FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR

FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR


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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR

Additional Information
Label Finnlo by HAMMER
Colour black
Weight 95 kg
Build up size 175 x 60 x 168 cm
Features / Additional Equipment Speed transmission system for double disc rotation
Hand brake to immediately stop the machine
Precision ball bearing
Computer-controlled resistance adjustment
Front-driven elliptical machine
2 hand heart rate sensors
Ergonomic handlebars (1fixed and 2 movable handlebars for more variety)
Specially designed treads to maintain stability
Dual belt drive system
Product compatible with Yes
Drive system Double belt drive
Braking system Permanent magnet
Resistance adjustment Computer controlled
Load spectrum 20 Steps
Load control RPM dependent
Fitness programmes 8
Flywheel mass 20 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:8
Footplate distance 6 cm
Schrittlänge 50 cm
Freewheel No
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse
Permanent display 8
User 1
Training programmes 7
Pulse Handpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes
Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable
Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes
Heart rate controlled programmes 2
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Max. body weight 150 kg
Delivery time 6-8 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)

FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Trainer E-Glide SR
Premium workouts with the FINNLO E-Glide SR
The FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine offers you varied cardio workouts with the best possible comfort. The dynamic workout on the elliptical machine works your entire body and increases the number of calories you burn in a natural way, which also increases effectiveness. From the calves to the shoulders, all of your large muscle groups are included in the workout and strengthened.
You can achieve the following effects with long-term workouts on the E-Glide SR:

Improved cardiovascular system
Reduction in body weight and fat reserves
Tightening of the legs and buttocks
Optimal body toning
Increase in endurance
FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine– Product specifications
Hi-tech workout computer with many programs
You can centrally control all of the workout functions using the modern workout computer integrated into the E-Glide SR. But you can also vary the intensity directly on the handles. Choose a suitable workout session from the 5 strain profiles with mountain and valley variations and 2 heart rate-controlled programs. There are 20 levels at which the resistance can be set.
You can measure your heart rate via the sensors in the handles or chest strap included in the delivery. Use your heart rate measurement for a targeted workout with an upper heart rate limit to get even more out of your workout.
A practical muscle activity program also shows you the muscles currently being worked.
Harmonious rotation that goes easy on the joints
The precision ball bearing is equipped with double ball bearing joints to make your workout even more comfortable. This, coupled with 20kg centrifugal force, guarantees optimal running smoothness. The elliptical machine is driven by a stable grooved belt that is counteracted by the tried-and-tested FINNLO permanent magnet brake system, thereby guaranteeing exact intensity settings. A fan and an AUX input connection (so you can play music from your cell phone or iPod) round out the high-quality fittings of the E-Glide SR.
Here is an overview of additional product information:

Transmission ratio: 1:8
Permanent display: 8
Drive system: Grooved belt
Brake system: permanent magnet brake system
Integrated transport rollers
Muscle activity program
Height regulator
Precision ball bearing
5 cm Footplate spacing
Approx. 20 kg centrifugal force
Strain profiles
2 heart rate-controlled workout programs
Workout intensity: 20 strain levels
LCD display: blue, backlight
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Color: silver / black
Dimensions when set up (LxWxH) cm: 175 x 60 x 168 cm
Max. permissible body weight: 150 kg

Premium level endurance training: FINNLO E-Glide SR
The FINNLO E-Glide elliptical machine is currently the best model you can buy in the FINNLO series. The E-Glide SR embodies functionality, design and user-friendlines like no other device. The flywheel provides immense propoulsion and, with step lengths of 46cm, ensures perfect movement ergonomics. The resistance can be set using one of 20 strain levels via the modern monitor with blue backlight. A centrifugal force of 20kg, a grooved belt drive and a high-quality permanent mangnet brake system ensure fluid and harmonious running smoothness. In just a short time elliptical machines such as the FINNLO E-Glide SR have become bestsellers amongst home exercise equipment. And there is a reason for this: the workout is intense and works about 90% of your muscles, and you also go easy on your joints, tendons and ligaments. You will burn about 600-700 kcal /hour with just a moderate intensity, and in no time at all you will see visible results in terms of fat reduction and tightened tissue.

The FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine – comfort, ergonomics and functionality
What distinguishes an elliptical machine?
Elliptical machines and cross-trainers are often used synonymously, as at first glance they seem very similar, and even in terms of functionality it seems like there is hardly any difference between them. The differences, however, are significant, which is what justifies the higher price of an elliptical machine. In contrast to a cross-trainer, the flywheel on an elliptical machine is in the front, making it a front-driven device. This accounts for the immense propulsion that makes your steps somewhat flatter and more expansive. This further reduces the strain on your joints. What’s more, elliptical machines have much lower footplate spacing: with the E-Glide SR the spacing is just 5cm. The pattern of movement is exactly the the natural way that a human moves and improves the ergonomics of your workout. Finally, elliptical machines are equipped with an intermediate hinge in the pedal mechanism.

Workout computer with blue backlight display
You can centrally manage your workout on the elliptical machine using the LCD monitor with blue backlight. You can set and see the following workout modalitie durin your workouts:

time / duration of workout /speed / step frequency
calories burned
You can choose from a total of 20 strain levels when you specify the parameters for your workout. Five strain profiles and two additional heart rate-controlled workout programs are available. There are buttons installed in the handles that allow you to easily change the intensity of your workout during your session without having to reach for the display. You can measure your heart rate via the hand heart rate sensors in the handlebars or a chest strap (included in the delivery). Heart rate-oriented workouts facilitate goal-oriented metabolism training with precise control of the development of your performance. You can easily implement the specifications you have received from your doctor or physiotherapist.

TOP features: muscle activity program and user memory
FINNLO home exercise machines help you keep up with the times. This is made clear by the FINNLO E-Glide SR: an innovative muscle activity program shows you which muscle groups are being worked at the moment. This means you always know how effective and efficient your workout is. If there are multiple people in your household, then the E-Glide SR is the ideal elliptical machine. It has a practical memory for multiple individuals.

Modern fittings, ideal power transmission
FINNLO sets standards with the E-Glide SR, even in terms of mechanical fittings. A stable, quiet grooved belt drives the centrifugal force inside the elliptical machine. A permament magnet brake system powers the brakes, which allows you to fine-tune the level of intensity. A precision ball bearing (double ball bearing joints for improved application) transfers the generated propulsion to even, round fluidity of movement. The transmission ratio is 1:8
Optimal movement ergonomics
Comfort and ergonomics are central factors that set the E-Glide SR apart from the competition. The 20kg centrifugal force provides immense propulsion during your workout, which has a positive effect on the movement ergonomics. The step length is 46cm, which is far above the average length seen in traditional cross-trainers and elliptical machines. The minimum footplate spacing of just 5cm significantly reduces the strain on your knee and ankle jonts thanks to optimal distribution of weight and a realistic simulation of how the human being moves.

The modern silver and black design fits in every design scheme. The elliptical machine can easily be moved around the room thanks to the practical transport rollers on the front end of the machine. The practical height regulator compensates for uneven floors, allowing you to even use your machine outside without any issues. The dimensions of the elliptical machine when set up are 175 x 58 x 166 cm (L x W x H), and the machine has a maximum body weight capacity of 150kg. The elliptical machine also comes with speakers for even more comfort during your workout. The speakers can be controlled via an AUX input port. Simply connect your cell phone or iPod and enjoy your favorite music while you work out! A fan provides a refreshing breeze that keeps you pleasantly cool.

Workout tip
Also include short, intense sessions in your weeking workout program, for example in the form of interval training or the repetition method. This is as easy as pressing a button on the workout computer. Doing so helps you vary the stimuli to which your body is subjected. Long-term success without stagnation is only possible if you diversify your workout. What’s more, interval-style strains also increase your performance in sports such as soccer, tennis and badminton.

Conclusion and overview
The FINNLO E-Glide SR elliptical machine offers you comfortable and varied cardio training in the comfort of your own home. The dynamic movement on the elliptical machine optimizes your cardiovascular system, burns excess fat reserves and molds your body into thin, defined proportions. You can centrally control all functions via the sophisticated workout computer. 5 strain profiles with mountain and valley variations plus 2 heart rate-controlled programs and individual resistance settings in 20 levels ensure that you always have fun while working out. Your can measure your heart rate using the hand heart rate sensors or an optional chest strap, depending on which variation you prefer. The precision ball bearing with double ball bearing joints and 20kg centrifugal force guarantee optimal running smoothness and the highest level of comfort during your workout. The elliptical machine is driven by a stable grooved belt that is regulated by a permanent magnet brake system.

Additional information

Weight 90.00000000 kg



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