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Strength training or resistance training involves physical exercises that are designed to improve strength and endurance of muscles individually or in groups. At Profitness Supplies we have all the equipment you need for increasing your strenght and endurance for a gym, your home gym or for sports clubs, gyms set out for staff in a qork place or anywhere else etc.

Olympic Spring Collars
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Model: 1348
Olympic Spring Collars * 2" Olympic collars * Plastic coated handles * Branded York..
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Tricep Rope Standard
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Model: PFS-PH-050
Tricep Rope StandardProduct Features Heavy duty Long lasting Tough rope Rubber handles Easy to use The benefit of a tricep rope when performing lifts is that the flexibility of the rope allows for a freer range of motion than most other cable machine attachments. While an athlete performs a lift, the central placement of the metal bracket causes the rope to bend in half. As the athlete pulls the rope toward his or her body, the arms will tend to separate so that the rope begins to straighten slightly. This shift in the angle results in a more constant resistance and allows the athlete to work the muscles at multiple angles during a single lift. An athlete can best realize this benefit when performing exercises that require the athlete to pull weight toward his or her body, which is why the tricep rope is most common when performing triceps exercises. Some of the exercises that employ this attachment are the rope tricep press, rope push downs, cable rope overhead extensions, sit down rows and cable rope extensions. It also is possible to use the tricep rope for other types of exercises, such as arms curls, but this is less common...
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Tricep and Curl Bar AttachmentV 33x18cm
1-7 Days
Model: Tricep Pressdown Bar
Tricep and Curl Bar AttachmentV 33x18cmTricep Push-Down V-Bar Attachment for use with cable stack equipmentMade from stainless steel, finished in chrome platingKnurled hand grips and welded end plates for extra gripStrength and endurance testedApprox size 33x18cm...
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20" Revolving Straight Bar
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Model: Straight Bar
20" Revolving Straight BarAfter many generations of improvement, we now introduce our innovative cable attachments with rubber contoured handgrips. This contemporary feature is based on human anatomy and physiology. Maximize the control of the bar and obtain the highest results during your workout. The 20" Deluxe Cable Bar w/ Rubber Ergo Grips is designed for seated rows, upright rows and tricep pressdown all in one with contoured handgrips. Weight: 5.5 lbs Dimensions: 20"L..
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Brand: Bodymax Model: PFS-FM-342
3MM STUDIO YOGA MAT LIGHTWEIGHT The German made Studio mat in Blue offers great cushioning, slip-resistance and durability making it ideal for intensive or Studio use. This 3mm version is best for those who prefer a lighter and thinner mat, though a 4.5mm version is also available. The Studio mat was the first yoga mat to be tested against harmful substances for skin contact and comes in a choice of widths. Machine washable Phthalate Free PVC Tested as free of harmful substances to Oeko Tex Level 1 Size: 3mm x 60cm x 1.83m Mat..
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24" Pro Style Lat Bar
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Model: PFS-PH-054
With a forged swivel and specially-designed tapered handles for better grip and feel, our 24” Deluxe Pro Style Lat Bar exercises the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. Using a perpendicular range of motion, this bar is perfectly angled to give a deeper stretch for better development...
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48" Revolving Lat Bar
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48" Revolving Lat BarCable Attachment: A machined bar made for performing exercises on a cable lat pulldown or low row/pully exercise machine. For example a tricep pushdown bar or lat pulldown bar. Newer bars now come with ergo handle grips and rubber gripping for a more comfortable workout. If you have any kind of cable machine you will need one of our attachments to along with it. Take a look at the new ergo and rubber grip bars...
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Olympic Bulldog Collars
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Model: 1349
Olympic Sized bulldog collars Light and perfect enabling you to hold your plates tight and not increasing the overall weight of the bar...
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Fitness-Mad Pro Suspension Trainer
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Model: PFS-FM-300
The Pro Suspension Trainer is a portable lightweight training system that allows you to workout anytime, anywhere be it from a door frame, wall anchor or a tree! Use your own body weight as resistance and strengthen the whole body, whilst building muscle and burning unwanted fat. Suspension Training increases flexibility and endurance and helps to develop and maintain a strong core. Specifications: The hi-performance Pro Suspension Trainer has been independently load tested to over 1000Lb (450Kgs) and is built to perform from hi-strength polyester webbing with industrial bartack stitching . Our unique steel T-fastener buckles allow for quick adjustment of the Apex style straps, which adjust from 1.2m to 2.5m (excl. Anchor Strap) to suit users of all sizes and abilities. The Apex straps attach to our 1.25m anchor strap to offers 5 different attachment points, when used with the integral door jam or when clipped to a wall anchor eyelet (not included). Alternatively the anchor strap can be wrapped around a tree or secure object with a circumference of up to 1.1m for complete flexibility on where you workout. Quality ABS hand grips with integrated foot cradles, for use in ground-based exercises, allow you to work out the whole body. A mesh carry bag completes the package. Safety Note: As this equipment can be used in a variety of environments, including the outdoors, always check for wear and tear before use and replace if any signs of damage exist. Always check that the item you attach the anchor strap to is suitably strong to support your dynamic weight before working out. Maximum User Weight: 125Kgs...
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Machine Mat - 6mm x 2.5m x 100cm
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Model: PFS-FM-001
Machine Mat - 6mm x 90cm x 150cm Fitness-Mad Machine Mat for Upright Bike or similar. These mats provide excellent floor protection for use underneath exercise equipment or for weight training. Helps to keep equipment in place and reduces machine noise. Features: Sealed edges, anti-slip base so will not slide on the floor. Colour: Black Size: 6mm x 90cm x 150cm Weight: 2.5Kg Material: PVC. Chemical resistant...
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Studio Pro-Mat 180cm 60cm 15mm
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Brand: Bodymax Model: PFS-FM-341
Studio Pro-Mat 180cm 60cm 15mm The Pro-Mat is our best mat for Pilates, exercise and therapy. At 15mm thick it offers great support for the spine and knees. The mat is double sided and will not slide on the floor. 100% recyclable. TPE is impermeable, hygienic and PVC Free. If you are looking for a mat to carry to class regularly you may wish to consider the Pilates-Mad Core Fitness mat, which rolls up neatly and is lighter to carry Colour: Blue Size: 180cm x 60cm x 15mm. 2.6Kg Material: TPE Synthetic Rubber. PVC Free. Closed cell so will not absorb water or harbour bacteria. Independently tested by SGS Laboratories as Heavy Metal, Phthalate, AZO & Organotin free..
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Brand: Primal Strength Model: Primal Pro Series Olympic EZ Matte Nero Ionised Bar
Ionised Black Olympic EZ barInner length 82cm, total length 120cmBush Bearings for Reduced Friction and Smoother LiftsKnurled Bar for Improved GripHeavy Duty Bar with Olympic-Sized Machined-Sleeve Bar Ends2-Year Commercial WarrantyWeight7.0 kgColourBlackEan5060492991137Gtin5060492991137MaterialIonised SteelProduct conditionNewThe Stealth Commercial Fitness Ionised Black Olympic EZ bar is a heavy duty curl bar engineered using brass bush bearings which not only prolong the life of the bar but are essential to reduce disc friction, allowing for smoother lifts. A lower grade EZ bars will use Allen Key secured end caps, which can quickly (and do frequently) break when used in a commercial gym environment, so the Stealth EZ Bar design offers increased durability from inferior alternatives on the market.The black, ionised finish on the bar improves with age, unlike “decorative” chrome bars, ionised finishes will never peel, flake or chip - which makes for a longer lasting, more aesthetically pleasing bar. The Stealth EZ grip design is engineered to alleviate unnecessary pressure on the wrists while using pronated and supinated grips during bicep and tricep training. The knurled grip is 28.5mm with medium knurling.The Stealth Commercial Fitness Ionised Black Olympic EZ bar is one of 5 Core Primal Strength bars and the range has been designed for use in any sports facility, commercial gym, PT studio or home. It has a Matte Nero Ionised finish and is suitable with all Olympic-sized discs. We recommend using the EZ bar with our Primal Strength Premium Rubber Olympic discs.The EZ bar has a full commercial 2-year warranty; the warranty is only valid if the bar hasn’t been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, poor storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes dropping the bar on a bench or excessive dropping with poor quality bumpers plates/rubber/iron plates...
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