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Precor Experience 776i Stepper Remanufactured

Precor Experience 776i Stepper Remanufactured
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Precor Experience 776i Stepper Remanufactured
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  • Model: 1516
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Precor Experience 776i Stepper Remanufactured

Self-powered with a superior feel

Without power cords, you can place it anywhere on the floor. The 776i uses the same 6-phase generator as the elliptical line, so the smooth feel and quietness enhance the user experience.

Display featuring Tap Control™

Tactile paddles control Step Rate, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts.

Biofeedback center featuring SmartRate®

Shows calories and actual heart rate in relation to exerciser's target zone for weight loss and cardio training.

Standard CSAFE interface

Makes the 776i climber compatible with other electronic fitness systems, such as Fitlinxx® and Cardio Theater®.

14 programs for workout variety

Features a wide selection of engaging programs to keep exercise routines fresh and motivating.

Monitor your workout

Easy-to-use touch heart rate sensors monitor heart rate during workouts.

Ergonomically designed cardio workout

U-shaped handrails encourage good posture and proper technique, while the large footplates allow for varied foot positions and added comfort.

Innovative design

Enhances any facility and compliments all i-series products.

Dependable drive system

Featuring a single step-up pulley drive with fewer parts to encourage dependable performance. Since it uses a belt, it doesn't collect dust like a chain drive and it doesn't stretch like a cable drive.

Self-powered with superior feel

Because it uses a self-powered generator resistance system, speed control is optimized to provide a smooth climbing experience. Sturdy and safe Built with a low center of gravity to provide a steady, secure feeling even during the most vigorous workouts.

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