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Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Elliptical Trainer EL8000
8 - 14 Days
Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Maximum EL8000
Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Elliptical Trainer EL8000 FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER elliptical trainer EL8000 The Elliptical Trainer by Finnlo is an ergometer is the perfect solution for Home Training or for Personal Training Gyms, Garda Stations, Military facilities or Small to Medium Sports Training Facilities where club teams train. The training intensity can be set precisely from 25-200 watts and your pulse can be monitored. This Elliptical Trainer is not only very sturdy but is caters for a maximum use 150kg. The 14 kg flywheel and precision ball bearings guarantee a smooth movement that will encourage frequent use. The heart of the elliptical trainer is a high-quality training computer with a large LED display and practical smartphone / tablet holder. All the info on the console is easy to read and all programs can be selected directly with a keystroke. Whether fatburn or interval training - with its 10 programs, the elliptical trainer ensures variety during cardio training at home. A fitness test can also be completed on the device. An integrated generator supplies training computer, fan and the electromagnetic brake with the required energy. Thus, regardless of a power source trained anywhere and the energy generated can be used meaningfully. item number 3570 brand FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER colour black red mass 122 kg power 25-200 watts watt-controlled Yes flywheel 14 kg drive system grooved belt braking system Current braking system resistance adjustment computer controlled Load spectrum 40 steps load regulation Speed ​​Independent Number of fitness programs 6 Number of training programs 10 Type of display Large LED display with 24x10 dot matrix permanent display 2 Number of users 1 pulse type hand pulse Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes Pulse-controlled training programs 1 Pulse upper limit / lower limit adjustable Yes Max. Permissible body weight 150 kg Installation dimension (L x W x H) 195 x 63 x 175 cm stride 55 cm Footboard distance 12 cm Integrated transport wheels Yes power supply Power supply via integrated generator class Class HA (according to DIN EN 957 - 1/5) delivery time 3-5 workdays delivery information Delivery to curbside (Please leave your phone number when ordering, so we can arrange a suitable delivery date for you)..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo TR8000
The treadmill by FINNLO MAXMIMUM is the pinnacle of home workout machines. A strong, high-endurance 4-bhp motor (continuous output) runs the treadmill up to 22 km/h, and the incline can be set up to 15%. Practical quick keys on the training computer make the incline and speed settings easy to access and change.The tread area is 153 x 56 cm, which is enough space for runners of all sizes. It consists of a blend of two materials, which reduces the impact force and ensures maximum comfort. Perfect for ambitious cardio athletes, who would like to do intensive workouts at home whatever the weather./h stepsTransportation rollersYesIncline0-15% (in 1% steps, motorised)Performance4.0 hp (continuous power) / 10.0 hp (maximum power)Power supply230V, 50HzDIN NormDIN EN ISO 20957 -1/6ClassSBWEEE-Reg.-Nr.Notes according to the Electro Law..
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Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Upright Bike UB 8000
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Maximum Upright Bike UB8000
Finnlo Maximum by Hammer Upright Bike UB 8000 Finnlo by Hammer have a very attractive looking Semi Commercial range of Cardio Gym Equipment that covers a broad section of the market that delivers solutions for today's users. FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER Ergometer UB 8000 3571 FINNLO MAXIMUM ERGOMETER The ERGOMETER by FINNLO MAXIMUM is a professional ergometer up to 200 watts. Robust and durable, he withstands frequent training sessions. Precision ball bearings guarantee a harmonious concentricity and a high-quality induction brake system qualified for the HA class. The intensity of the load can be adjusted precisely to 25-200 watts according to DIN EN 957 standard and pulse-controlled training is also possible. The pulse measurement is conveniently carried out via the hand pulse sensors or via the integrated Polar-compatible pulse receiver for chest straps (optional). All training facts are clearly presented on the large LED display with 24x10 dot matrix. The 10 training programs can be selected directly by key and provide variety. Before the start of the training a fitness test can be carried out on the ergometer. Personal progress is immediately recognized and motivated. The smartphone and tablet holder on the training computer provides perfect multimedia entertainment during workouts. An integrated generator provides training computer, fan and electromagnetic brake with the required energy. This way, you can train anywhere and save the resources of the earth, regardless of a power source. The comfortable seat can be adjusted 12 times in height and also horizontally and thus adapts to any body size. The handlebar offers many stopping options and provides training comfort. If you have a fixed fitness goal in mind and would like to achieve this as fast as possible, you can have an individual training plan created on This is perfectly matched to the respective athlete, his fitness goal and his cardio equipment and created according to the latest knowledge of exercise science...
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Aquon
Resistance adjustment directly on the sports gripAluminum slide rail for body heights over 2 metersProfessional seat height of 50 cm23 programs including a motivating race programProfessional step plate distance of only 9 cmFINNLO Aquon Pro PlusResistance adjustment on the rowing handle for comfortable and quick change of resistanceProfessional step plate distance of only 9 cmProfessional seat height of approx. 50 cmWith an extra long drawstring of 215 cm and an aluminum rail length of 135 cm, it is suitable for body sizes from 1.50 to over 2 meters12 fitness programs for varied training from beginner to power training4 pulse programs for even more efficient and controlled rowing training5 race tracks (competition programs against the computer), one of which can be programmed individuallyTraining computer with black backlight displayThe continuously inclinable training computer has a black backlight and a blue digital display. The power setting is computer-controlled between 30 and 300 watts. Training display of: time, distance, time per 500m, intensity, strokes/min, total strokes, program, heart rate, calories. 12 fitness and 4 race tracks, 2 interval programs, 4 heart rate programs and much moreExplore the world from home: virtual rowing with KinomapYou will experience a completely new rowing experience with the live route videos from Kinomap. You can rev up your virtual avatar and turn your workout into a motivating, interactive event. With the fitness app Kinomap (with camera function) you have different and exciting rowing tours available that will inspire you. Train all over the world and immerse yourself in the virtual training world of Kinomap with every row. In order to be able to enjoy Kinomap perfectly, we recommend loading the app directly onto your tablet and using the tablet holder (item no. 6816) available in the HAMMER web shop...
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo
Authentic rowing feeling - train with water resistance at homeStable steel frame construction and high-quality construction, can be loaded up to 150 kgGentle, guided and realistic rowing movementPractically! Can be set up to save spaceThe space-saving highlight of your FINNLO Aquon Water Glide comes after the end of the training session!Other innovative detailsWith the compact dimensions of just 2.12 mx 0.52 m, the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide is particularly space-saving, but is still ideal for people up to 2.0 m tall. Thanks to the two high-quality transport rollers on the front frame construction, the rowing machine can be easily rolled away after each training session by lifting it at the end of the frame and tilted into the vertical position in a matter of seconds. It fits so perfectly in every corner of your room. Thanks to the 4-point support, the FINNLO Aquon Water Glide is stable and secure during rowing training. The training computer is independent of a power source and runs on batteries, so you are not dependent on sockets or additional extension cords. From now on, row towards your new dream figure from home!..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Aquon Water Glide Rower
Authentic rowing feeling - train with water resistance at homeStable steel frame construction and high-quality construction, can be loaded up to 150 kgGentle, guided and realistic rowing movementPractically! Can be set up to save spaceUse the power of water for your full body workout!Aquon Water Glide rowing machine for your home workout!Water has always been your element and you are therefore looking for a high-quality rowing machine to train as realistically as possible? Then your search ends here. The FINNLO Aquon Water Glide rowing machine has been developed perfectly for your rowing training at home. The stable frame construction and the possible maximum weight load of up to 150 kg will convince you. Stable castors and a high-quality rudder rail were also installed to ensure a better and more dynamic movement.Water resistance training that gets you in perfect shape is now possible thanks to the Aquon Water Glide. Start your full body workout as realistically as with real rowing. You really work up a sweat and use the power of the water for yourself! In addition, important health risk factors such as lack of exercise and obesity are reduced. No rowing club membership is necessary, because the rowing training takes place at your home, regardless of the weather!drive system..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Autark 1500
Multi Home Gym for your strength trainingMulti Home Gym for your strength training Are you ready for a new and intensive strength training and want to get all the main muscle groups in your body in shape? Very good, then our multi-gym Autark 1500 from FINNLO will inspire you and increase your anticipation for training even more. Hard and effective workout at home, as you are used to in the gym, will make your body sweat a lot. Now nothing stands in the way of your effective muscle building. Equipped with a weight stack of 80 kg (each with 5 kg weight plates), which can be optionally upgraded to up to 100 kg, the Autark 1500 lets your upper arms grow from now on. Strength training with the FINNLO Autark 1500 supports you in building up your muscles quickly and effectively, even if you are already an advanced strength athlete. With this versatile home gym, you strengthen and define your entire muscular system individually according to your ideas!Warranty - 10 Years main frmae, 4 years parts limited.An intensive strength training for at home with over 30 exercises for all muscle groupsDue to the numerous individual stations and training options, you can use every muscle group in a variety of ways. The varied exercise forms and the well thought-out geometry of the multi-station FINNLO Autark 1500 from HAMMER guarantee fast and targeted muscle building without compromise. Would you like to bring your own gym home? Training professionally and effectively? Regardless of whether you want to build muscle or maintain or even improve your health, with the multi-gym Autark 1500 you train professionally and flexibly when, where and how you want it.FINNLO Autark 1500 - The home studio for your individual training goals:Defined upper body, muscular arms, a wide V-shape and a pronounced six-packWell-trained legs, thighs and calves and a defined buttocksHealth-oriented to performance-oriented strength trainingHealthy, preventive back training through to strength training-oriented building of the back musclesDimensions (L x W x H
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Autark 2500
This Finnlo Autark 2500 Multi-Gym - The "studio" training tower and "power turbo" for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, height-adjustable cable pulley and improved leg pressWeight Stack - 80kg, this Home Gym Machine delivers enough weight for strong athletes who need a Multi-Gym Machine for your home when the gym night is a none runner.Warranty - 10 Years Frame, 3 Years PartsIn its 06/2016 issue, the online magazine "online-fitness-coaching" chose our Autark 2015 as the test winner and top product in the category "Professional multi-gyms over 1000 euros". "The Autark 2500 impresses with over 40 training options while standing or sitting. Versatile equipment guarantees effective muscle training and makes the multi-gym particularly recommendable."In addition, the Autark 2500 also took first place in the "Multi-gym Best List 2017" . The "Expert Testing" portal highlighted our Autark 2500 as the clear test winner in the 01/2017 test. The test characteristics were "construction, mechanics, functionality, equipment and variety of exercises". The experts chose the Autark 2500 as the winner from all 8 comparison multi-gyms.FINNLO multi-gym Autark 2500 – equipment and trainingThe multi-gym FINNLO Autark 2500 offers a variety of exercises for every muscle group, as well as professional equipment details and adjustment options, which make the multi-station a real studio alternative (also perfect for people taller than two meters):Over 40 professional exercise variations for all major muscle groupsExercise forms: butterfly, bench press, lat pull-down, leg curl, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull, crunches, cable pull, shoulder pull, leg press, calf press, adductor and abductor training, and much more.Height-adjustable cable pull that can be rotated 160 degrees for maximum movement amplitude, free training and core training"Studio" leg curls/resp. Leg extension function with quick adjustmentLeg press with extra large, stable metal foot plate and ergonomically adjustable backrestGuided movement to avoid wrong positionsKnee-friendly training angle for more effective training of thighs and calvesCrunch unit for effective abdominal and six-pack trainingThe extension of the FINNLO Autark 2200 with leg pressWith the premium multi-gym Autark 2500 from FINNLO, you can finally train all the important muscle groups in your body at home, just like in a professional gym. Equipped with a weight block of 80 kg (optionally upgradeable to 100 kg), effective muscle building is also perfectly possible for advanced strength athletes.A 160 degree rotatable side cable pull ensures perfectly isolated exercises for the upper body and legs. With the separate, optimized leg press unit, leg muscles can be built up in a targeted manner. The effectiveness of this exercise is very close to that of squats, while still being easy on the back. Also ideal f..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Autark 2600
The multifunctional "studio-quality" exercise tower and "strength-turbo" for professional fitness and strength-training at home. With integrated AB & Backtrainer for an effective and health-oriented workout for your ab and back muscles. Includes leg extensor/extender function, separate side curling unit and height-adjustable cable pull module - to work your muscles even more efficiently.The upgrade to the FINNLO Autark 2200 with even more exercise optionsWith the premium multi-station Autark 2600 from FINNLO you can finally effectively work all your large muscle groups at home with professional, fitness studio-quality equipment. The station is multifaceted as well as compact, making it an ideal option for small rooms. The strength-training station comes with an 80kg weight block that allows even advanced bodybuilders to ideally build up their muscles. The strength-training station also has a high-quality AB & Backtrainer that works your ab and back muscles and makes you better suited to dealing with daily life. Strength-training with the Autark 2600 quickly and effectively builds up muscle, strengthens any weak points in the back or legs and defines your entire body.You can achieve the following goals with the FINNLO Autark 2600:Men:Broad, muscular V-shapeStrong, defined shouldersMuscular upper armsFlat six-pack and defined ab musclesHealth-oriented training of the back extensorWomenTightening of the chestStrong backToning of the shouldersToning/ definition of the armsToning / definition of the legsFINNLO strength-training station Autark 2600 - equipment and workoutThe FINNLO Autark 2600 strength-training station offers a variety of exercises for every muscle group as well as professional equipment and adjustment options that make the strength-training station a real alternative to going to a gym .Resistance system with weight plates (80kg, 16 five-kilo weight plates)Maximum tensile resistance of 90kg, with optional additional 20kg weights (Item No. ) can be increased to a tensile resistance of 135kgEffective ab and back workouts with the AB & Backtrainer. Intensity can be set for different performance levelsProfessional leg extensor/extender function with quick adjustmentLateral, 60° rotatable, height-adjustable roller systemComfortable seat can be adjusted verticallyBall bearing cable pull rollers for smooth and easy workoutErgonomic backrest with lumbar support, angle and vertical position can be adjustedButterfly unit has 5 inward and outward settings for different workout anglesCrunch unit for effective ab and six-pack workoutsProfessional studio accessories: wide, partially cushioned latissimus rod, tricep cable and pivoted curling rodExercises: Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, squats, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull, crunches, back extensor exercises, ab muscle exercises, and many more.Full metal claddingDimensions when set up (LxWxH): 170x215x212Space requirements(LxWxH) cm: 230x300x212Max. permissible bo..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Autark 6000
The Finnlo Autark 6000 Multi-Gym delivers Exercises that are similar to what you can traini in the commercial gym setting.The multifunctional studio training tower and "power turbo" for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, separate butterfly unit and roller system that can be rotated by 160 degrees and is height-adjustable – for efficient muscle training.With the new multi-gym Autark 6000 from FINNLO, you can effectively train all large muscle groups at home - just like in a professional gym. As a special feature, the power pack has a multi-adjustable separate butterfly unit. This means that trainees have sufficient freedom of movement when rowing and bench pressing. In addition, rotatable handles are attached, which ensure a perfect movement.The multi-gym is equipped with a weight block of 100 kilograms, distributed over 20 plates of 5 kilograms each. The station also enables advanced strength athletes to perfectly build and define muscles all over the body. Female problem areas are tightened and men build attractive muscles.Warranty - 10 Years Frame, 3 Years PartsThe following goals can be achieved with the FINNLO Autark 6000:menBroad and muscular V-shapeStrong and defined shouldersMuscular upper armsSix pack and defined absHealth-oriented training of the back extensorWomentightening of the breaststrong backshoulder toningToning/ definition of the armsToning / definition of the legsThe multi-gym FINNLO Autark 6000 offers a variety of exercises for every muscle group, as well as professional equipment details and adjustment options that make the multi-gym a real studio alternative...
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Autark 6600
Finnlo Autark 6600 Multi-GymWarranty 10 Years Frame - 3 Years PartsA multifunctional studio training tower and “strength turbo” for professional fitness and weight training at home. With integrated abs & back trainer for effective and health-oriented training of the abs and back muscles. Includes leg extension / leg curl function, separate butterfly unit, and roller system that swivels 160 degrees and adjusts vertically for efficient muscle training.The expanded model of the FINNLO Autark 6000 with even more exercise options.You can finally train all of your body's important muscle groups at home just like in a professional fitness studio with the new Autark 6600 weight training station from FINNLO. For added value, the package includes a separate, multi-position butterfly unit. This gives the user ample range of motion for row exercises and bench presses. Swivelling grips are also attached, providing perfect motion. A special feature of the weight training station is a premium ab & back trainer that strengthens the stomach and back muscles for the challenges of everyday life. The weight training station includes a weight block with 100 kg, consisting of 20 5-kg weight discs. This station enables even advanced weight lifters to perfectly train and define muscles across their entire body. It targets women's problem areas and helps men build attractive muscles.You can achieve the following goals with the FINNLO Autark 6000:MenBroad, muscular V-shapeStrong, defined shouldersMuscular armsSix-pack and defined absHealth-oriented training with the back stretcherWomenTones the chestStrengthens the backTones shouldersTones/defines armsTones/defines legsThe FINNLO Autark 6600 weight training station provides a variety of exercises for every muscle group as well as professional equipment features and adjustment options, making the weight training station a real alternative for the gym.Important product information:Resistance system via weight discs (100 kg, 20 5-kg discs)Maximum resistance of 110 kgEffective stomach and back training with the ab & back trainer. Intensity can be adjusted according to your fitness levelProfessional leg curl / leg extension function with quick adjustmentSide roller system is vertically adjustable and swivels 160 degreesComfortable seat adjusts to several vertical positionsCable rollers with ball bearings for smooth and easy trainingSeparate butterfly unit and additional bench press unitProfessional studio accessories: Wide, cushioned latissimus bar, tricep cable and premium hand gripsExercises: Butterfly, bench press, lat pulls, leg curls, rows, tricep press, crunches.Dimensions: (LxWxH) cm: 193x215x223Space required: (LxWxH) cm: 235x350x223Maximum body weight: 120 kgColour: anthracite/black..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: AUtark 10.0
Finnlo Autark Functional Trainer 10.0 Ultimate functional training like in the gymThe Autark 10.0 by FINNLO by HAMMER is the ultimate power station to set different stimuli for all muscle groups of your body and to build up muscles effectively and fast. As a functional training for free cable training, the Autark 10.0 inspires with its extensive equipment and the features that have been thought through to the smallest detail. The different cable pull elements and the extensive accessories allow an incredible variety of strength exercises. With the two independent cable towers you can always redesign your strength training and vary exercises or perform them in a more targeted way, e.g. by unilateral training. The Autark 10.0 is the high quality gym for professional strength training at home.Professional BodybuildingThe Autark 10.0 Functional Trainer combines classic free weight training with innovative cable traction systems in its perfect design. With the different traction, storage and grip possibilities of the power station you bring a lot of variety into your strength and muscle building training. Whether full body training, training in 2, 3 or 4-person splits - with this multi press you can professionally implement your individual training plans and always adapt them to your special needs. You can adjust the weight blocks with additional weights exactly to your strength level and thus increase your strength. You like to integrate super sets into your training? The Autark 10.0 is also perfectly suitable for this, because quick adjustment possibilities and one-hand mechanics allow you to change between exercises quickly and easily.The suitable weight bench is includedYou can load the adjustable and compact weight bench with up to 300 kg. The backrest is flexible and can be adjusted for your exercises (degree of adjustment: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°, -15°). With the handles and transport wheels, the power bench can be correctly positioned or moved aside in seconds. The comfortable seat and back cushions give you the necessary support and comfort during the workout. With the dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 59 x 120 cm (erected) or 40 cm lying, the power bench is compactly designed.High-quality and stable constructionThe Autark 10.0 stands for a high-quality and perfect workmanship of all materials and modules. You can rely on the stable basic construction even during intensive pull-ups and dips. The high load capacity of up to 150 kg is also suitable for higher body weight categories. The Autark 10 is an imposing eye-catcher in your home or fitness room. A complete home gym with which you will not lack anything you want to achieve in terms of muscle building.TECHNICAL DATA:dimensions (l x w x h): 117 x 260 x 220 cmbench press: yesabdominals: yesleg curl: yesleg curler: yesLeg press: NoLeg extension: yesBiceps: yesButterfly: yesColour: blackWeight: 413 kgweight block: 2 x 80 kgbarbell bar: yeslat pull: yesmax. body height: 210 cmmax. resistan..
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