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Treadmill Lubrication Bottle 50ml
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Model: PFS-TL-001
Treadmill Lubrication Bottle 50ml Prolong the life expectancy of your treadmill by using this silicon application kit on your running deck. Treadmills are generally pretty low maintenance, however all treadmill running decks need to be lubricated over time. To apply the treadmill lubrication please follow the simple instructions in the treadmill owners manual or call us for assistance. **Please note all our treadmills will come with a complimentary bottle of 50ml silicon lubrication but we recommend you purchase additional lubrication for future usage...
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Model: Battle Rope Traditional
Battle RopesThis Black traditional battle rope is of high quality and ideal for gym or sports club training. These are a perfect form for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) combining quick bursts of exercise with shorter periods of rest. Battle ropes are also known as battling ropes or heavy ropes. Perform battle ropes by grabbing both handles of a heavy-duty training rope that's been secured to an anchor point...
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: Artic
HEARTRATE MEASUREMENT BY CONTACT IN THE HANDGRIPS. Contact pulse measurementXXL SADDLE Comfortable and adaptable to any user.MANUAL RESISTANCE Manual adjust up to 8 resistance levels.OPEN FRAME Easy access to the machine for everyone..
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: BH Fitness SB2.2
Features / Additional information FRICTION BRAKE + EMERGENCY STOPIt allows a highly intensive training while maintaining your safety.TRIATHLON HANDLEBARIt provides a highly aerodynamic pose, perfect for your training sessions. 20KG FLYWHEEL Inertia flywheel of 20kg, for the most challenging trainings.SADDLEAnatomical saddle adjustable horizontally and vertically Use frequency: RegularMaximum user weight: 105kgFlywheel: 20KgBraking system: FrictionTransmission: Poly-V beltHandlebar: TriathlonWeight: 43KgLength: 104cmWidth: 52cmHeight: 119cm..
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Thunder Zip Treadmill
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Model: Thunder Zip Treadmill
If you need a TREADMILL that folds and your limited on space, have a look at this Home Treadmill that will allow you to walk or jog daily that will give you an answer for fitness increase or weight loss.Open up to new training possibilities with the brand THUNDER®️! ZIP  electric treadmill  by  THUNDER®️ ZIP device parameters: Speed: 1 km / h –  14 km / h Motor power: 2HP  (constant) / 3HP (maximum) Running area (belt):  43 cm x 121 cm  (width x length) Cushioning:  stabilizing and leveling feet Machine weight: 42 kg Maximum user weight:  130 kg Intended use: for home use Additional Features:  Bluetooth Pulse measurement  –  touch sensors LED screen  Device cooperation with dedicated applications:FitShowZwiftKinomap  Automatic belt lubrication USB / AUX input Loudspeaker  Magnetic safety key Transport wheels – easy to fold and carry  12 training programs Changing the speed in the handles or from the main panel  certificates: CE, RoHSThe set includes oil for the maintenance of the running belt!..
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Model: Hype
Get a Home Treadmill for your house and you will get motivated after a week of training. If treadmills for sale in ireland are where you are looking, you have found a very attractive range today. Call us for advice as we have been in the industry for over 20 years.HYPE device parameters: Speed: 1 km / h –  17 km / h Motor power: 2HP  (constant) / 3.5HP (maximum) Running area (belt):  45 cm x 122 cm  (width x length) Cushioning:  Magnetic shock absorption Machine weight: 48 kg Maximum user weight: 100  kg Intended use: for home use Additional Features:  Bluetooth Pulse measurement  –  touch sensors  Device cooperation with dedicated applications:FitShow  Automatic belt lubrication USB / AUX input Loudspeaker Ability to connect headphones  Magnetic safety key LCD screen Transport wheels – easy to fold and carry  12 training programs Changing the speed in the handles or from the main panel  certificates: CE, RoHSWeight - 48kgDimentions - 157 x 75 x 117cmAn investment in SPORT is an investment in your HEALTH✅ Training on the treadmill  will strengthen  your muscles,  improve  the overall efficiency of the body,  burn  unnecessary fat and allow you to get a  perfect figure  without leaving the house.✅ Thanks to it you will save time ⌚️ and the money you lose to enter clubs or the gym.➡️ No fees for a gym pass➡️No travel costs to the gym➡️ More free time for what you like➡️Low power consumption➡️Thousands of calories burned✅ The latest treadmill model from 2022  is equipped with a  modern, energy-saving motor, supported by advanced components . It consumes even  less electricity  than previous versions, so you can enjoy home training  without worrying  about electricity bills..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Exum lll
The EXUM from FINNLO has everything you need in an ergometer! The comfortable gel saddle guarantees comfort even for long endurance training and can be adjusted to fit your body as can the handle bars. This provides optimal ergonomics and ensures hours of enjoyable training at home. The high-quality workmanship and precision ball bearings deliver smooth running and a pleasant ride. The heart and soul of the EXUM ergometer is its training computer with a straightforward blue backlit display that provides all the information you need: Training parameters such as distance, time, speed, cadence, calorie burn are available at a glance. Heart rate can be conveniently measured using the included earclip or the integrated chest strap receiver. Heart rate can also be viewed as a percentage, which is practical, since many training specs for cardio equipment are expressed as percentages. With 12 different hill and flat trails and 4 heart rate programs, training on the EXUM is never boring. Intensity can be adjusted up to 400 Watts. Resistance control complies with DIN EN 957, making it extremely precise. There's nothing standing in the way of healthy cardio training with endless challenges and motivation. SKU 3157 Brand FINNLO by HAMMER Color silver/black Weight 39 kg Performance 25 - 400 Watt Watt controlled yes Flywheel mass 8 kg Drive system Belt driven Braking system Induction Resistance adjustment Computer controlleduter controlled Load spectrum 40 Steps Load control RPM independent Fitness programmes 12 Training programmes 18 Computer LCD-Display Permanent display 8 User 4+1 Pulse Earpulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts yes Heart rate controlled programmes 4 Upper pulse limit adjustable Upper pulse limit adjustable Max. body weight 150 kg Build up size (L x W x H) 102 x 55 x 125 cm Integrated transportation rollers yes Power supply 230V, 50Hz Class Class HA (DIN EN 957 – 1/9 compliant) Delivery time 3-5 working days Usage Warranty Warranty on the main frame Private use 36 months 10 years..
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: BH Fitness SB2.7X
BH SB2.7X Indoor Cycle Bike - The most realistic indoor cycling without leaving home. The dimensions are similar to those of a road bike, producing a more realistic exercise experience. Poly V Belt drive system Ensures a very smooth and quiet pedaling, maintenance-free.Max. user weight: 115Kg / 16.5 StoneWeight: 45KgDimensions: 104cm x 52cm x 119cmFlywheel: 22KgINERTIA FLYWHEEL OF 22KGInertia flywheel of 2kg, for professional workout session.LCD MONITORLCD monitor to keep track of your training sessions.POLY-V BELTEnsures a smooth and quiet performance, requiring a very low maintenance.MICRO ADJUSTMENTSFind the best position on your bike to prevent injuriesTRIATHLON HANDLEBARIt provides a highly aerodynamic pose, perfect for your training sessions...
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: Bodytone DT16 Treadmill
With built-in REACT® technology, the deck reduces joint stress by cushioning the impact of each stride. The unique orthopaedic running belt is made from dense, grippy material for total comfort and stability while running. The BODYTONE DT16 treadmill has a motor of approx. 2.5 horsepower, an extra large running surface, and an LCD screen.Warranty: 2 Years Parts + Labour• Powerful motor with approx. horsepower 2.5 HP DC• Max. speed approx. 16 km/h and 15 electronic control settings• Running surface: 130 x 45 cm• 12 training programs• BODYTONE AUTOLUBRICATE BELT®. Anti-static belt that prevents small disruptive electric shocks to the body and is self-lubricated to avoid irreparable damage to the motor.• REACT® cushioning technology: adapts to any stride• Assembled dimensions: 172 x 72 x 124 cm• Folded dimensions: 119 x 72 x 124 cm• Max. box weight (gross): 68kg• Maximum hours of use: 20h / week• Maximum user weight: 120kg• MP3 connection and integrated high-definition speakers• Compatible with the HK-Treadmill app (available for Android & iOS)• Super equipped minimalist LCD screen.• Built-in heart rate sensors• Bottle holder• Transport wheels for moving easily around your home• Front levelling wheels for easy adjustment of the machine to the ground..
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Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT
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Brand: Hammer Model: XT6 BT
Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT HAMMER Cardio XT6 BT Ergometer Warranty 3 Years Parts, 2 Years Labour. Are you looking for a comfortable, stable, low-entry ergometer for effortless riding? Would you like a clear and self-explanatory computer operation to start immediately? Then the HAMMER Cardio XT6 is the ideal ergometer for you. With the HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can improve your condition, reduce your weight and really get your cardiovascular system going! You have the choice between manual or automatic resistance adjustment, as well as automatic fitness programs. An 8kg flywheel and an electronic magnetic brake system ensure a sensationally smooth runout. The resistance is adjustable from 10 to 350 watts, so even ambitious athletes can improve their performance. Handlebar and saddle can be adjusted variably, so that your ergometer can be ideally adjusted to any body size and you can train particularly gently on your back. And after training, you can easily move your XT6 around the room thanks to the integrated premium transport wheels. Quality assurance: 100k quality Tested for extra long life You can be sure that you will enjoy your Cardio XT6 for a very long time, because the technology of your ergometer passed a successful endurance test of over 100,000 revolutions. The technical parts such as electronics and ball bearings are of high industrial quality and designed for intensive and long use. Minimal resistance from 10 watts! The full range from 10 to 350 watts With the ergometer HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can train with a minimum resistance of 10 watts! This is especially ideal for older people, for easy mobilization after sports injuries or to start training slowly. Fitness test included! Perfect for motivating and increasing training After your training, you measure your pulse. The faster your pulse drops, the fitter you are. This is shown on the computer of your Cardio XT6 with a fitness grade of 1 to 6. A good grade inspires you even more, motivates and makes you even better at your next training session. Clear display Via LCD monitor or your smartphone / tablet With the multimedia console of the Cardio XT6, you can view your training data on a clear LCD display (display of: mountain and valley profiles, speed, time, distance covered, number of calories burned, pulse, body fat, BMI and fitness test) or via Control your smartphone / tablet. Simple computer operation - everything at a glance The display of the Cardio XT6 ergometer shows all important training data at a glance and razor-sharp. The computer menu is self-explanatory and extremely easy to use for all age groups thanks to the "push button". Finally, there is no need to read complicated instructions and you can start your training immediately. Do you need variety in training? The multimedia entertainment with Bluetooth technology will convince you With your Cardio XT6 you have all possibilities of a varied multimedia entertainment. Bluetooth te..
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HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HR-006
HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR Ergonomic exercising which is easy on the joints and is the perfect Fitness Equipment Machine for many reasons. Health-oriented cardiovascular training including watt control compliant with DIN EN 957-1/5 standard. The Comfort XTR by HAMMER is a premium recumbent ergometer offering particular superior characteristics. The clearly arranged and easy to operate multifunctional training computer offers plenty of exercise options as well as heart rate controlled endurance training. The resistance can be set variably between 35 and 260 watt compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard. All functions can be controlled via the large and clearly arranged LCD-Display: distance, time, speed, cadence, calories, watt, and heart rate. The HAMMER Ergometer Comfort XTR – Cardio workout that is easy on the joints The comfortable seat of the recumbent bike Comfort XTR by HAMMER means you can exercise effectively in your home as well. The recumbent bike holds your total body weight allowing the workout to be easy on the spine and the joints. The dynamic movement of your legs ensures high energy consumption that will effectively reduce fat and weight. At the same time you strengthen the muscle tissue of the legs and buttock area. Intensive endurance training with the Comfort XTR and the following can be achieved: Improvement of fitness and endurance Strengthening the cardiovascular system Build and define muscles Effective reduction of fat and weight Strengthening leg and buttock muscles Drive train and supplementary equipment The drive train of the 8kg flywheel is powered by a maintenance-free belt drive. The resistance is generated by permanent magnet, which is equipped with a premium ball-bearing that secures smooth and quite running. The Comfort XTR seat can be adjusted in 10 different positions for an ergonomic and comfortable workout Overview of key product details: Recumbent Ergometer compliant with class HA and compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard Resistance in watt, 35-260 watt, independent of rotational speed Resistance range: 16 levels Belt drive system and premium ball bearings for smooth run Permanent magnet controlling resistance for especially smooth movement Training computer is clearly arranged and easy to use LCD-Display Polar-compatible heart rate receiver for chest strap (optional) Upper pulse limit adjustable Heart rate monitoring via grip sensors Approx. 8kg flywheel mass Back rest with lumbar support Adjustable seat with 10 positions Gear ratio 1:8 Built-in transport rollers for easy moving Colour: black/white Build up size (LxWxH): 138 x 62 x 120 cm Maximum rider weight capacity: approx. 130 kg Additional Information Label HAMMER Colour black/white Weight 62 Kg Build up size (L x W x H) 138 x 62 x 120 cm Features / Additional Equipment Adjustable seat with 10 positions 35-260 watt 16 levels Back rest with lumbar support Belt drive system transpo..
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Where is your plan? Leave that with us if your looking for a very affordable treadmill for your start in 2022. This treadmill has a nice sized running belt with a manual incline system so if your are interested in increasing your personal power output then you have no excuse.TS-6068 model specificationsDevice specificationsSpeed: 0.8 km / h – 16 km / hManual adjustment of the angle change of the treadmill: 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%Motor power: 2HP (constant) / 5HP (maximum)wide non-slip walking belt: 46 cm x 126 cmCushioning: 6 elastomers,2 spring pointsMachine weight: 78 kgMaximum user weight 140 kgPurpose: for home useAdditional FeaturesPulse measurement – touch sensorsUSB / AUX input LoudspeakerPossibility to connect headphonesMagnetic safety keyPossibility to raise the treadmill to vertical: yes (telescopic gas cylinder)Touch screen LCD –  FUNCTION KEYSTransport wheels12 training programsPlace for a water bottle and telephonecertificates: CE, RoHSSpeed change in the handles or from the main panel!The set includes oil for the maintenance of the running belt!..
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