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Finnlo Autark 2600 Multi-Gym

Finnlo Autark 2600 Multi-Gym
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  • Model: Finnlo Autark 2600
  • Weight: 260.00kg
  • Dimensions: 230.00cm x 300.00cm x 212.00cm
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Finnlo Autark 2600 Multi-Gym

Warranty - 10 Years Frame, 3 Years Parts.

The multi-station Finnlo Autark 2500 is a complete training gym. It has a solid steel structure that gives it stability, comfort and safety when performing the exercises, which are essential in this type of apparatus. The seat and backrest are ergonomic and very comfortable. With height-adjustable seat and vertically adjustable backrest to suit all users. The leg weights easily adapt to the different heights of the users. Possibility to add up to 100 kg of weight. It can incorporate the Leg Press bench.

The Finnlo Autark 2500 is a guided load machine and is equipped with cables and pulleys, which allows, on the one hand, to perform all the training movements in complete safety and, on the other hand, to reduce the weight of the load column with which it works, becoming a complete training gym bench. It uses a rotating roller system to allow for a wide range of movement.

With the Autark 2500 multi-station you can perform strength and muscle volume development exercises on the abdomen, biceps and quadriceps. With weight up to 80 kg, distributed in 16 x 5 kg, to adapt to the needs of each user and with a maximum traction weight of 90 kg. There you can do an infinite number of exercises; butterfly, throwing, rowing, arm and leg strengthening, abdominal, arm stretching, leg pressing, both sitting and standing. Ideal for your home or in the gym.

- Butterfly exercises: Yes
- Banking: Yes
- Biceps / AB: Yes / Yes
- Rowing: Yes
- Sitting dorsal exercises: Yes
- Permanent leg bending: Yes
- Seated leg bending: Yes
- Bilateral training: On the side
- Pressure legs: Yes

- Height-adjustable seat: Yes
- Adjustable support: Yes (Vertical)
- Weights block: 80 kg (16 weights x 5 kg)
- Maximum weight traction: 90 kg
- Max. user weight: 120kg
- Dimensions: 212 x 220 x 215 cm
- Space required: 240 x 300 x 215 cm

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