Model: PFS-PH-054
With a forged swivel and specially-designed tapered handles for better grip and feel, our 24” Deluxe Pro Style Lat Bar exercises the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. Using a perpendicular range of motion, this bar is perfectly angled to give a deeper stretch for better development...
Ex Tax:€27.63
48" Revolving Lat Bar
In Stock
Model: PFS-PH-052
Cable Attachment: A machined bar made for performing exercises on a cable lat pulldown or low row/pully exercise machine. For example a tricep pushdown bar or lat pulldown bar. Newer bars now come with ergo handle grips and rubber gripping for a more comfortable workout. If you have any kind of cable machine you will need one of our attachments to along with it. Take a look at the new ergo and rubber grip bars...
Ex Tax:€30.89
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