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Brand: Finnlo Model: Autark 6900 Multigym
When we are asked which Multi-Gym or functional trainer is in the top 5 top ranked selling product, then this Finnlo by Hammer Autark 6800 is in there. THge main reason is due to the amount of exercises available plus the leg press and the side cable system allos for so many options for shoulders, back, arms, legs and the rest.The multifunctional studio training tower and "power turbo" for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, separate butterfly unit and high-quality leg press. The roller system, which can be rotated 160 degrees and is height-adjustable, guarantees efficient muscle training.With the new multi-gym Autark 6800 from FINNLO, you can effectively train all large muscle groups at home - just like in a professional gym. As a special feature, the power pack has a multi-adjustable separate butterfly unit. This means that trainees have sufficient freedom of movement when rowing and bench pressing. In addition, rotatable handles are attached, which ensure a perfect movement. With the separate, high-quality leg press unit, leg muscles can be built up in a targeted manner. The effectiveness of this exercise is very close to that of squats, while still being easy on the back. Also ideal for strengthening the buttocks and calves.The multi-gym is equipped with a weight block of 100 kilograms, distributed over 20 plates of 5 kilograms each. The station also enables advanced strength athletes to build up and define perfectly trained muscles all over the body. Female problem areas are tightened and men build attractive muscles.The following goals can be achieved with the FINNLO Autark 6800:menBroad and muscular V-shapeStrong and defined shouldersMuscular upper arms and strong chestFlat six pack and defined absWomenhealthy backDefinition of the torsoArm toningLeg toningThe multi-gym FINNLO Autark 6800 offers a variety of exercises for every muscle group, as well as professional equipment details and adjustment options that make the multi-gym a real studio alternative.Technical details..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Cross Trainer Loxon
This crosstrainer by Finnlo is the ideal home gym machine for fitness exercise once you have the space selected.The LOXON elliptical trainer by FINNLO combines function with comfort and is the perfect partner for cardio training at home. The heart of the elliptical trainer is the computer with a high-quality blue backlight display that provides precision and a wide variety of workout options. The computer lets you select up to 16 intensity levels, 12 preprogramed resistance profiles or 4 heart rate-controlled programs. A quick-start button lets you start your cardio training immediately.On the LOXON elliptical trainer, heart rate is conveniently measured via the handlebar sensors or the optionally available chest strap. Maximum and minimum heart rates can be individually selected and ensure that you remain within the optimal heart rate range for your workout.For comfort, the precision ball bearing ensures smooth running, so that you can concentrate simply on your workout when using the LOXON elliptical trainer. The built-in transport rollers also make it easy to move the LOXON elliptical trainer.Build up size (L x W x H) - 148 x 58 x 158 cmFeatures / Additional Equipment - Quick Start function, Movement process forward and backwards for different muscle stress, Precision ball bearing, Recovery pulse measurement with training note/grade, Adjustable foot platesDrive system - Belt driveBraking system - Permanent magnet..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Incline Bench
The FINNLO by HAMMER incline bench, which is perfect for your home workout, is compact in design and, with its many adjustment options, is an ideal addition to a barbell training station / barbell rack.The incline bench consists of a high-quality seat and backrest that can be adjusted 3 or 7 times, thus enabling perfect training ergonomics. The backrest can be adjusted from 90 degrees to -10 degrees (negative). The negative function of the backrest and the extremely adjustable seat cushion are also ideal for sit-ups. The comfortable and high-quality upholstery guarantees you a long service life. Two transport rollers at the rear end and a handle on the front leg of the weight bench allow you to quickly reposition yourself in the training room.Thanks to the stable steel frame construction with scratch-resistant powder coating, you will enjoy training on the FINNLO by HAMMER incline bench for a long time. With a maximum load capacity of 250 kg, the weight bench is also ideal for advanced strength athletes.Optional accessoriesFINNLO by HAMMER barbell training station:The noble barbell training station can be adjusted to 14 different heights and 6 different widths, making it ideal for many different exercises such as bench press and squats. With a width of 73-117 cm, the barbell training station also offers a good storage area for Olympic bars...
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Finnlo Cable Pull Station Autark 9.0
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo
Finnlo Cable Pull Station Autark 9.0The professional power station of the latest generation has a 32-step height adjustment per cable pull as well as a 5-fold width adjustment of the cable outlet. Unique are the 180° adjustable outrigger arms for maximum preload and the perfect full range of motion. It also scores with a double cable pull in the middle, an one-hand mechanism and quick adjustment of weights and training as well as a pull-up bar with variable grip options on the cable tower. The Autark 9.0 is an unique multifunction station which offers optimum workout ergonomics and more space when training with two people...
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo
Finnlo Indoor Cycle Spin Bike CRS310 Year Frame Warranty/3 Years Home WarrantyQuick release fasteners for the Selle Royal saddle and handlebar settingsVariable use of pedals: SPD click pedals or adjustable strap pedals with pedal basketSports handlebars for different grip positions with 2 drinking bottle holdersIntegrated pulse receiver for chest strapsStable and resilientIs it raining, storming or snowing outside, but you still want to work out on your racing bike? Then the FINNLO Speedbike CRS3 will impress you with its extra stable construction and sporty design. With a load of up to 150 kg and the clear LCD display, you can get started in your living room at any time. From now on no more excuses! Your speed bike enables you to do intensive training sessions like on a racing bike, regardless of the weather or systembeltload rangeInfinitely manualload controlSpeed ​​dependentbraking systemFelt brake shoesresistance settingManuallyflywheel22kgfreewheelnoDimensions (L x W x H)140x54x130cmweight56kgMax body weight150kg..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: 5.0 Multigym
This is a very well finished impressive looking home multigym or that is ideal for a small hotel room or your very own bedroon all in one home strength machine  piece.Train every single muscle in your body – energetically, variably and with styleThe warranty on this is great, the frame is 10 years on frame for home use and 3 years on parts.Whatever your fitness goal – this super attractive multi-gym will support you in every way with your muscle building efforts. Despite its compact size, this multi-gym has everything you need and is ready when you are: day or night. The robust weight block with a total of 16 weight plates of 5 kg each allows a resistance setting of up to 120 kg. The individually adjustable comfort seat and backrest will take any position you want. All components are designed to last, move smoothly and be incredibly durable. The Autark 5.0 is a home gym that is worth every penny and that brings movement into your life.Your decision to take home this high-performance multi-gym will free you from the restraints of commercial fitness studios and allows you to concentrate fully on yourself and your body. This high-end multi-gym is highly sophisticated from top to bottom and offers all the modules you will need for a varied, effective fitness and weight training. Timeless elegance and a highly superior, compact design is waiting for you – get ready – it will be worth it!Next generation professional multi-gymPremium materials for maximum comfort and durabilityPress and pull exercises in a single moduleIn a class of its own: Detachable leg curl module120 kg max. resistanceSKU3654BrandFINNLO MAXIMUMColorblack/anthraciteMaterialSteelWeight255 kgBuild up size (L x W x H)200 x 143 x 217 cm (Space requirements 200 x 160 x 217 cm)Ceiling height220 cmWeight block80 kgMax. resistance120 kgAdditional weights inclusiveNoUpgradable with additional weights4 x 5 kgMax. body weight150 kg..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: 7.0 Multigym
This multi-gym delivers to you the lot. Combination of functions, full of elegance in compact dimensions, this multi-station offers every strength and fitness enthusiast a wide range of advanced training options. There are alot of training options for every muscle on your body that are offered via the different modules of this highly versatile multi-station. Standing still was yesterday - the Autark 7.0 ushers in a whole new era for you and your body.Benefits  Finnlo Maximum Multi-Gym Autark 7.0✔ Durability and resilience✔ C ombines function and elegance✔ Wide range of advanced training options✔  Versatile multi-station ✔ New era for you and your bodyMaximum powerIt's time to unleash your full potential! And the Autark 7.0 multi-gym can handle what you dish out. It is designed for professional strength training and is your reliable training partner for every kilo. Discover the many push and pull options and let those muscles burn! This home gym adapts to every conceivable training program. There are 16 weight scales of 5 kg each on the robust weight block, which can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the desired resistance. The comfort seat and backrest can be adjusted to your personal needs in seconds. The same applies to the powerful, smooth-running cable pulleys on the pulley tower, which can be easily adjusted to the correct height.Your choice: with or without leg curlThe thigh protectors are easy to adjust for different leg lengths and exercise types. The hamstring curl is just as quick to use when switching between leg raises and reverse leg raises. Completely unique to this multi-gym: the entire leg curl module can be removed quickly and easily. This allows a much more comfortable sitting position for various other upper body exercises, so that you can perform them even better.Powerful designThe Autark 7.0 multi-gym comes with a stylish all-black design and an excellent finish. It looks great in any room and stays firmly in place no matter how hard you work. The robust construction of the exercise bike consists of highly stress-resistant premium steel and has a load capacity of 150 kg. This means that higher weight classes can train carefree with this multi-gym to burn those muscles and melt away the fat.The cable tower with endless possibilitiesThe side cable tower offers a whole range of additional training options. You should always include a variety of pulley exercises in your training to improve training results, and you shouldn't shy away from some strength-building, functional exercises either! The two high-quality cable rollers on the tower can be adjusted in height with a simple turn of the knob. These are just some of the workouts you can do on the cable tower: biceps and triceps exercises, adduction and abduction with the leg loop around the ankle, pull-ups and leg raises on the ..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Autark 10.0
The FINNLO Maximum Autark 10.0 is the ultimate multi-gym from HAMMER and offers virtually endless possibilities to stimulate all muscle groups in your body in different ways to help you build muscle quickly and effectively. With its extensive equipment and highly advanced features, the Autark 10.0 is a great free trainer for cable training. The different cable pull elements and the huge selection of accessories offer an amazing variety of weight training options. The two fully independent cable pull towers allow you to rearrange your weight training routines at any time and target specific muscle groups, for example in unilateral sets. The Autark 10.0 is an amazing high-quality multi-gym for your professional strength training at home.Train like the prosThe Autark 10.0 Professional Trainer combines traditional leisure workouts with innovative cable pulling systems in one perfect design. The various pull, rest and grip options of this multi-gym provide a lot of variety in your strength and muscle-building training routines. Full body workouts, 2, 3 or 4 way split workouts: This multi-bench press gives you the ability to professionally work through your individual workout plans and with the ability to tailor every detail to your specific needs. The weight blocks with additional weights allow you to train at your exact power level, so that you can continue to develop. You love adding supersets to your workout? Here too, the Autark 10.0 is your perfect companion!A matching weight bench is includedThe adjustable and compact weight bench can easily handle up to 300 kg. The backrest is super flexible and adapts to any exercise (tilt angles available: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°, -15°). The handles and transport rollers help you to position or store your multi-gym in seconds after training. The upholstery of the seat and back provides the necessary support and comfort during training. Dimensions (L x W x H): Only 140 x 59 x 120 cm (upright) or 40 cm when folded - a super compact weight training machine.Wide range of accessories and functionsThe accessories included in the delivery of your Autark 10.0 give you as many training options as you would have in any fitness studio. The following accessories give you all the exercise options you need for your weight training on this functional trainer: Barbell, lat bar, curl bar (with special holders on the multi-gym) and a footrest for optimal safety during abdominal exercises. The integrated, collapsible dip-lmodules and the armrests are super functional and offer extra abdominal training options.High-quality and robust designThe Autark 10.0 stands for excellent workmanship, high-quality materials and excellent modules. You can rely on the stability of the base frame no matter how hard you work on your chin-ups and dips. The high load capacity of up to 150 kg makes this multi-gym suitable for higher weight classes. The Aut..
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Brand: Finnlo Model: Finnlo Autark 2200
This Multigym by Finnlo really looks the part and is nice as its tidy and the really impressive part is the side cable attachment that allows for so many strength exercises.Warranty - 10 Years Frame, 3 Years Parts.Weight Stack 80kg.With our multi-gym Autark 2200 you can expect a versatile and varied strength training and you can get all the main muscle groups of your body in perfect shape. It doesn't matter whether you're young or in your prime, a beginner or a rehab athlete - our professional multi-gym Autark 2200 from FINNLO will inspire you and increase your anticipation of strength training even more. Individual and effective muscle building training at home, as you are used to in the gym or in rehabilitation, will make you sweat a lot. Now nothing stands in the way of your effective strength training or rehabilitation sport. Equipped with a weight stack of 80 kg, which can optionally be upgraded to up to 100 kg, the Autark 2200 now allows you to effectively achieve your weight training goals. Training with the FINNLO Autark 2200 supports you in building up your muscles quickly and effectively, even if you are already an advanced strength athlete. With this versatile home gym you strengthen and strengthen your entire muscular system individually according to your ideas!Effective build-up of your entire chest musclesWith the Autark 2200 multi-gym, you can achieve enormous chest muscle growth with the classic bench press or butterfly function. While the bench press uses the entire pectoral muscle (M. Pectoralis Major), the outer parts of your chest can be trained with the first-class butterfly movement.High-quality lateral cable tower adjustable in several heightsOn the side of the FINNLO Autark 2200 is a freely adjustable double cable tower. This can also be used to do free exercises. An upper, middle and lower cable pull allow, for example, leg training, bicep curls, tricep training, crunches, rotator training, lat pulldowns, rowing exercises and many other exercises. The free training allows for additional stimuli that make enormous demands on muscle building.First-class "AB-Crunch" cable pull for an intensive abdominal and upper arm workoutThe built-in AB crunch cable pull allows a very high strain on the straight and oblique abdominal muscles and thus enables particularly fast muscle growth. Due to the optimal length of the pulling device, even complex triceps exercises, such as pullovers and cable pull exercises, can be carried out ergonomically and at the highest possible intensity.Perfect rowing exercises while sitting comfortablyThe AB crunch/rowing module allows effective rowing exercises for developing strong back muscles or a pronounced latissimus. The different grip variations allow an optimal tight and wide rowing training for additional strain on the shoulder and neck muscles. In addition, the cable pull above the headrest allows you to exercise triceps stretches.Hi..
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