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    Raze Large Outdoor Rig


    Raze Large Outdoor Rig, the perfect looking rig for many various gyms today.

  • Raze Outdoor RigRaze Outdoor Rig

    Raze Outdoor Rig


    Galvanised for guaranteed all-weather durability, the RAZE outdoor rig is ready to deliver in any environment. Features 4 lifting stations 3 ball targets 2 dip stations 2 grapplers 4 rope hoops 6 pull up stations Multiple monkey bars A fully welded construction, the main frame sections are 70mm x 70mm x 3mm steel. Custom crafted adjustable…

  • Raze Zenith Series - 3m Bridge Rig

    Raze Zenith Series – 3m Bridge Rig


    3M BRIDGE RIG Perfect for a functional training space, the Monster Rig can be customised to provide all the tools required for effective all over body training. The base frame comes supplied with monkey bars and suspension mounts and can be added to with a wide range of training attachments such as rope trainers, ball targets and…