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  • BH Fitness I.Magna RC TreadmillBH Fitness I.Magna RC Treadmill

    BH Fitness I.Magna RC Treadmill


    BH Fitness I.Magna RC Treadmill   Price includes delivery to your address anywhere in Ireland. Warranty: 5 Years Frame – 2 Years Parts + Labour i.Magna RC The brand new i.Magna RC is the perfect treadmill to carry out the most intense workout sessions, thanks to its AC motor and the i.Concept connectivity. Link your…

  • Bh Fitness Movemia Treadmill TR1000Bh Fitness Movemia Treadmill TR1000

    Bh Fitness Movemia Treadmill TR1000


    Specifications Length 212 cm Width 94 cm Height 172 cm Running Area 160 x 58 cm Motor 6.0 CV Incline Levels -3% Decline +16% Incline Speed 1 – 26 km/h Monitor 19& Machine Weight 220 kg Transport Wheels Yes Maximum User Weight 190 kg Easy Toolbar Yes HST Phenolic Resin Board Yes Heart Rate Sensors…

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    Bh Fitness RS800 Treadmill


    The BH Fitness RS800 Treadmill is an ideal running machine for joggers and marathan runners. The max speed of 20kph and incline of 15% gives you the buyer a solid machine for safe exercise in bad weather or if you live in a busy urban landscape.

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    BH Fitness RS900 Treadmill


    The BH Fitness RS900 Treadmill has a very strong motor, wide and long deck and frame which can cater for home users up to 150kg.

  • BH Fitness T180 Mycron TreadmillBH Fitness T180 Mycron Treadmill

    BH Fitness T180 Mycron Treadmill


    BH Fitness T180 Mycron Treadmill Price included has treadmill delivered to your address in all of Ireland. One of the widest running surfaces in a minimum space. This treadmill combines a compact design with one of the widest running surfaces on the market which ensures a safe and comfortable training.  Technical Spec Use frequency: REGULAR…

  • Bh Fitness TR800 LED TreadmillBh Fitness TR800 LED Treadmill

    Bh Fitness TR800 LED Treadmill


    The TR800 treadmill from the MOVEMIA range combines the latest improvements in technology with the finest details on the cardio equipment industry. You will feel completely safe when jumping into the machine to start your fitness journey the treadmill includes the latest in comfort and performance: a powerful 5hp motor that reaches 22km/h, incline and…

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