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Primal Strength Commercial Cable Crossover

Primal Strength Commercial Cable Crossover
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  • Model: Cable Crossover
  • Weight: 435.00kg
  • Dimensions: 335.00cm x 110.00cm x 235.00cm
Ex Tax: €3,077.00

Primal Strength Commercial Cable Crossover

Some of the first and most popular cable machines was a Cable Crossover which offered several fly exercises for the chest, back, shoulder and arms.

The Primal Strength Commercial Cable Crossover has been engineered to be an ultra-smooth, cable crossover that will be a core piece of equipment in any commercial training facility. The heavy duty design ensures it is perfect for sports team’s facilities, commercial gyms, or as a multi-use crossover in any environment.

The cable crossover machine offers a wide variety of cable exercises and comes with two 100kg stacks. The weights range from 5 to 100kg, in 5kg increments.

The Cable Crossover has metal shroud guards, the shrouds can be removed but offer safety to other users in a commercial environment.

The Primal Strength Crossover doesn’t have plastic pop pins or any inferior parts often found on cheaper crossovers and is finished with ionised-metal weight-stack pins, metal pop pins on the pulleys, bush-bearing pulley wheels and commercial grade cables. The frame is made of 11 gauge/3mm steel, powder-coated in Gloss Nero and backed with a lifetime frame warranty. All other parts are backed with a full commercial one-year warranty.

Gross weight (kg)465
Net weight (kg)435
Packing size (cm)2650 x 1100 x 670mm (L x W x H)
Product conditionNew
Product size (cm)335 x 110 x 235.4

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