Finnlo Multigym Autark 2200

Finnlo Multigym Autark 2200


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This Multigym by Finnlo really looks the part and is nice as its tidy and the really impressive part is the side cable attachment that allows for so many strength exercises.

Warranty – 10 Years Frame, 3 Years Parts.

Weight Stack 80kg.

With our multi-gym Autark 2200 you can expect a versatile and varied strength training and you can get all the main muscle groups of your body in perfect shape. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or in your prime, a beginner or a rehab athlete – our professional multi-gym Autark 2200 from FINNLO will inspire you and increase your anticipation of strength training even more. Individual and effective muscle building training at home, as you are used to in the gym or in rehabilitation, will make you sweat a lot. Now nothing stands in the way of your effective strength training or rehabilitation sport. Equipped with a weight stack of 80 kg, which can optionally be upgraded to up to 100 kg, the Autark 2200 now allows you to effectively achieve your weight training goals. Training with the FINNLO Autark 2200 supports you in building up your muscles quickly and effectively, even if you are already an advanced strength athlete. With this versatile home gym you strengthen and strengthen your entire muscular system individually according to your ideas!

Effective build-up of your entire chest muscles

With the Autark 2200 multi-gym, you can achieve enormous chest muscle growth with the classic bench press or butterfly function. While the bench press uses the entire pectoral muscle (M. Pectoralis Major), the outer parts of your chest can be trained with the first-class butterfly movement.

High-quality lateral cable tower adjustable in several heights

On the side of the FINNLO Autark 2200 is a freely adjustable double cable tower. This can also be used to do free exercises. An upper, middle and lower cable pull allow, for example, leg training, bicep curls, tricep training, crunches, rotator training, lat pulldowns, rowing exercises and many other exercises. The free training allows for additional stimuli that make enormous demands on muscle building.

First-class “AB-Crunch” cable pull for an intensive abdominal and upper arm workout

The built-in AB crunch cable pull allows a very high strain on the straight and oblique abdominal muscles and thus enables particularly fast muscle growth. Due to the optimal length of the pulling device, even complex triceps exercises, such as pullovers and cable pull exercises, can be carried out ergonomically and at the highest possible intensity.

Perfect rowing exercises while sitting comfortably

The AB crunch/rowing module allows effective rowing exercises for developing strong back muscles or a pronounced latissimus. The different grip variations allow an optimal tight and wide rowing training for additional strain on the shoulder and neck muscles. In addition, the cable pull above the headrest allows you to exercise triceps stretches.

High-quality lat pulldown for your optimal back training

The first-class lat pulldown of the FINNLO Autark 2200 leaves nothing to be desired. The high-quality pull mechanism allows you to complete a high-intensity workout and avoid many execution errors. With the lat bar you can perform lat pulls either to the neck or to the chest.

leg module

The high-quality leg curler is ideal for muscle building, strength endurance sports or rehabilitation sports for knee problems or after knee injuries. A comprehensive workout of the leg muscles at studio level is finally possible here.

Ideal: Combined leg extension and leg curl module

The leg extension and leg curl function consists of a module that can be changed with a flick of the wrist using the quick adjustment mechanism. A well-developed hamstrings not only makes a visual impression, but is the best prerequisite for many sports such as jogging, cycling, etc.

Training the inner and outer thighs

The inside and outside of the thighs (adductor, abductor training) can be shaped with the supplied foot strap. These exercises are particularly popular with women to counteract cellulite and optimally train the buttocks (gluteus). A separate cable pull device makes rowing exercises and, thanks to the foot strap supplied, leg exercises perfectly possible.

Optimum training ergonomics thanks to variable adjustment options

The self-sufficient comfort seat and the ergonomic backrest can be adjusted vertically several times, the backrest can also be adjusted in the angle of inclination. In this way you can individually adjust the seat height to any body size. This means that your Autark 2200 is also ideal for people over 2 meters tall.

Optimum adjustment options for the butterfly arms

The butterfly arms also offer numerous adjustment options: They can be adjusted in 5 angles outwards and inwards. Perfect for different muscle responses and building a muscular, broad pectoral musculature.

Perfect accessory: variable training thanks to versatile handles

Supplied with professional studio grips and bars. With the ergonomically shaped latissimus bar you train your back muscles perfectly, with the curl bar you can quickly and effectively build up impressive arm muscles and you use the triceps cable to build up and tone the rear arm muscles. The variety of handles and training options allows for a quick build-up of muscles. The variety in training in particular ensures a high level of muscle stimulation and thus great effects.

Stable, safe construction and perfect cable technology

The FINNLO Autark 2200 multi-gym stands securely and firmly on the ground, even under high weight loads. It owes this to its particularly stable tubular steel construction with a wall thickness of 4 mm. Here, too, the difference to simple multi-stations on the market becomes clear.

Ball-bearing quality cables

The rollers of the quality cable pulls have ball bearings and thus offer perfect and almost noiseless gliding behavior, even with higher weight loads.

Your intensive strength training at home with over 30 exercises for all muscle groups

Thanks to the numerous individual stations and training options, you can address every muscle group in a variety of ways. The varied exercise forms and the well thought-out geometry of the multi-station FINNLO Autark 2200 from HAMMER guarantee fast and targeted muscle building without compromise. Would you like to bring your own gym home? Training professionally and effectively? Regardless of whether you want to build muscle or maintain or even improve your health, with the multi-gym Autark 2200 you train professionally and flexibly when, where and how you want it.

FINNLO Autark 2200 – The home studio for your individual training goals:

  • Defined upper body, muscular arms, a wide V-shape and a pronounced six-pack
  • Well-trained legs, thighs and calves and a defined buttocks
  • Health-oriented to performance-oriented strength training
  • Healthy, preventive back training through to strength training-oriented building of the back muscles

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Weight 240.00000000 kg
Dimensions 165.00000000 × 166.00000000 × 215.00000000 cm


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