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Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT
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Brand: Hammer Model: XT6 BT
Hammer Cardio Upright Bike XT6 BT HAMMER Cardio XT6 BT Ergometer Warranty 3 Years Parts, 2 Years Labour. Are you looking for a comfortable, stable, low-entry ergometer for effortless riding? Would you like a clear and self-explanatory computer operation to start immediately? Then the HAMMER Cardio XT6 is the ideal ergometer for you. With the HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can improve your condition, reduce your weight and really get your cardiovascular system going! You have the choice between manual or automatic resistance adjustment, as well as automatic fitness programs. An 8kg flywheel and an electronic magnetic brake system ensure a sensationally smooth runout. The resistance is adjustable from 10 to 350 watts, so even ambitious athletes can improve their performance. Handlebar and saddle can be adjusted variably, so that your ergometer can be ideally adjusted to any body size and you can train particularly gently on your back. And after training, you can easily move your XT6 around the room thanks to the integrated premium transport wheels. Quality assurance: 100k quality Tested for extra long life You can be sure that you will enjoy your Cardio XT6 for a very long time, because the technology of your ergometer passed a successful endurance test of over 100,000 revolutions. The technical parts such as electronics and ball bearings are of high industrial quality and designed for intensive and long use. Minimal resistance from 10 watts! The full range from 10 to 350 watts With the ergometer HAMMER Cardio XT6 you can train with a minimum resistance of 10 watts! This is especially ideal for older people, for easy mobilization after sports injuries or to start training slowly. Fitness test included! Perfect for motivating and increasing training After your training, you measure your pulse. The faster your pulse drops, the fitter you are. This is shown on the computer of your Cardio XT6 with a fitness grade of 1 to 6. A good grade inspires you even more, motivates and makes you even better at your next training session. Clear display Via LCD monitor or your smartphone / tablet With the multimedia console of the Cardio XT6, you can view your training data on a clear LCD display (display of: mountain and valley profiles, speed, time, distance covered, number of calories burned, pulse, body fat, BMI and fitness test) or via Control your smartphone / tablet. Simple computer operation - everything at a glance The display of the Cardio XT6 ergometer shows all important training data at a glance and razor-sharp. The computer menu is self-explanatory and extremely easy to use for all age groups thanks to the "push button". Finally, there is no need to read complicated instructions and you can start your training immediately. Do you need variety in training? The multimedia entertainment with Bluetooth technology will convince you With your Cardio XT6 you have all possibilities of a varied multimedia entertainment. Bluetooth te..
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Hammer CleverFold EF90 BT Elliptical
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Brand: Hammer Model: HAMMER CLEVERFOLD EF90
Hammer CleverFold EF90 BT Elliptical Hi-tech elliptical trainer + CleverFold folding technologyTrain professionally – stow away compactly: more than 60% space savingInnovative trolley case system for perfect mobility in spaceExtra stable frame geometry + high flywheel massMultimedia entertainment, Bluetooth + AppFor your controlled cardio trainingThe ergonomically placed hand pulse sensors allow you to conveniently monitor your pulse during your fitness training. You also have the option of measuring your heart rate using an optional chest strap. The pulse receiver is already included with the CleverFold EF90 BT . Whether it's weight loss, fitness improvement or healthy cardiovascular training, the right heart rate is crucial to quickly achieve your fitness goals. By entering your maximum heart ratethe CleverFold elliptical trainer EF90 BT automatically lowers the resistance if the specified value is exceeded.Suitable for all body sizesHigher weight classes and low ceiling heightsThe ergonomics of the CleverFold EF90 BT is designed in such a way that both tall people up to 2 m and short people from 1.55 m can train upright and back-friendly . The length of the arms creates different grip positions, and the large pedals ensure a firm footing for all shoe sizes. You can also adjust the pedal arm length to your height. The long, flat step technology simulates natural running dynamics . Due to the low pedal height, you can set up your elliptical trainer EF90 at any time, even with low ceilings, such as in the basement...
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HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HR-006
HAMMER Exercise Bike Ergometer Comfort XTR Ergonomic exercising which is easy on the joints and is the perfect Fitness Equipment Machine for many reasons. Health-oriented cardiovascular training including watt control compliant with DIN EN 957-1/5 standard. The Comfort XTR by HAMMER is a premium recumbent ergometer offering particular superior characteristics. The clearly arranged and easy to operate multifunctional training computer offers plenty of exercise options as well as heart rate controlled endurance training. The resistance can be set variably between 35 and 260 watt compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard. All functions can be controlled via the large and clearly arranged LCD-Display: distance, time, speed, cadence, calories, watt, and heart rate. The HAMMER Ergometer Comfort XTR – Cardio workout that is easy on the joints The comfortable seat of the recumbent bike Comfort XTR by HAMMER means you can exercise effectively in your home as well. The recumbent bike holds your total body weight allowing the workout to be easy on the spine and the joints. The dynamic movement of your legs ensures high energy consumption that will effectively reduce fat and weight. At the same time you strengthen the muscle tissue of the legs and buttock area. Intensive endurance training with the Comfort XTR and the following can be achieved: Improvement of fitness and endurance Strengthening the cardiovascular system Build and define muscles Effective reduction of fat and weight Strengthening leg and buttock muscles Drive train and supplementary equipment The drive train of the 8kg flywheel is powered by a maintenance-free belt drive. The resistance is generated by permanent magnet, which is equipped with a premium ball-bearing that secures smooth and quite running. The Comfort XTR seat can be adjusted in 10 different positions for an ergonomic and comfortable workout Overview of key product details: Recumbent Ergometer compliant with class HA and compliant with DIN EN 957 – 1/9 standard Resistance in watt, 35-260 watt, independent of rotational speed Resistance range: 16 levels Belt drive system and premium ball bearings for smooth run Permanent magnet controlling resistance for especially smooth movement Training computer is clearly arranged and easy to use LCD-Display Polar-compatible heart rate receiver for chest strap (optional) Upper pulse limit adjustable Heart rate monitoring via grip sensors Approx. 8kg flywheel mass Back rest with lumbar support Adjustable seat with 10 positions Gear ratio 1:8 Built-in transport rollers for easy moving Colour: black/white Build up size (LxWxH): 138 x 62 x 120 cm Maximum rider weight capacity: approx. 130 kg Additional Information Label HAMMER Colour black/white Weight 62 Kg Build up size (L x W x H) 138 x 62 x 120 cm Features / Additional Equipment Adjustable seat with 10 positions 35-260 watt 16 levels Back rest with lumbar support Belt drive system transpo..
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Hammer Life Runner Treadmill LR22i TFT
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Brand: Hammer Model: PFS-HS-040
Hammer Life Runner Treadmill LR22i TFT Warranty 10 Years Frame, # Years Parts 2 Years Labour. HAMMER treadmill Life Runner LR22i TFT Weather-independent running training in your own home The LR22i TFT multimedia treadmill supports you and your fitness goals Start now with your passion for running! With the modern HAMMER treadmill LR22i TFT you can achieve your endurance and running goals effectively and in a multimedia way. You will experience a unique running experience from home regardless of the weather. Thanks to the multimedia all-round package and the pre-installed apps of the LR22i TFT, boredom does not arise in any second of the running training. The large touch display always keeps you up to date on your performance. The compact design helps you to stow away your treadmill in a space-saving manner. Variety of programs for your running training Exercise variedly with the LR22i TFT The full range of programs on our LR22i TFT! A total of 12 preset programs are available to you during your running training: Cardio Check, Hills, Fitness Test, Cross Country, Lose Weight, Interval Training, Speed ​​Drill, Hill and Back, Power Walk, Pyramid, Glute Workout and Calorie Burn. Simply select and off you go! Are you looking for a challenge and want to measure yourself in a competition? Then you can run against the computer with your treadmill. You compete against your treadmill computer and try to be faster than the system. Your endurance training can be so varied and competitive from home! XXL TFT touch display Everything in view with 10 inches With the 10 inch TFT touch display and included Android software, you get the complete multimedia and entertainment package during training. The computer console of the LR22i TFT inspires with a tablet holder, aux connection and a USB charging connection, so that you always have the power for your individual entertainment during your running training. Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix and many more Preinstalled apps ensure perfect entertainment With Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you get a wide range of motivating pre-installed apps to stay informed during your training or just for entertainment. Watch YouTube videos during training, play your favorite playlist on Spotify or share your fitness success with your friends. With the HAMMER treadmill LR22i TFT, all of this is possible via the easy-to-use touch display. Experience live routes with Bluetooth technology and fitness app Kinomap and BitGym compatible Run exciting and intensive routes in a "live experience" and enjoy a fascinating training atmosphere! Training data can of course be saved and you can compare and document your successes. Home fitness has never been so exciting, varied and motivating. The Kinomap app gives you a particularly realistic live route experience: the resistance is automatically increased on inclines and automatically reduced on descents. Optional: K..
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Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer
Hammer Ocean One Rowing MachineTraining with the power of waterIngenious accessories already included: Individually adjustable and detachable smartphone/tablet holderSpace-saving and practical stand-up functionBattery operation, independent of sockets and extension cordsWarranty - 10 Years Frame - 3 Years Frame35kg total weight - foldable.Compact and space-saving designWith the small set-up dimensions of only 2.0 mx 0.54 mx 1.17 m (0.90 m without bracket), the Ocean One is ideally suited for a body height of up to 2.0 m. Thanks to the two high-quality transport wheels, the rowing machine can be easily rolled away after each use. The Ocean One can be set up vertically and stored in an extremely space-saving manner. The focus is on the water tank, making it particularly easy to set up. Simply tilt into an upright position and store perfectly in any corner of your room. The dimensions when tilted are also compact at 1.10 m length (0.68 m without bracket) x 0.54 m (width) x 2.0 m (height). The adjustable feet can be used to adjust the height if the floor is uneven. Thanks to the batteries for the training computer, the Ocean One is independent of a power source. You are not dependent on sockets or annoying extension cords. Perfectly developed and ideally suited for your rowing training at home!..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Core 4.0
Hammer Half Rack Core 4.0Professional rack for barbell and bodyweight trainingBarbell landmines for even more variety of exercises18-way adjustable dumbbell and safety rackDip bars + pull-up bar with different grip options6 holders for training with resistance bandsA home workout has never been so professional and versatile. With the HAMMER Core 4.0 you have everything you need for an intensive full-body workout. Combine highly effective barbell exercises with athletic bodyweight drills for maximum muscle growth! A wide range of setting and combination options make your training unique and uncompromisingly effective!The HAMMER Core 4.0 Rack stands for training without limits and for maximum training success! Barbell exercises (optional 180 cm barbell required) provide the basis for effective training of the entire body and promote strength, muscle mass and explosiveness. With the Core 4.0 you now have the opportunity to benefit from the best exercises even without a gym. Push your limits and use the full potential of the Core 4.0 for squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, barbell presses, lunges and even Olympic lifting like clean and jerk! Professional training for the highest demands is now also possible at home. With it you train every muscle in your body and set intensive training stimuli for strong arms, broad shoulders, a stable six pack and massive legs! The Core 4.0 offers you complete barbell training without compromise and leaves nothing to be desired.imensions (L x W x H)..
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Q. VADIS 5.0 Treadmill
Already 90% pre-assembledSpace-saving treadmill with revolutionary vertical folding function30 training programs + individual heart programModern design & multimedia variety with fitness apps, Bluetooth and tablet holderSuper soft running surface with 6-point cushioning systemThe running surface of 145 x 51 cm is impressive and offers you the necessary freedom as you cover kilometer after kilometer. The stable construction enables people with a body weight of up to 150 kg to have a comfortable and authentic running training. With the professional width of 51 cm you will find the perfect conditions for safe and effective training. The treadmill surface gives you the necessary grip during your sprints.With the treadmill motor of the Q.VADIS 5.0, you have a full 2.5 HP at your disposal and a speed range of 0.3 to 20 km/h. You can adjust the incline by up to 12% and adjust it quickly and easily with the +/- buttons on the console. Adapt your treadmill to your performance and become an endurance runner.
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Brand: Hammer Model: Hammer Watereffect 3D Rowing Machine
Perfect variety: 4 rowing variants: sports rowing with boom arms rowing classic, back training intensive and kayaking. The more varied the muscle response through the different handles, the more effective your workout will be.Patented rower weights: perfect accessory with great effect. Endurance training and muscle building in one workout. The additional weights on the rowing handle create a significantly more intense workout.Your mega shape waits: V-shape, back-resistant and heart-healthy. Hammer WaterEffect 3D delivers a particularly realistic rowing feeling. The combination of water rowing machine with boom arms creates a perfect simulation of rowing in the wild.Professional equipment: high-quality tread plates with only 4 cm hip-friendly ergonomic distance and a 105 cm long aluminum rail also offer people with a height of 2 ma rowing experience with full range of motion and max. gliding experience.HIIT WORKOUTS: Thanks to the use of the different rowing handles, a particularly effective HIIT (high intensive interval training) with different intervals (different resistance or impact frequencies) is possible.Warranty - 5 Years Frame + 2 Years PartsTrain 6 different rowing styles in different grip positions -Unlike conventional rowing machines, you can use 6 different rowing styles with different grip positions when training with this rowing machine.The 3D extension arms ensure realistic water resistance and a flexible use of the cardio weights for a feeling of movement like on the water. Here you train strength, endurance and coordination at the same time with just one piece of equipment.Modern training fun with innovative technology -The device can be used with apps such as Kinomap for unlimited rowing fun. Use the camera function of your smartphone or tablet and row with your avatar along the most beautiful routes with the original route sound. This allows you to create a live route experience with realistic driving speeds in real time.For a real competitive feeling, you can compete against the computer in race mode and choose your favorite from 15 race modes.150kg Max User Weight..
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