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Finnlo Autark Functional Trainer 10.0

Finnlo Autark Functional Trainer 10.0
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  • Model: AUtark 10.0
  • Weight: 413.00kg
  • Dimensions: 117.00cm x 260.00cm x 220.00cm
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Finnlo Autark Functional Trainer 10.0

Finnlo Autark Functional Trainer 10.0 

Ultimate functional training like in the gym

The Autark 10.0 by FINNLO by HAMMER is the ultimate power station to set different stimuli for all muscle groups of your body and to build up muscles effectively and fast. As a functional training for free cable training, the Autark 10.0 inspires with its extensive equipment and the features that have been thought through to the smallest detail. The different cable pull elements and the extensive accessories allow an incredible variety of strength exercises. With the two independent cable towers you can always redesign your strength training and vary exercises or perform them in a more targeted way, e.g. by unilateral training. The Autark 10.0 is the high quality gym for professional strength training at home.

Professional Bodybuilding

The Autark 10.0 Functional Trainer combines classic free weight training with innovative cable traction systems in its perfect design. With the different traction, storage and grip possibilities of the power station you bring a lot of variety into your strength and muscle building training. Whether full body training, training in 2, 3 or 4-person splits - with this multi press you can professionally implement your individual training plans and always adapt them to your special needs. You can adjust the weight blocks with additional weights exactly to your strength level and thus increase your strength. You like to integrate super sets into your training? The Autark 10.0 is also perfectly suitable for this, because quick adjustment possibilities and one-hand mechanics allow you to change between exercises quickly and easily.

The suitable weight bench is included

You can load the adjustable and compact weight bench with up to 300 kg. The backrest is flexible and can be adjusted for your exercises (degree of adjustment: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°, -15°). With the handles and transport wheels, the power bench can be correctly positioned or moved aside in seconds. The comfortable seat and back cushions give you the necessary support and comfort during the workout. With the dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 59 x 120 cm (erected) or 40 cm lying, the power bench is compactly designed.

High-quality and stable construction

The Autark 10.0 stands for a high-quality and perfect workmanship of all materials and modules. You can rely on the stable basic construction even during intensive pull-ups and dips. The high load capacity of up to 150 kg is also suitable for higher body weight categories. The Autark 10 is an imposing eye-catcher in your home or fitness room. A complete home gym with which you will not lack anything you want to achieve in terms of muscle building.


  • dimensions (l x w x h): 117 x 260 x 220 cm
  • bench press: yes
  • abdominals: yes
  • leg curl: yes
  • leg curler: yes
  • Leg press: No
  • Leg extension: yes
  • Biceps: yes
  • Butterfly: yes
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 413 kg
  • weight block: 2 x 80 kg
  • barbell bar: yes
  • lat pull: yes
  • max. body height: 210 cm
  • max. resistance: 100 kg
  • max. weight to be lifted: 150 kg
  • max. body weight: 150 kg
  • multiple adjustable barbell rack: yes
  • multiple adjustable backrest: yes
  • minimum ceiling height: 245 cm
  • can be upgraded with additional weights: yes
  • neck press: yes
  • rowing: yes
  • back pull: yes
  • lateral pull module: yes
  • bars and weights included: yes
  • training in pairs: yes
  • triceps: yes
  • additional weights incl.: No

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