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Exercise Mats/Flooring

Exercise Mats/Flooring
Exercise Mats/Flooring, if its large, small, colour variations for exercise. Flooring variations thick thin, colour variations.
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Brand: Bodymax Model: PFS-FM-342
3MM STUDIO YOGA MAT LIGHTWEIGHT The German made Studio mat in Blue offers great cushioning, slip-resistance and durability making it ideal for intensive or Studio use. This 3mm version is best for those who prefer a lighter and thinner mat, though a 4.5mm version is also available. The Studio mat was the first yoga mat to be tested against harmful substances for skin contact and comes in a choice of widths. Machine washable Phthalate Free PVC Tested as free of harmful substances to Oeko Tex Level 1 Size: 3mm x 60cm x 1.83m Mat..
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Machine Mat - 6mm x 2.5m x 100cm
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Model: PFS-FM-001
Machine Mat - 6mm x 90cm x 150cm Fitness-Mad Machine Mat for Upright Bike or similar. These mats provide excellent floor protection for use underneath exercise equipment or for weight training. Helps to keep equipment in place and reduces machine noise. Features: Sealed edges, anti-slip base so will not slide on the floor. Colour: Black Size: 6mm x 90cm x 150cm Weight: 2.5Kg Material: PVC. Chemical resistant...
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Studio Pro-Mat 180cm 60cm 15mm
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Brand: Bodymax Model: PFS-FM-341
Studio Pro-Mat 180cm 60cm 15mm The Pro-Mat is our best mat for Pilates, exercise and therapy. At 15mm thick it offers great support for the spine and knees. The mat is double sided and will not slide on the floor. 100% recyclable. TPE is impermeable, hygienic and PVC Free. If you are looking for a mat to carry to class regularly you may wish to consider the Pilates-Mad Core Fitness mat, which rolls up neatly and is lighter to carry Colour: Blue Size: 180cm x 60cm x 15mm. 2.6Kg Material: TPE Synthetic Rubber. PVC Free. Closed cell so will not absorb water or harbour bacteria. Independently tested by SGS Laboratories as Heavy Metal, Phthalate, AZO & Organotin free..
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