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Brand: insportline Model: Airbike Pro
The AirBike inSPORTline Pro is a modern cardio machine that allows the user to exercise at their own pace, i.e. you do not have to adjust the resistance yourself. All you have to do is pedal harder. The sturdy frame allows for a weight limit of up to 160kg, making sure the machine remains stable even under heavy load. Since the exercise arms with handles, as well as the pedals, are connected to the ventilator, you can exercise your arms and legs simultaneously. Or you can push your legs against the footrests and exercise only your arms. This sophisticated system allows you to choose whether you want to exercise the entire body or just its lower or upper part. The AirBike inSPORTline Pro offers a variety of programs to make your workout more diverse. Apart from quick start, you can also choose from preset interval training programs and goal-oriented programs. There are two interval training programs. However, you can also setup and run your own program. You may also appreciate the fact that you can setup your own target heart rate. When you do so, the exercise bike will tell you how hard you need to pedal to achieve it. You can follow all the important information on an easy-to-read LCD display.Flywheel weight (kg)4.80 kgChest strapnoResistance regulation Depends on the pedalling speed Weight limit (kg) 160 kgBraking system Air ErgometernoNumber of programs7Handlebar heart rate sensorsnoResistance levelsSmooth regulationCompensating for uneven flooryesTransport wheelsyesWeight 64 kgPower source2x AA batteryMaximum user heightnot limitedDimensions when fully assembled 124 x 69.5 x 140Usage categoryHome / club use ..
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Brand: insportline Model: ET660i II
The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline ET660i II will take your workout to another level. The manual incline adjustment offers four more incline levels, allowing you to walk uphill and therefore engage additional muscle groups. The magnetic braking system offers another 16 resistance levels. It also ensures incredibly quiet operation!This elliptical trainer has a variety of advanced functions, which allows you to sync the machine with the app on your phone and choose from a wide range of programs, including various preset programs with different terrain profiles, popular HRC programs or a Recovery program. The app also allows you to plan a virtual route on your phone/tablet and run anywhere in the world!The machine has two pairs of handles – one pair of moving handles and one pair of fixed handles with built-in heart rate monitors. As a result, you do not have to use your arms during your workout if you do not want to. On the fixed handles there are also practical buttons that allow you to quickly change the resistance level. Key features:Amazing home elliptical trainer with front flywheel5 incline positions – allows you to engage additional muscles groupsVariety of programsIndustrial bearings in all jointsHRC program – machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zoneWATT program – machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in target power zoneRecovery program – provides information about your fitnessComputer displays: time, distance, speed, power, calories, graphic profile representationTechnical description:Flywheel weight7 kgGear ratio: flywheel1:11Resistance operationelectronicNumber of resistance modes16Pedal spacing24 cmStride length51 cmNumber of modes21Preset programs10User programs4HRC programyesWATT programyesRecovery programyesBody fat programyesManual programyesHeart rate monitoryesTablet holderyesWater bottle holderyesHR belt receiverYes , for unencrypted analog 5kHz signalrecommended Sigma 5kHz (range 1 meter, with the possibility of replacing the battery) or Polar T34 (range 4 m, without the possibility of replacing the battery)HR belt includednoTransportation wheelsyesUneven surface adjustmentyesFoldablenoDimensionsl184,8xw72,4xh72,1 cmFolded dimensionsXMaximum user height210 cmWeight limit150 kgWeight85 kgBraking systemmagneticPower sourceAC adaptor 9V, 1.3A for AC 100V~240VCategoryHC (EN957)Usehome..
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Brand: insportline Model: Galicum
The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum is a professional elliptical trainer with a timeless futuristic design. Unlike other elliptical trainers, this one has the flywheel in the front, making the movement more dynamic and natural. The unique-colored sturdy structure with the 51cm stride length, 26.5cm pedal spacing and 14.5kg flywheel makes this elliptical unique. You may also appreciate sturdy rails along which the large footboards move. Therefore, it not only saves energy but also eliminates cables. The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features a large LCD display and a computer with a number of functions and programs, such as time, distance, heart rate, resistance level (40 levels), calories burned, WATT program and metabolism measuring. As far as programs are concerned, the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features 4 preset programs, 2 HRC programs that work based on the preset hear rate, 2 user programs and also a manual program. The preset programs include for example the Performance mode, Weight Loss mode and Random Difficult profile. The computer and display are easy-to-use for people of all ages. The large numbers are clearly visible even in the dark. Last but not least, this elliptical trainer also features an audio cable hole.The anti-slip footboards (with a strap that secures the foot in place, thus preventing it from slipping off), speakers and anti-slip handles with a control panel provide safety and comfort. A bottle and tablet/phone holders, transportation wheels for easy carrying and the uneven surface adjustment system are a must.Those who own tablets with Android/Apple iOS operating systems will appreciate the FitConsole app which monitors and records individual sessions (including date, time and statistics). The second app, Google Map-based Run On Earth, requires internet connection. This app allows you to run under the Eiffel Tower, in the streets of London and/or around your neighbor’s house. You can find all the app info in the instruction manual.The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features an own energy generator with a battery without necessity to be connected in the power source while used. The energy arises during exercising. One of its advantages is the elimination of many wires. It spares energy and is environmentally friendly. The battery should not be discharged for longer than 30 days. At least once a month it must be charged by the generator. The charging cycle takes 6 hours. Key features:Professional elliptical trainer with futuristic designSturdy frame, front flywheelIndustrial bearings in all jointsLarge anti-slip footboards (with a strap that secures the foot in place, thus preventing it from slipping off)Number of programs (40 resistance levels)Clear and intuitive LED displayOwn energy generatorWATT program: the machine increases or decreases the resistance so that the user performs the set performance (for example, i..
Ex Tax:€2,155.00
Brand: insportline Model: Kapekor
The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor is a revolutionary, modern-looking elliptical trainer with a sturdy structure. The 2 flywheels provide an optimal motion path that mimics the movement of the human body, allowing for a comfortable workout. The magnetic braking system allows for quiet running, allowing you to exercise at any time of the day. Since the easy-to-read display shows time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, revolutions per minute, watts and resistance mode, you can keep track of your training data.To make your workout as comfortable as possible, you can adjust the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor to your height – 3 pedal positions, 4 handle positions for upper body workout and a revolving display. Moreover, the pedals are low, which has two advantages – it is easier to get on the machine and the pedals are lower during the workout, which makes it possible for taller users to exercise on it in rooms with low ceilings. The sturdy structure makes the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor durable and stable, even when used frequently.Key features:Revolutionary elliptical trainer with low pedalsHigh weight limitOptimal motion pathIndustrial bearings in all jointsFeatures 2 flywheelsWater bottle holderCan be adjusted to user’s heightShock-absorbing pedalsFrame of high-quality steel with durable surface coatingStrong flywheels with magnetic braking systemTransportation wheels and uneven surface adjustment systemUSB port for connecting/charging tablet or phoneHCR program: automatically adjusts resistance to keep user’s heart rate in target zoneWATT program: automatically adjusts resistance to achieve performance targetComputer displays: time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, revolutions per minute, watts and resistance mode Flywheel weight21 kg (12 + 9 kg)Resistance operationelectronicNumber of resistance modes16Pedal spacing18 cmStride length40 cmNumber of modes18Preset programs17User programs1HRC programyesWATT programyesRecovery programyesManual programyesHeart rate monitoryesTablet holderyesBottle holderyesHR belt receiveryes, for unencrypted analog 5kHz signalrecommended Sigma 5kHz (range 1 meter, with the possibility of replacing the battery) or Polar T34 (range 4 m, without the possibility of replacing the battery)HR belt includednoTransportation wheelsyesUneven surface adjustmentyesDimensionsHeight-126 x width-53 x length-162 cmMaximum user height200 cmWeight limit150 kgWeight78 kgBraking systemmagneticPower source220/230 VCategoryHC (EN957)UseHome, club..
Ex Tax:€1,216.00
Brand: insportline Model: Gemini B200
The Exercise Bike inSPORTline Gemini B200 is a professional machine perfect for every gym. Its sturdy structure not only makes it stable, but also allows for 140kg weight limit. Aside from the fully electronic operation, you may also appreciate the 26 programs: 12 preset programs, 4 user programs, 4 HRC programs (resistance based on the heart rate), 3 set-a-target programs, a WATT program, Recovery program and manual program (which can be adjusted to suit your needs). The Gemini R200 features an easy-to-read display on which you can see all the important information such as calories burned, speed, revolutions per minute, distance, performance (WATT) and resistance mode. On the back of the computer you can find a USB output. Moreover, the Exercise Bike inSPORTline Gemini B200 also features a comfortable and adjustable seat, handles with built-in heart rate monitors and control panels, tablet holder and bottle holder. Transportation wheels and the uneven surface adjustment system are a must.As the Exercise Bike inSPORTline Gemini R200 features a built-in power generator with a battery, it does not need to be connected to a power source – energy is created by the exercise. Moreover, you do not need any power cables and/or extension cords. Since it saves energy, it is environmentally friendly. The battery must not be discharged longer than 30 days. It must be charged by the generator at least once a month. The charging cycle is 6 hours...
Ex Tax:€1,999.00
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