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  • Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline ET660i IIElliptical Trainer inSPORTline ET660i II

    Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline ET660i II


    The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline ET660i II will take your workout to another level. The manual incline adjustment offers four more incline levels, allowing you to walk uphill and therefore engage additional muscle groups. The magnetic braking system offers another 16 resistance levels. It also ensures incredibly quiet operation! This elliptical trainer has a variety of advanced functions, which allows you to sync the machine with…

  • Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline GalicumElliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum

    Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum


    The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum is a professional elliptical trainer with a timeless futuristic design. Unlike other elliptical trainers, this one has the flywheel in the front, making the movement more dynamic and natural. The unique-colored sturdy structure with the 51cm stride length, 26.5cm pedal spacing and 14.5kg flywheel makes this elliptical unique. You may also appreciate…

  • Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline KapekorElliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor

    Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor


    The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Kapekor is a revolutionary, modern-looking elliptical trainer with a sturdy structure. The 2 flywheels provide an optimal motion path that mimics the movement of the human body, allowing for a comfortable workout. The magnetic braking system allows for quiet running, allowing you to exercise at any time of the day. Since the easy-to-read display shows time, speed, distance, calories,…

  • FINNLO by HAMMER Cross Trainer LoxonFINNLO by HAMMER Cross Trainer Loxon

    FINNLO by HAMMER Cross Trainer Loxon


    This crosstrainer by Finnlo is the ideal home gym machine for fitness exercise once you have the space selected. ´╗┐The LOXON elliptical trainer by FINNLO combines function with comfort and is the perfect partner for cardio training at home. The heart of the elliptical trainer is the computer with a high-quality blue backlight display that…

  • FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000

    FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ellypsis E3000


    This crosstriner for sale is nicely similar to the Commercial Crosstrainers you will find in a gym in relation to the action and feel. Some call these Elliptical Cross Trainer whichever you want or prefer to call these, one you get going over the first week you will possibly get hooked fast as the action…

  • Sale! lady doing cardio with hammer cardio machnecardio fir digital screen

    Hammer CrossPace 5.0 NorsK


    A home Hammer CrossPace 5.0 NorsK Crosstrainer full of style, feel and ability to deliver for you a several more users for your home gym.

Cross Trainers. When we set up our business our intention was to supply not only some of the best fitness and strength products in the market today but to back it up with knowledge of the fitness industry for 25 years. We have selected Cross Trainers for both young and old, large and small, front drive and back and when you call us we can identify a machine that will suit your use however we will ask your advice on the machine that looks right for you. A Cross Trainer that you purchase for home or for your gym could really have a huge impact on your or your users mindset that will encourage more potential Fitness Equipment users to benefit in many ways. Your outlook on fitness and the way you spend your time training and eating for long term benefits could indeed increase your longevity and greatly improve your overall well being. Choose after researching and call us for more info.