Hammer Maximum Elliptical Spirit E-Glide

Hammer Maximum Elliptical Spirit E-Glide


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The race car of elliptical trainers. Intensive power workout and speed training.

Push your limits!

Unique all-round fitness pro

The speed elliptical trainer combines the classic movement of an elliptical trainer with the drive of professional indoor cycles. Additionally equipped with the new Double Transmission System, this doubles the disc rotation compared to conventional cardio trainers. Very high rotation speeds are possible with low resistance – while calorie consumption is simultaneously increased by up to 25%.

Advantages over conventional elliptical trainers:

  • High-intensity training = low resistance with high rotation speed
  • Target even more muscle groups through different training positions
  • Even more demanding training is possible by coordinating movements
  • Up to 25% higher calorie consumption
  • Varied muscle activation, e.g. by using backwards training with the Spirit E-Glide’s ”reverse gear”

Unlimited power

Quick and easy resistance adjustment for your speed training

“Speed crossing”: new feeling, simply even more fun during training. The Spirit E-Glide is a unique combination of elliptical trainer and professional speedbike. The resistance adjustment is also similar to that of indoor cycles, as the training intensity can be continuously and manually adjusted via the rotary knob. A display clearly shows you the selected resistance. To change the training resistance, turn the resistance adjustment knob in the appropriate direction. The red mark on the display shows you the current resistance level. The larger the number, the higher the resistance to make you sweat

Clear four-display training computer

Full concentration on your training

The functions of the Spirit E-Glide are controlled via the training computer and its push buttons. The training data is clearly displayed on the LCD screen by the four-way permanent display. The displays show six performance parameters: speed, calories, distance, time, revolutions per minute and pulse. You have all the important performance parameters in front of you at a glance.

A training time can be set with the two (+) and (-) buttons. If no time is specified, the time starts counting up when you start training. Perfectly simple to use, so you can focus on your training. The training computer is powered by batteries and does not require any other power sources.

Double bottle holder and hand brake

Real racing bike feeling with emergency stop for safety

In case you start going too fast during your high-speed training, the handbrake offers you the necessary safety for an emergency stop. Quick and easy to reach near the handles, you can apply the brake and immediately stop the flywheel. The brake cable works like a real bicycle.

Fast training is thirsty work! That is why the Spirit E-Glide has two water bottle holders. This way you won’t run out of water or sports drink during an intense workout and you won’t have to get off the bike to get a refill, even during longer workouts.

How do I measure my pulse?

You can take your heart rate measurement using an optional chest strap.

Pulse-oriented training with the Spirit E-Glide helps you to reach your training goals better, while preventing you from overshooting your goal. The right pulse rate is crucial for healthy, goal-oriented training. You can easily take your heart rate measurement using an optional chest strap. The training computer is equipped with a chip which enables wireless pulse transmission with a chest strap (5.0 – 5.5 kHz). You always have your personal pulse rate in view on the display of the training computer, ensuring more targeted and safer training.

Fast and extremely quiet

Quiet training with premium drive, quality ball bearings and magnetic brake system

The innovative technology of your Spirit E-Glide is what sets it apart from other ordinary elliptical trainers. An 18 kg flywheel mass combined with the quality ball bearings creates a unique, even and innovative movement that will impress you from the start. With every training session, you will feel the superb quality of the Spirit E-Glide and will be driven to top performance again and again.

The innovative double grooved belt drive ensures perfect power transmission. You can fully concentrate on yourself and your cardio training. Other family members or your neighbours can also share your enjoyment of the Spirit E-Glide, because they will love the quiet and noiseless training and won’t be disturbed. Train at any time of day or night, in front of the TV, or listening to music at the same time.

Incomparably low-impact, comfortable movement

Unparalleled quality

The precision ball bearings and the numerous build features of this elliptical trainer guarantee a smooth training experience with a very high quality of movement. The step length of the speed elliptical trainer is 52 cm, which enables a flat and very low-impact movement pattern. The specially shaped treads with a distance of 6 cm are inclined slightly inwards and bring the feet and thus your entire body into the ergonomically correct training position. Get ready, an intensive training experience awaits you!

Premium down to the last detail

Mobile, stable and not dependent on mains power

With the Spirit E-Glide, you can be sure that even during intensive training sessions the trainer will be perfectly secure and stable, thanks to the four-point support system. Uneven floors can be levelled out by the adjustable foot caps. You can easily move the Spirit E-Glide around the room using its two integrated transportation rollers, which are attached to the front leg and the handle in the rear leg. You don’t have to worry about sockets or annoying extension cables. The elliptical trainer has been designed so that it does not need electricity. Only the display is operated with three batteries (AA). With its compact dimensions of 180 x 60 x 168 cm, the Spirit E-Glide does not take up much space in your home or training room. A safety lock ensures that your Spirit E-Glide can wait safely for its next training session with you.

Additional information

Weight 111 kg
Dimensions 177 × 60 × 173 cm

Quality Stride


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