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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000
8 - 14 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: E3000
This crosstriner for sale is nicely similar to the Commercial Crosstrainers you will find in a gym in relation to the action and feel. Some call these Elliptical Cross Trainer whichever you want or prefer to call these, one you get going over the first week you will possibly get hooked fast as the action is great. FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000 Premium elliptical trainer with 50-cm stride length and diverse, motivating fitness programmes. This cardio fitness equipment will put pep in your step with cardiovascular training that‘s easy on your joints and perfect for toning your body. The ELLYPSIS E3000 from FINNLO is the best fitness solution when planning a practical start to exercise and want to integrate more movement in your everyday routine. You‘ll get fit quickly without harming joints. The holistic movement on the FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000 simultaneously activates multiple muscles in the upper and lower body, enabling you to burn more calories in comparison to other exercise equipment. You can achieve the following fitness goals with the FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000: Increased fitness levels and a well-conditioned cardiovascular system Stronger immune system and improved general well-being Reducing body fat thanks to increased metabolism Tighten skin and tone legs – especially the buttocks and calves Simultaneously train multiple muscles in your legs and upper body, thus increasing the amount of calories burned Optimised metabolism and increased fat burning capacity Balanced training for ambitious and cross-country runners Joint-friendly way to start training for beginner runners and hobby athletes Optimal training following injuries General well-being thanks to the reduction of stress hormones A professional stride length of 50 cm and especially flat movement ensures joint-friendly and very effective fitness training. The intensity can be adjusted to 15 levels via the premium computer. A total of seven fitness and pulse- controlled programmes provide varied cardio training with new training challenges every day. Craftsmanship, quiet operation and comfort all meet the high FINNLO standard. The FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000 elliptical trainer – your perfect at-home fitness partner. Product details: Training computer displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse Premium blue backlight display Pulse rate measured via hand pulse sensors or the optional chest strap Integrated pulse receptor for chest strap Five intensity profiles Two pulse-controlled training programmes Training goals can be set Maximum and minimum pulse can be set Percent of max. pulse rate is displayed Two different user profiles can be programmed Non-slip treads for optimal stride position Stable, solid construction Adjustable feet balance out uneven floors Precision ball bearings Integrated transport rollers for easy moving 16 kg flywheel mass Drive system: grooved belt Energy ratio: 1:9 RPM-independent intensit..
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Schwinn AC Sport White
8 - 14 Days
Model: Schwinn AC Sport White
Schwinn AC Sport With the first production bike designed specifically for indoor cycling, Schwinn® set the standard for an industry. With the AC™ Sport, we’ve taken it to a whole new level . Riders experience enhanced comfort with adjustable seat slides and handlebars, and durable stretch pads. A product of input from hundreds of users, cycling instructors and fitness buyers, this innovative bike belongs in a class by itself – but your riders will definitely want it in theirs. Length: 50 in (127 cm) Width: 20 in (51 cm) Height: 50 in (127 cm) User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg) Product Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg) Carbon Blue™ durable toothed drive train provides an Authentic Cycling experience • Magnetic Resistance Brake for zero drive train maintenance • Optional 4iiii® crank arm powermeter delivers accurate strain gauge power feedback to help riders train harder and smarter. • Optional Echelon2 Console provides immediate feedback to help riders train with results • Morse Taper pedals for increased durability and reliability • Schwinn® Fit System enables versatile seat and handlebar adjustments for refined positioning • Frame Finish – E-Coated & Powder Coated Steel • Recommended User Height: 4’11” to 6’8″. Carbon Blue™ For nearly 20 years, Schwinn chain drive bikes have led the indoor cycling industry. Even as other companies began to use belt drives, we stayed true to our technology for one simple reason: belt drives felt nothing like riding an outdoor bike. Today, all of that is changing. There is a revolutionary new belt drive taking the outdoor bike community by storm, and we’ve adapted it and brought it indoors on the AC Performance. This next generation system delivers guaranteed durability and virtually zero maintenance, without sacrificing the Schwinn authentic cycling feel that riders know and love. All Schwinn AC™ indoor bikes come standard with Double Link pedals with SPD and toe-clip combinations to accommodate both cycling cleats and regular athletic shoes. The bikes are also compatible with the Schwinn Triple Link™ pedal upgrade. Triple Link Pedals accommodate Look Delta and SPD style cleats to simulate an outdoor riding experience. They also easily convert to accept traditional athletic shoes with the snap-in locking toe clips...
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Finnlo by Hammer Aquon Waterflow Rowing Machine
In Stock
Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FF-065
Finnlo by Hammer Aquon Waterflow Rowing Machine Private use 36 + 12 months ten years Semi-professed. use 12 + 12 months 5 years AUTHENTIC ROWING EXPERIENCE IN YOUR OWN FOUR WALLS The FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflow premium rowing machine combines effective full-body training with innovative hydropower technology and impresses with its elegant steel frame construction with design wood application. The high-quality water drum made of sturdy polycarbonate with patented 4-way adjustable resistance technology ensures the particularly authentic rowing experience. PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018 The FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machine Aquon Waterflow won the world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle - the Plus X Award - in 3 categories: quality design functionality The international and independent jury of experts also named the FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machine Aquon Waterflow Product of the Year 2018. HIGH QUALITY POLYCARBONATE WATER DRUM With 4-way adjustable resistance The water drum made of sturdy polycarbonate, with which a water resistance is generated, is the absolute highlight of the FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflows. The unique and natural feeling of hydropower is particularly pleasurable and will motivate you to work out your workout in a long and concentrated manner. The 4-way adjustable water resistance system allows precise adjustment of the individual fitness level. The knob on the water tank makes it possible, depending on the individual training level of each individual, to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND STYLISH DESIGN for absolute premium quality The FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflow offers intelligently designed ergonomics for a back-friendly and back-strengthening workout. The perfect device ergonomics with specially shaped ergo handles ensure a comfortable and correct rudder position and minimizes strain on the wrist and forearm - so avoid kinked wrists, which are one of the typical sources of error when rowing! For smooth running and excellent rudder dynamics, this stylish premium fitness machine features a frictionless roller system. High-quality precision ball bearings ensure absolute quiet running. WATER FLOW COMPUTER TRAINING for full performance control With the tilting training computer you have maximum control over your performance! The full overview of your rowing training is guaranteed by the calorie consumption per hour, your total training time, the time you need 500 meters on average, your heart rate (via chest measurement) and your distance covered. In addition, you can make a watt and SPM measurement with the training computer. With the Waterflow training computer, you have the perfect performance control and thus the best conditions to achieve your athletic goals. brand FINNLO by HAMMER colour black mass 42 kg watt-controlled No drive system capstan braking system water resistance resistance adjustment ..
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Raze Renegade Air Bike
In Stock
Model: Raze Renagade
Raze Renegade Air Bike BUILD TO WITHSTAND EVERYTHING THAT’S THROWN AT IT, THE RENEGADE IS ONE TOUGH COMPETITOR AND IS FULLY KITTED OUT WITH INDUSTRY LEADING GEAR. Industrial grade, endless Poly-V drive belt offering faultless load transfer and increased life span. Double sealed bearing set in the central hub of the 56cm diameter super steel air fan for effortless rotation. Multi-direction sealed cartridge bearings in the push and pull arms for long-lasting durability 3mm main frame structure for superior strength 2-year limited warranty. THE RENEGADE’S PERFORMANCE MONITOR PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE VIEW OF YOUR WORKOUT DATA: Large LCD screen displays all workout data in easy to read format. Stay motivated with 8 workout modes, including 10/20 and 20/10 intervals, target settings and heart rate control. Easy one-touch mode selector. Power output is shown in watts, giving you an accurate measurement to track your progress and improve your performance...
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Concept 2 Dynamic Indoor Rower
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Brand: Concept2 Model: Dynamic Erg
Concept 2 Dynamic Indoor Rower CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK -Please Call For More Info.. The Concept 2 Dynamic Indoor Rower is designed to meet specific training needs of the competitive rowing athlete. The difference between this machine and the Model D or E is that as you row, your feet do most of the moving rather than the seat. The seat is also free to move, but due to the physics of rowing, the seat movement is minimal. The Dynamic Indoor Rower by Concept 2 is one of the most impressive pieces of Fitness Equipment available in Ireland. Features Here are some things to consider when comparing the Dynamic Indoor Rower to a Model D or E. The Dynamic Indoor Rower offers: * A closer simulation of the dynamics of rowing a boat on the water. * A training and coaching tool that is more sport-specific than the Model D or E. * Similar feel to rowing on Slides but built as one compact unit. * A smaller footprint (76 in/193 cm) than either a Model D (96 in/244 cm) or a Model D on Slides (132 in/335 cm). Reasons why the Model D or E might be a good choice for you: * The Dynamic Indoor Rower is a more complex machine with more moving parts. * The Dynamic Indoor Rower must be level to function properly. Leveling feet are a standard feature. * The Dynamic Indoor Rower cannot be separated into two parts for storage, but caster wheels (standard) make it mobile. * For purposes of general fitness, all models are equally effective. Product Specifications Dimensions Length 76 in (193 cm) Width 24.25 in (61.5 cm) Height 33 in (84.5 cm) Seat Height about 21 in (53.3 cm) Scroll to top PM3 on this Model.....
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: Super Khronos Crosstrainer TFT
When you are ready to buy a crosstrainer in ireland that will give you a total body workout have a good look at this machine for real results at an impressive price.Features / Additional informationEnjoy a Light Commercial crosstrainer designed to withstand the most intense cardio sessions.Elliptical trainer that guarantees high performance in intense and continuous workouts.Minimum Distance between pedals gives it a more natural movementLong Stride: Has the longest stride of its range 51cm. Exercise in a more natural and comfortable way without sacrificingintensity in your workouts. With a 7″ touchscreen and an easy and intuitive software with wi-fi connection, you will be able to enjoy completeworkouts and multimedia content in your fitness machine.Use Frequency: IntensiveSteady Watt ( SRV) 50-280 WattsBottle HolderTransport Wheels12 x preset programs24 x Intensity Levels 4 x Customizable Profiles (uprg)Specs Super Khronos TFT G2487TFTUse frequency IntensiveMaximum user weight 150KgResistance system MagneticStride (length) 51cmDistance between pedals (width) 11cmMonitor M10TFTSteady Watt (SRV) NoContact pulse measurement system YesBottle holder YesTransport wheels 7” TFTLength 210cmWidth 64cmHeight 170cmWeight 74KgInertial system Rotating mass:35 kg ProgramsPreset programs (Prg) 12Intensity levels 24Random program (RP) NoCustomizable profiles (uprg) YesFitness test (FT) YesHeart rate control program (HRC) 4Recovery Program (RT) NoBody Fat test (BF) No MonitorScreen 7” TFT touchscreenMonitor with HIIT by BH training scheme NoUniversal holder for Smartphones and/or tablets YesTelemetric heartrate YesBluetooth heartrate No..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Watereffect 3D Rowing Machine
Perfect variety: 4 rowing variants: sports rowing with boom arms rowing classic, back training intensive and kayaking. The more varied the muscle response through the different handles, the more effective your workout will be.Patented rower weights: perfect accessory with great effect. Endurance training and muscle building in one workout. The additional weights on the rowing handle create a significantly more intense workout.Your mega shape waits: V-shape, back-resistant and heart-healthy. Hammer WaterEffect 3D delivers a particularly realistic rowing feeling. The combination of water rowing machine with boom arms creates a perfect simulation of rowing in the wild.Professional equipment: high-quality tread plates with only 4 cm hip-friendly ergonomic distance and a 105 cm long aluminum rail also offer people with a height of 2 ma rowing experience with full range of motion and max. gliding experience.HIIT WORKOUTS: Thanks to the use of the different rowing handles, a particularly effective HIIT (high intensive interval training) with different intervals (different resistance or impact frequencies) is possible.Warranty - 5 Years Frame + 2 Years PartsTrain 6 different rowing styles in different grip positions -Unlike conventional rowing machines, you can use 6 different rowing styles with different grip positions when training with this rowing machine.The 3D extension arms ensure realistic water resistance and a flexible use of the cardio weights for a feeling of movement like on the water. Here you train strength, endurance and coordination at the same time with just one piece of equipment.Modern training fun with innovative technology -The device can be used with apps such as Kinomap for unlimited rowing fun. Use the camera function of your smartphone or tablet and row with your avatar along the most beautiful routes with the original route sound. This allows you to create a live route experience with realistic driving speeds in real time.For a real competitive feeling, you can compete against the computer in race mode and choose your favorite from 15 race modes.150kg Max User Weight..
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Precor Experience 776i Stepper Remanufactured
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Brand: Precor Model: 1516
Self-powered with a superior feel Without power cords, you can place it anywhere on the floor. The 776i uses the same 6-phase generator as the elliptical line, so the smooth feel and quietness enhance the user experience. Display featuring Tap Control™ Tactile paddles control Step Rate, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts. Biofeedback center featuring SmartRate® Shows calories and actual heart rate in relation to exerciser's target zone for weight loss and cardio training. Standard CSAFE interface Makes the 776i climber compatible with other electronic fitness systems, such as Fitlinxx® and Cardio Theater®. 14 programs for workout variety Features a wide selection of engaging programs to keep exercise routines fresh and motivating. Monitor your workout Easy-to-use touch heart rate sensors monitor heart rate during workouts. Ergonomically designed cardio workout U-shaped handrails encourage good posture and proper technique, while the large footplates allow for varied foot positions and added comfort. Innovative design Enhances any facility and compliments all i-series products. Dependable drive system Featuring a single step-up pulley drive with fewer parts to encourage dependable performance. Since it uses a belt, it doesn't collect dust like a chain drive and it doesn't stretch like a cable drive. Self-powered with superior feel Because it uses a self-powered generator resistance system, speed control is optimized to provide a smooth climbing experience. Sturdy and safe Built with a low center of gravity to provide a steady, secure feeling even during the most vigorous workouts...
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Model: Schwinn SC7 Spin Bike
Schwinn's whisper quiet Smooth Cycling series allows riders to channel their attention to any experience that a studio is striving to achieve. The SC 7 is combines user-focused features, best-in-class biomechanics and a high degree of adjustability to deliver the optimal bike fit for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. To maintain uncompromising quality ride after ride, the Studio 7 features a patent-pending bottom bracket that exceeds industry standards, rust-defying materials and rock solid construction. We've selected components that are low maintenance and offer uncompromising quality ride after ride. Our patented, durable and threadless Morse Taper design keeps the pedals fastened tightly to the bike and prevents breakage. With a Q factor of 162 mm, and smooth belt drive, our drivetrain provides a comfortable ride that users will love.W: 21 IN (53 CM)L: 44.5 IN (113 CM)H: 46 IN (117 CM)MAX PRODUCT LENGTH: 55 IN (140 CM)MAX USER WEIGHT: 350 LBS (159 KG)PRODUCT WEIGHT: 120 LBS (54 KG)SHIPPING WEIGHT: 135 LBS (62 KG)FeaturesHeavy Perimeter-Weighted Flywheel and quiet Poly-V belt Drive Train provide an Smooth Cycling experienceDirect Pressure Brake ResistanceOptional 4iiii® crank arm power meter delivers accurate strain gauge power feedback to help riders train harder and smarterFrame Finish “ Powder Coated AluminumSeat slider and handlebar materials “ AluminumIconic aluminum frame design offers lower overall weight and superior rust resistanceHandlebars and seat settings provide vertical and fore/aft user adjustment for optimal bike fitDual oversized easy access water bottle holders integrated into the handlebar designPatent-pending Morse Taper bottom bracket and pedal system for increased strength and reliabilitySuperior biomechanics with a bottom bracket Q factor of 162 mmDurable 6-Groove Poly-V belt for an exceptionally smooth rideCustom dual-sided SPD® pedals featuring a larger pedal body and both SPD and toe cage designNon-rusting urethane/over-molded leveling feet for easy leveling adjustmentAccommodates riders 4² 10³ (147 cm) to 6² 10³ (208cm), and up to 350 lbs (159 kg)Compatible with Star Trac ComputerMax User Weight 350 lb(159 kg)User Height Range 4'11 to 6'8 (150 cm to 203 cm)Warranty: 10 year warranty on structural frame not including coatings, all other components and accessories** purchased with a bike order are warranted for 2 years parts and 2 years labour. 10 year warranty on belts...
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Lifefitness 95Si Stepper Remanufactured
In Stock
Model: PFS-SF-010
Stairclimbers complete the family of cardio products and add even more depth to your offering. The technology and ergonomic design of these virtually maintenance-free, self-powered, independent-motion stairclimbers will give your facility a leg up on the competition. Specifications Dimensions (L x W x H) 50" x 32" x 64.5" Unit Weight 75 kg Maximum User Weight 160 kg Special Features SMOOTH STEPPING EXCERCISE The IsoTrack climbing system with mono-roller, belt driven design ensures a smooth, low impact excercise experience. HEART RATE MONITORING Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically correct handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring. SELF-POWERED CONVENIENCE You can place your stairclimber anywhere in your facility and not have to worry about wires...
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Brand: Bh Fitness Model: F9R TFT G6520TFT
Is your time right now to buy a home treadmill? We sell treadmills near you and in county wexford and the south east of ireland. Have a look at the impressive specs on this machine and let us know if you wish to ask questions feel free to call us this week.Features / Additional information– Extra wide structure: The design allows for more belt width and thus more comfort in use– Touch&Fun Technology: Increase the fun during workouts with connectivity and special features: internet, TV, videos, etc.– Custom software: Enjoy a fully customized software, with the possibility of adaptingthe best training programs through the TFT touch screen– Foldable: Folds and stores easilyTechnical specifications:– Use frequency: Intensive- Maximum user weight: 150 Kg– Power (peak/continuous): 4,0 CV/2,25 CV– Speed: 1-22 Km/h– Maximum electrical inclination: 0-12– ECO mode: Yes– Instant speed keys: Yes– Instant inclination keys: Yes– Running surface (L x W): 155 x 55 cm– Cushioning: 6 elastomers Run+– Contact heart rate measuring: Yes– Fan: Yes– Soft Drop System (SDS): Yes- Transport wheels. Yes– Length: 200 cm– Width: 94 cm– Height 149 cm– Weight: 110 Kg– Foldable: YesProgrammes:– Predefined programs (Prg): 36– Random program (RP): No– Customizable profiles (uprg): Yes– Fitness test (FT): Yes– Heart Rate Control Program (HRC): Yes– Recovery programme (RT): No– Body Fat test (BF): NoMonitor:– Screen: TFT Touchscreen 9′– Universal holder for Smartphones and/or tablets: Yes– Telemetric pulse: Yes ..
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Precor C846i Upright Experience Series Remanufactured
Precor C846i Upright Experience Series RemanufacturedProduct may be subject to availability/price. Please call/email before placing order.The 846i upright cycle is ergonomically designed for comfort and posture for a wide range of body types. Built for heavy commercial use with a heavy-duty steel frame and 3-piece steel crank. Dimensions (L x W x H) 50" x 24" x 60" Weight 59 kg Power Requirements Self-Powered Total Programs 12..
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