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  • BH Fitness G159 TT-4 Multigym - Multi-GymBH Fitness G159 TT-4 Multigym - Multi-Gym

    BH Fitness G159 TT-4 Multigym – Multi-Gym


    Full Multi-Gym station with reinforced structure and high-performance components that will offer you the ideal training session for the whole body in a specific time frame. This multi-gym offers a wide range of possibilities: more than 15 Multi-Gym exercises that will deliver your results with a dedicated program that you impliment. Enjoy the benefits of…

  • Bioforce Extreme Pro


    BioForce Extreme Pro, with additional arms and features, this newest machine from Hammer Sport allows customers create the very best in this from the Bioforce models. Have a look at the video’s available to see the additions. If you cannot find some video’s please email us on for the info.

  • Finnlo Autark 2500 MultigymFinnlo Autark 2500 Multigym

    Finnlo Autark 2500 Multigym


    This Finnlo Autark 2500 Multi-Gym – The “studio” training tower and “power turbo” for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, height-adjustable cable pulley and improved leg press Weight Stack – 80kg, this Home Gym Machine delivers enough weight for strong athletes who need a Multi-Gym Machine for your home when…

  • Finnlo Autark 2600 Multi-GymFinnlo Autark 2600 Multi-Gym

    Finnlo Autark 2600 Multi-Gym


      The multifunctional “studio-quality” exercise tower and “strength-turbo” for professional fitness and strength-training at home. With integrated AB & Backtrainer for an effective and health-oriented workout for your ab and back muscles. Includes leg extensor/extender function, separate side curling unit and height-adjustable cable pull module – to work your muscles even more efficiently. The upgrade…

  • Finnlo Autark 6000 Multi-GymFinnlo Autark 6000 Multi-Gym

    Finnlo Autark 6000 Multi-Gym


    The Finnlo Autark 6000 Multi-Gym delivers Exercises that are similar to what you can traini in the commercial gym setting. The multifunctional studio training tower and “power turbo” for professional fitness and strength training at home. Including leg extension/leg curl function, separate butterfly unit and roller system that can be rotated by 160 degrees and is height-adjustable…

  • Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Multi GymFinnlo Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym

    Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym


    FINNLO’s BIO FORCE EXTREME revolutionizes strength-training machine! Instead of conventional weight stacks, BIO FORCE EXTREME uses special TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology). Nitrogen-filled cylinders generate smooth and even resistance without making noise. This manually operated disc-locking mechanism lets you adjust resistance up to 125 kg in steps of 2.5 kg without having to get…

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