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  • Hammer WaterEffect 3D Rowing MachineHammer WaterEffect 3D Rowing Machine

    Hammer WaterEffect 3D Rowing Machine


    Perfect variety: 4 rowing variants: sports rowing with boom arms rowing classic, back training intensive and kayaking. The more varied the muscle response through the different handles, the more effective your workout will be. Patented rower weights: perfect accessory with great effect. Endurance training and muscle building in one workout. The additional weights on the rowing handle create…

  • Water Rower Natural Rower with S4 ComputerWater Rower Natural Rowing Machine S4 b

    WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Computer


    The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Computer allows for users upto 200kg to use regularly at home or in a commercial gym. The features are great which includes the full rowing length, the power sound, the resistance and info available on the console computer. Buy and enjoy the model from WaterRower that you prefer.