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Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym
FINNLO’s BIO FORCE EXTREME revolutionizes strength-training machine! Instead of conventional weight stacks, BIO FORCE EXTREME uses special TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology). Nitrogen-filled cylinders generate smooth and even resistance without making noise.This manually operated disc-locking mechanism lets you adjust resistance up to 125 kg in steps of 2.5 kg without having to get up from the multi-gym with the accessories included. Because resistance can be adjusted separately for each side (up to 60 kg), it's perfect for helping you build symmetrical muscles if you're stronger on one side.The Multi-Gym available to buy in Ireland is completed by an ergonomically designed seat that can be adjusted vertically for the perfect fit. The seat can also be easily removed from the gym for advanced exercises.With its ingenious cable pull system and numerous adjustable pulling positions, the BIO FORCE EXTREME multi-gym lets you do over 100 different exercises for effectively training your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Using detailed descriptions and photos, the included manual guides you step-by-step in doing each exercise.The BIO FORCE EXTREME can be smartly upgraded with the optional BIO FORCE ACCESSORY SET. An additional handle set, leg straps and a triceps rope add even more variety and ensure professional-grade strength training.No weights and no noise! BIO FORCE EXTREME is the perfect Multi-Gym Machine for home use that simply does more than the competition - a true multi-talent! The BIO FORCE EXTREME weighs only 78 kg and can be easily moved on its transport rollers...
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Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym
8 - 14 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Bioforce
Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym No weights, no noise, loads of exercises - the perfect multi gym machine for the home. FINNLO’s Bio Force revolutionizes strength-training! Instead of conventional weight stacks, Bio Force uses special TNT resistance technology. Two nitrogen-filled cylinders on the back of the multi gym generate up to 100 kg (2 x 50 kg) of smooth and even resistance without making noise. With its ingenious cable pull system and numerous adjustable pulling positions, the Bio Force multi gym lets you do over 100 different exercises. The four shoulder-level anchorage points per side enable four different training widths for chest and arm exercises so you can target the right muscles. Two foot straps are included for loads of lower extremities exercises, making it easy for you to train your adductors, abductors, hamstrings and calf muscles. The seat can be easily removed for standing or kneeling exercises. Using detailed instructions and photos, the included manual guides you through each exercise. The Bio Force weighs only 66 kg and can be easily moved on its transport rollers, making it perfect for your home. Product details: Revolutionary TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) Over 100 exercises possible Provides up to 100 kg of resistance (2 x 50 kg), adjustable in 2.5 kg steps Noiseless, even resistance Disc-locking mechanism lets you easily adjust resistance without having to get up Weight can be adjusted independently for each side (2.5 – 50 kg) to help you build symmetry 4 shoulder-level cable anchorage points per side for targeted upper body workouts Two foot straps included for loads of lower extremities exercises Illustrated exercise manual included Total weight only 66 kg Transport rollers for easy moving Footprint: 134 x 165 x 208cm Space required: 165 x 165 x 208cm Colour: anthracite Description Expert Info Technical Details Accessories Warranty & Delivery Training examples Review Additional Information Label FINNLO by HAMMER Features / Additional Equipment Revolutionary TNT-resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) for smooth and noiseless training All movement processes without the usual weight block Easy resistance adjustment due to the push-lock-mechanism without getting off the machine Bilateral different weight adjustments: 100kg (2 x 50kg) enable compensation of muscle weaknesses Total weight of the Multi-gym only 67 kg Transportation rollers for easy movement of the machine More than 100 different training possibilities Incl. manual with exercises and pictures Vertically adjustable and removable seat Weight block No weight block needed because of the innovative TNT-resistance-system Max. resistance 100 kg (adjustable in 2,5 kg-steps) Bench press Yes Butterfly Yes Biceps curl Yes Triceps Yes Rowing Yes Reversed leg raises Yes Leg curl Yes Abdominal Yes Back pull Yes Neck press Yes Lat pull Yes Sidewise tensile Yes Leg press No T..
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Finnlo by Hammer Aquon Waterflow Rowing Machine
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FF-065
Finnlo by Hammer Aquon Waterflow Rowing Machine Private use 36 + 12 months ten years Semi-professed. use 12 + 12 months 5 years AUTHENTIC ROWING EXPERIENCE IN YOUR OWN FOUR WALLS The FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflow premium rowing machine combines effective full-body training with innovative hydropower technology and impresses with its elegant steel frame construction with design wood application. The high-quality water drum made of sturdy polycarbonate with patented 4-way adjustable resistance technology ensures the particularly authentic rowing experience. PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018 The FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machine Aquon Waterflow won the world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle - the Plus X Award - in 3 categories: quality design functionality The international and independent jury of experts also named the FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machine Aquon Waterflow Product of the Year 2018. HIGH QUALITY POLYCARBONATE WATER DRUM With 4-way adjustable resistance The water drum made of sturdy polycarbonate, with which a water resistance is generated, is the absolute highlight of the FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflows. The unique and natural feeling of hydropower is particularly pleasurable and will motivate you to work out your workout in a long and concentrated manner. The 4-way adjustable water resistance system allows precise adjustment of the individual fitness level. The knob on the water tank makes it possible, depending on the individual training level of each individual, to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND STYLISH DESIGN for absolute premium quality The FINNLO by HAMMER Aquon Waterflow offers intelligently designed ergonomics for a back-friendly and back-strengthening workout. The perfect device ergonomics with specially shaped ergo handles ensure a comfortable and correct rudder position and minimizes strain on the wrist and forearm - so avoid kinked wrists, which are one of the typical sources of error when rowing! For smooth running and excellent rudder dynamics, this stylish premium fitness machine features a frictionless roller system. High-quality precision ball bearings ensure absolute quiet running. WATER FLOW COMPUTER TRAINING for full performance control With the tilting training computer you have maximum control over your performance! The full overview of your rowing training is guaranteed by the calorie consumption per hour, your total training time, the time you need 500 meters on average, your heart rate (via chest measurement) and your distance covered. In addition, you can make a watt and SPM measurement with the training computer. With the Waterflow training computer, you have the perfect performance control and thus the best conditions to achieve your athletic goals. brand FINNLO by HAMMER colour black mass 42 kg watt-controlled No drive system capstan braking system water resistance resistance adjustment ..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000
8 - 14 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: E3000
This crosstriner for sale is nicely similar to the Commercial Crosstrainers you will find in a gym in relation to the action and feel. Some call these Elliptical Cross Trainer whichever you want or prefer to call these, one you get going over the first week you will possibly get hooked fast as the action is great. FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000 Premium elliptical trainer with 50-cm stride length and diverse, motivating fitness programmes. This cardio fitness equipment will put pep in your step with cardiovascular training that‘s easy on your joints and perfect for toning your body. The ELLYPSIS E3000 from FINNLO is the best fitness solution when planning a practical start to exercise and want to integrate more movement in your everyday routine. You‘ll get fit quickly without harming joints. The holistic movement on the FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000 simultaneously activates multiple muscles in the upper and lower body, enabling you to burn more calories in comparison to other exercise equipment. You can achieve the following fitness goals with the FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000: Increased fitness levels and a well-conditioned cardiovascular system Stronger immune system and improved general well-being Reducing body fat thanks to increased metabolism Tighten skin and tone legs – especially the buttocks and calves Simultaneously train multiple muscles in your legs and upper body, thus increasing the amount of calories burned Optimised metabolism and increased fat burning capacity Balanced training for ambitious and cross-country runners Joint-friendly way to start training for beginner runners and hobby athletes Optimal training following injuries General well-being thanks to the reduction of stress hormones A professional stride length of 50 cm and especially flat movement ensures joint-friendly and very effective fitness training. The intensity can be adjusted to 15 levels via the premium computer. A total of seven fitness and pulse- controlled programmes provide varied cardio training with new training challenges every day. Craftsmanship, quiet operation and comfort all meet the high FINNLO standard. The FINNLO ELLYPSIS E3000 elliptical trainer – your perfect at-home fitness partner. Product details: Training computer displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse Premium blue backlight display Pulse rate measured via hand pulse sensors or the optional chest strap Integrated pulse receptor for chest strap Five intensity profiles Two pulse-controlled training programmes Training goals can be set Maximum and minimum pulse can be set Percent of max. pulse rate is displayed Two different user profiles can be programmed Non-slip treads for optimal stride position Stable, solid construction Adjustable feet balance out uneven floors Precision ball bearings Integrated transport rollers for easy moving 16 kg flywheel mass Drive system: grooved belt Energy ratio: 1:9 RPM-independent intensit..
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Finnlo by Hammer Elliptical Trainer Crossflow
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Crossflow Elliptical
Finnlo by Hammer Crossflow Elliptical Trainer FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer Crossflow Innovative design meets the highest possible premium quality! Health-oriented cardiovascular training, endurance training to improve condition and high-intensity power training to turn off everyday stress are just some of the reasons to start training on the FINNLO Crossflow as soon as possible. Also for a weight and fat reduction as well as firming the training on the Crossflow is excellent. A joint-gentle and flowing movement guide ensures an efficient and pleasant workout. A computer-controlled, modern training system with 18 programs and 16 performance levels helps to achieve your personal goals and ensures that you can motivate your individual training every time anew. Innovative technology for a healthy and joint-gentle training The FINNLO Crossflow is a true premium device that places maximum value on comfort and health. A smooth movement, paired with ergonomically shaped treads and palms, a double rail guide, an advanced electronic magnetic brake system and a 14 kg flywheel, allow a joint-gentle training at the highest level. Advanced training computer with health character Beginners as well as advanced users use numerous programs and performance levels in the Crossflow and enjoy a varied and always demanding training. The basis for this is a modern training computer in conjunction with elegant hand pulse sensors and a built-in chest strap receiver. The 18 training programs show the diversity with which the FINNLO Crossflow can convince. The 4 heart programs provide a health-oriented cardiovascular training in which you stay fit and vital. design The FINNLO Crossflow embodies a modern and elegant style. Thanks to round accents, the Crossflow presents itself with its high-quality and tasteful character in the highest premium quality. Conclusion A good fitness machine offers more than a comfortable workout. It is sturdy, highly effective and modern in design. A brand-name device such as FINNLO's Crossflow keeps its loyalty to the user for many years and convinces with high-quality components and impeccable workmanship. So training from home brings lasting fun! brand FINNLO by HAMMER colour black mass 70 kg watt-controlled Yes Inertia 14 kg drive system grooved belt braking system Permanent magnetic brake system resistance adjustment Automatic resistance adjustment Load spectrum 16 steps load regulation Speed ​​Independent Number of fitness programs 12 Number of training programs 18 Type of display LCD display permanent display 1 + 5 Number of users 4 pulse type chest strap Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes Pulse-controlled training programs 4 Pulse upper limit / lower limit adjustable Pulse upper limit adjustable Max. Permissible body weight 150 kg Installation dimension (L x W x H) 147 x 64 x 173 cm stride 43 cm Footboard distance 9 cm Integrated transport wheels Yes..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR
8 - 14 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: FINNLO by HAMMER E-Glide SR
FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR Additional Information Label Finnlo by HAMMER Colour black Weight 95 kg Build up size 175 x 60 x 168 cm Features / Additional Equipment Speed transmission system for double disc rotation Hand brake to immediately stop the machine Precision ball bearing Computer-controlled resistance adjustment Front-driven elliptical machine 2 hand heart rate sensors Ergonomic handlebars (1fixed and 2 movable handlebars for more variety) Specially designed treads to maintain stability Dual belt drive system Product compatible with Yes Drive system Double belt drive Braking system Permanent magnet Resistance adjustment Computer controlled Load spectrum 20 Steps Load control RPM dependent Fitness programmes 8 Flywheel mass 20 kg Gear transmission ratio 1:8 Footplate distance 6 cm Schrittlänge 50 cm Freewheel No Computer LCD-Display Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse Permanent display 8 User 1 Training programmes 7 Pulse Handpulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes Heart rate controlled programmes 2 Integrated transportation rollers Yes Power supply 230V, 50Hz Max. body weight 150 kg Delivery time 6-8 workdays Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time) FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR Premium workouts with the FINNLO E-Glide SR The FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine offers you varied cardio workouts with the best possible comfort. The dynamic workout on the elliptical machine works your entire body and increases the number of calories you burn in a natural way, which also increases effectiveness. From the calves to the shoulders, all of your large muscle groups are included in the workout and strengthened. You can achieve the following effects with long-term workouts on the E-Glide SR: Improved cardiovascular system Reduction in body weight and fat reserves Tightening of the legs and buttocks Optimal body toning Increase in endurance FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine– Product specifications Hi-tech workout computer with many programs You can centrally control all of the workout functions using the modern workout computer integrated into the E-Glide SR. But you can also vary the intensity directly on the handles. Choose a suitable workout session from the 5 strain profiles with mountain and valley variations and 2 heart rate-controlled programs. There are 20 levels at which the resistance can be set. You can measure your heart rate via the sensors in the handles or chest strap included in the delivery. Use your heart rate measurement for a targeted workout with an upper heart rate limit to get even more out of your workout. A practical muscle activity program also shows you the muscl..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR
1-7 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: VARON XTR
FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR The VARON XTR from FINNLO has everything that an excellent ergometer needs: a precise, versatile training computer, a modern design and, most importantly, comfort. Comfort is provided by the high-quality induction braking system and the precision ball bearing, which ensures an especially even, jerk-free and smooth rotation. Workout intensity can be precisely set between 25 and 400 Watts, compliant with the DIN EN 957 standard. Several variants also offer heart rate-controlled workout programs. Personal training parameters, such as individual maximum and minimum heart rates, can also be adjusted. In this case, heart rate is displayed as a percentage of maximum, which is ideal for those training with specific guidelines. The ergometer allows you to switch up your routine by offering 12 resistance profiles and 4 heart rate-controlled programs (55%, 75%, 95% and customizable). Heart rate is conveniently measured via the ear clip (included) or the integrated heart rate receiver for the chest strap (optional). All workout parameters are clearly presented on the high-quality blue backlight display. At the end of the workout, all training parameters plus averages are displayed. The recovery heart rate is also measured and a fitness grade computed. Personal progress is immediately visible to provide additional motivation. The VARON XTR also offers perfect workout ergonomics. The intelligently thought-out construction makes mounting the ergometer easier and facilitates an upright workout position that is easy on your back. The comfortable gel saddle and handlebars are adjustable. Product no. 3191 FINNLO Varon XTR Ergometer Finnlo Varon XTR Health-oriented cardiovascular training with Watt-control per DIN EN 957 – 1/5 standard and comfortable, deep mount. The FINNLO Varon XTR is a premium-class ergometer that allows you to bring your endurance and cardiovascular in top shape. The varied computer programmes on the Varon XTR motivate you to do regular fitness workouts and prevent boredom. Dynamic step movement accelerates your cardiovascular system, enabling you to burn fat and calories. In this way, you'll promote your health and also do target training for a slim, defined body. Effective ergometer training with the Varon XTR can lead to the following results: Improved endurance Reduce body weight and fat Strengthen legs and butt muscles Tone your body Tighter skin Get fit and slim with a FINNLO ergometer The ergometer has been one of the most popular and utilised home trainers for decades. Endurance training is variable and pleasant with an ergometer. You can always improve your performance regardless of time or bad weather and even the seasons. Because the saddle carries most of your body weight, ergometer training is especially easy on your joints. That's why it is used so frequently in fitness studios and medical facilities to reduce weight ..
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1-7 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: Exum lll
The EXUM from FINNLO has everything you need in an ergometer! The comfortable gel saddle guarantees comfort even for long endurance training and can be adjusted to fit your body as can the handle bars. This provides optimal ergonomics and ensures hours of enjoyable training at home. The high-quality workmanship and precision ball bearings deliver smooth running and a pleasant ride. The heart and soul of the EXUM ergometer is its training computer with a straightforward blue backlit display that provides all the information you need: Training parameters such as distance, time, speed, cadence, calorie burn are available at a glance. Heart rate can be conveniently measured using the included earclip or the integrated chest strap receiver. Heart rate can also be viewed as a percentage, which is practical, since many training specs for cardio equipment are expressed as percentages. With 12 different hill and flat trails and 4 heart rate programs, training on the EXUM is never boring. Intensity can be adjusted up to 400 Watts. Resistance control complies with DIN EN 957, making it extremely precise. There's nothing standing in the way of healthy cardio training with endless challenges and motivation. SKU 3157 Brand FINNLO by HAMMER Color silver/black Weight 39 kg Performance 25 - 400 Watt Watt controlled yes Flywheel mass 8 kg Drive system Belt driven Braking system Induction Resistance adjustment Computer controlleduter controlled Load spectrum 40 Steps Load control RPM independent Fitness programmes 12 Training programmes 18 Computer LCD-Display Permanent display 8 User 4+1 Pulse Earpulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts yes Heart rate controlled programmes 4 Upper pulse limit adjustable Upper pulse limit adjustable Max. body weight 150 kg Build up size (L x W x H) 102 x 55 x 125 cm Integrated transportation rollers yes Power supply 230V, 50Hz Class Class HA (DIN EN 957 – 1/9 compliant) Delivery time 3-5 working days Usage Warranty Warranty on the main frame Private use 36 months 10 years..
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Finnlo by Hammer Exum Xtr
1-7 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: Exum XTR BT
If it's good, things are still going better! Under this motto, the manufacturer Hammer enriches the test winner Hammer Finnlo Erogmeter Exum III with new technologies and features. Now you will also receive the new optimized Hammer Finnlo Ergometer Exum XTR in our online shop. Compared to its predecessor, the Exum XTR convinces with a comprehensively structured training console and training programs for every training goal. So beginners no longer need to worry about their workout plans. The Hammer Finnlo Ergometer Exum XTR has a speed-dial button for every training goal. Manufacturer hammer Ean 4005251315800 mpn 3158 delivery option carrier Status availability Delivery time: 4-5 working days computer Show LCD display with backlight training data Distance Time Speed ​​Calorie consumption Revolutions per minute Pulse display Watt indicator user memory 4 + guest controls Keys on the training computer multimedia Tablet and smartphone holder programs programs 15 Program's profile Number of exercise profiles: 8 Pulse-controlled exercise programs: 3 pulse chest strap Optional accessories Technical specifications braking system Induction brake with 41 braking stages Inertia 8th Power Bandwidth 20-400 watts in 5 watt increments load regulation speed independent, speed dependent drive belts grooved belt handlebars default pedals Self-righting belt pedals saddle Standard saddle footprint L: 102 cm | W: 55 cm | H: 125 cm Max. user weight 150 kg power supply 230 V mains connection DIN EN class HA (ergometer home sports) application Home Sports filing Smartphone holderWhisper-quiet drive systemThe Exum XTR BT is equipped with a particularly friction-free belt drive. In this way, the pedal force is transferred directly to the flywheel without any loss of performance. The FINNLO induction braking system in combination with a HiTech belt drive ensures whisper-quiet movement. Perfect for use in rented apartments and during the night's rest...
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Finnlo by Hammer Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT
1-7 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Speedbike CRT
This Finnlo by Hammer Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT is the perfect partner for powerful dynamic endurance training at home. The stable frame and the 25 kg flywheel ensure maximum training comfort and maximum running stability for fitness training in Ireland. The load is infinitely adjustable via a rotary knob. The large, clear computer with LCD display provides information about all training-related data such as pulse, frequency and distance. The Finnlo CRT has an integrated pulse receiver for chest straps. The values ​​are displayed graphically via a bar graph. In addition, up to 20 training units are stored and can be called up again and again for evaluation. The SPD-Click system allows advanced players to train with professional cycling shoes. The dual system is also suitable for normal training shoes. The SPEEDBIKE CRT is driven by a noise-free and maintenance-free belt to create the resistance rugged felt pads. The comfortable Selle Royal saddle and the handlebars are adjustable several times - and this is extremely easy and fast thanks to quick-fixing. Precision ball bearings, practical transport rollers and drinking bottle round off the equipment of the SPEEDBIKES. Characteristics brand Finnlo by HAMMER Colour black red mass 63 kg Installation dimension (L x W x H) 132 x 51 x 120 cm Special features / additional equipment SPD pedals (click system for racing shoes) Water bottle holder incl. Drinking bottle Vertical / horizontal and tilt adjustable saddle Vertical adjustable handlebar Precision ball bearing Storage and evaluation of the last 20 training units Storage of the entire training values ​​Pulse zones represented by bar graphs Large clear display drive system belt braking system Felt brake shoes resistance adjustment Manually Load spectrum Stepless manual load regulation Speed ​​Dependent Inertia Approx. 25 kg ratio 1: 3 freewheel Fixed barrel Type of display LCD display computer display Distance / Time / Speed ​​/ Cadence permanent display 5 Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes Pulso upper limit / lower limit adjustable Pulse lower limit and pulse upper limit Seat / Seat Selle Royal Integrated transport rollers Yes power supply batteries Max. Permissible body weight 150 kg delivery time 6-8 business days delivery information Delivery to the curb (Please leave your phone number when ordering) so that we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 6800
Hot In Stock
Brand: Finnlo Model: Autark 6800
FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 6800 FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 6800 Multi-functional studio training station for professional fitness and weight training at home. With integrated leg curl and extension function, separate butterfly unit and high-quality leg press. The roller system swivels 160 degrees and adjusts vertically for efficient muscle training. You can finally train all of your body's important muscle groups at home just like in a professional fitness studio with the new Autark 6800 multi gym from FINNLO. As an added bonus, the multi gym includes a separate, multiple-position butterfly unit. This gives the user ample range of motion for row exercises and bench presses. Swivelling grips are also attached, providing perfect motion. A special feature of the multi gym is a premium leg press module that strengthens the leg muscles. The efficiency of exercising with the leg press is very similar to squats – however it puts less strain on the back while at the same time strengthening the buttock muscles and calves. The multi gym includes a weight block of 100 kg, consisting of 20 5 kg weight discs. This multi gym enables even advanced weight lifters to perfectly train and define muscles on the entire body. It tones women's problem areas and helps men build attractive muscles. You can achieve the following goals with the FINNLO Autark 6800: Men: Broad, muscular V-shape Strong, defined shoulders Muscular arms Six-pack and defined abs Women: Strengthens the back Tones shoulders Tones/defines arms Tones/defines legs Important product information: Resistance system via weight discs (100 kg, 20 5-kg discs) Maximum resistance of 110 kg Professional leg curl / leg extension function with quick adjustment Leg press with extra-large and solid metal step plate and ergonomic adjustable back rest Side roller system is vertically adjustable and swivels 160 degrees Comfortable seat adjusts to several vertical positions Cable rollers with ball bearings for smooth and easy training Separate butterfly unit and additional bench press unit Professional studio accessories: wide, cushioned latissimus bar, tricep cable and premium hand grips Exercises: butterfly, bench press, lat pulls, leg curls, rows, tricep press, crunches Dimensions: (LxWxH) cm: 193x215x223 Space required: (LxWxH) cm: 235x350x223 Maximum body weight: 120 kg Colour: anthracite/black Additional Information Features / Additional Equipment Bilateral training options thanks to the side cable tower. Side roller system is vertically adjustable and swivels 160 degrees for maximum exercise variation. leg press included Resistance system via weight discs (100 kg, 20 5-kg discs) Steel frame Cable rollers with ball bearings for smooth and easy training Separate butterfly unit adjusts in several ways Weight block 100 kg (20 Platten à 5 kg) Max. resistance 110 kg Upgradable with additional weights No Bench press Yes Butterfly Yes Biceps cu..
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FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer
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Brand: Finnlo Model: PFS-FO-016
FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer FINNLO’S TRICON is sure to give you a sculpted back and glutes, while alleviating intermediate posture-related back pains. The padded support can be raised and lowered to 12 different positions to ensure an ergonomic work-out and prevent a hunched back. Support handles help you mount the trainer and perform your work-out. The TRICON back trainer also folds down for easy storage. Additional Information Label FINNLO by HAMMER Weight 16 kg Colour black/silver Max. body weight 130 kg Build up size (L x W x H) 112 x 51 x 92 cm Foldable Yes Folding dimension (L x W x H) 41 x 55 x 136 cm Delivery time 5-7 workdays ..
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