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This multi-gym delivers to you the lot. Combination of functions, full of elegance in compact dimensions, this multi-station offers every strength and fitness enthusiast a wide range of advanced training options. There are alot of training options for every muscle on your body that are offered via the different modules of this highly versatile multi-station. Standing still was yesterday – the Autark 7.0 ushers in a whole new era for you and your body.

Benefits  Finnlo Maximum Multi-Gym Autark 7.0
✔ Durability and resilience
✔ C ombines function and elegance
✔ Wide range of advanced training options
✔  Versatile multi-station ✔ New era for you and your body

Maximum power

It’s time to unleash your full potential! And the Autark 7.0 multi-gym can handle what you dish out. It is designed for professional strength training and is your reliable training partner for every kilo. Discover the many push and pull options and let those muscles burn! This home gym adapts to every conceivable training program. There are 16 weight scales of 5 kg each on the robust weight block, which can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the desired resistance. The comfort seat and backrest can be adjusted to your personal needs in seconds. The same applies to the powerful, smooth-running cable pulleys on the pulley tower, which can be easily adjusted to the correct height.

Your choice: with or without leg curl

The thigh protectors are easy to adjust for different leg lengths and exercise types. The hamstring curl is just as quick to use when switching between leg raises and reverse leg raises. Completely unique to this multi-gym: the entire leg curl module can be removed quickly and easily. This allows a much more comfortable sitting position for various other upper body exercises, so that you can perform them even better.

Powerful design

The Autark 7.0 multi-gym comes with a stylish all-black design and an excellent finish. It looks great in any room and stays firmly in place no matter how hard you work. The robust construction of the exercise bike consists of highly stress-resistant premium steel and has a load capacity of 150 kg. This means that higher weight classes can train carefree with this multi-gym to burn those muscles and melt away the fat.

The cable tower with endless possibilities

The side cable tower offers a whole range of additional training options. You should always include a variety of pulley exercises in your training to improve training results, and you shouldn’t shy away from some strength-building, functional exercises either! The two high-quality cable rollers on the tower can be adjusted in height with a simple turn of the knob. These are just some of the workouts you can do on the cable tower: biceps and triceps exercises, adduction and abduction with the leg loop around the ankle, pull-ups and leg raises on the pull-up bar, lateral trunk tilts, butterfly exercises, rows during the standing or sitting and much more.

Fitness just like in the gym

This elegant strength device is the right choice for ambitious fitness beginners, but also for professional strength athletes. Motivation is kept high with virtually endless exercise variations. Each muscle group is effectively worked out and the muscle mass is built up robustly and continuously. The fitness studio for your own four walls frees you from expensive fitness costs and unnecessary trips. From now on you can work on your body whenever you want and in the way you want – regardless of the weather or gym hours.

Overview specifications
•  Health-oriented or professional competitive strength training
•  Weight loss and body
care •  Building muscle mass in your torso, strong arms, a wide, V-shaped back and an attractive six-pack
•  Toned legs and thighs
•  High-intensity back workouts culminating in the weight training targeted muscle building
•  SKU: 3655
•  Abdominal pull: yes
•  Adjustable leg height: yes
• B ack pull: yes
•  Bench press: yes
•  Bicep curl: yes
• Build size: (L x W x H) 200 x 170 x 217 – Built-in size: 200 x 210 x 230 cm
•  Butterfly: yes
•  Ceiling height: 230 cm
•  Color: black
•  Lat pull: yes
•  Leg curl: yes
•  Leg press: no
•  Leg raises: yes
•  Max. body weight: 150 kg
•  Max. height: 205 cm
•  Max. resistance: 120 kg
•  Maximum usable weight: 102.5 kg
•  Multiple adjustable backrest: yes
•  Neck press: yes
•  Rows: yes
•  Seat adjustable: yes
•  Likewise pulling force: yes
• Triceps: yes
•  Upgradeable with additional weights: yes
•  Weight: 290 kg
•  Reverse leg raises: yes

Additional information

Weight 290.00000000 kg
Dimensions 200.00000000 × 210.00000000 × 230.00000000 cm


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